Did you attend the Spark Network Launch Event on Monday? If you did, you got the inside scoop on the big changes that are happening here at Spark. Our friends at Pittsburgh Filmmakers are helping us create a video to document the event and to distill some of the ideas that were shared there. In the meantime, we thought we’d step back from the microphone and let you share your thoughts and reactions. We asked some of you what you found most exciting about the event. Here’s what you had to say:

Jessica Pachuta from Hear Me said, “The Launch was one of my first with Spark.  It was a great feeling to see members of all the organizations in one space for the same reason. It reminded me of how creatively powerful Pittsburgh is!”

Joe Dornetto from Cooking Together, Cooking Forever said, ” Having never been to a Spark event before I didn’t know what to expect.  The presentations were informative and well worth the time spent. I can now say that the event was an outstanding opportunity to introduce our program, Cooking Together Cooking Forever, to lots of people that showed a genuine interest in supporting or participating in some form or other.  We met a number of people that could potentially help with the funding as well.”

Mitch Sheffler from Cooking Together, Cooking Forever said, “I was amazed at the diversity of, and the number of, organizations involved in the Kids+Creativity network. What a great collection of people, ideas and resources!”

Nina Marie Barbuto, director of Assemble said, “It was great to see so many like-minded people with unique missions come together. I think the Kids+ Creativity Network is like a congress of passionate individuals. The activity was also interesting. I don’t find myself putting what I do and what Assemble does in set boxes often but it makes it more relatable to others in that context.”

Matthew Luskey from Western Pennsylvania Writing Project said, “I was really excited to hear about Sprout’s support for the entire grant application process, the support for conference attendance, and the cultivation of partnerships.”

Michelle King, creator of The Learning Instigator said, “I was most compelled by the notion of being a part of a pro-kid’s movement that is thoughtful and purposeful in its intentions. I want to help create and cultivate great experiences for all kids in the Pittsburgh community.”

Melissa Andrews, VP and Project Coordinator for FUSEsaid, “Networking with those who have similar interests about raising the bar in public education was just so great!”

Chris Carnevali, Executive Director of FUSE said, “Aside from the very sincere, creative and inspiring tone of the event, I would say it is that everyone at Sprout – “gets it.”  The connection is vital.  The kids are vital. The creativity is vital.  Their mission to help and highlight so many organizations that work with youth is a tremendous step for Pittsburgh.”

Jordan Mroziak Supervisor of Music Tech Labs said, “To see such a diverse crowd of talented and inspiring individuals come together to work towards a better educational experience for the area’s youth… the energy in the room was palpable and truly exciting.”

We have to agree with what many of you had to say — that one of the most interesting parts of the Launch was the conversation. There was a real energy in the air and it was exciting to see so many local Pittsburgh educators and innovators engaging each other and speaking passionately about what you do. Thank you all for contributing your creativity and commitment — it’s because of your drive that events like this are such a success.

If you attended the Spark Network Launch Event, we’d love to hear your reactions. Tell us what you found most compelling about the event in a comment below. You can also share your thoughts on our Facebook page or by tweeting to @sparkpgh