Promoting production-centered, peer-supported, interest-driven learning in classrooms and out-of-school time.

Teens learn the skills needed to broadcast live on the radio with the SLB
Saturday Light Brigade studios, July 2014  photo: Ben Filio

In 2013, Pittsburgh joined Hive Learning Networks, an international movement to reimagine learning across youth-serving organizations. Every day, students move among learning experiences in formal classrooms and in a range of informal settings, from museums and libraries to afterschool programs and community centers.

Hive Learning Networks endeavor to link these environments to create “Connected Learning” experiences where youth can participate in accessible, “anytime, anywhere” learning activities by pursuing their interests and engaging with their peers.

With support from the MacArthur Foundation’s digital media and learning initiative, the first Hive Learning Networks were created in New York City in 2007 and Chicago in 2009. Pittsburgh’s Hive operated within the Remake Learning Network as an ongoing grant program to spur new connected learning projects and programs for tweens, teens, and young adults.

Although Hive ceased to be a brand actively used in Pittsburgh at the end of 2015, Sprout continued to support Connected Learning with catalytic funding and event sponsorships through the Remake Learning funding stream starting in 2016.


Program In Brief

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Project Spotlight: Youth Invasion

Hive supported Connected Learning experiences such as Youth Invasion, an event where teens take over programming at The Andy Warhol Museum.

Funded Project Highlights

Hive projects promoted production-centered, peer-supported, interest-driven learning in out-of-school-time settings, classrooms, and community spaces throughout the region.

Connected Learning Out-of-School

Connected Learning in Classrooms

Connected Learning Events

Local Focus, Global Connections

Hive Maker Parties

Hive Maker Parties

Each summer, Sprout partnered with Hive projects and Remake Learning Network members to host a free summer event focused on exploring, creating, and sharing.

DML Conference

DML Conference

Hive Pittsburgh people attended the annual Digital Media & Learning Conference to connect with colleagues and researchers on important Connected Learning topics.



As the global steward of the Hive Learning Networks, Mozilla invited partners from North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond to London to make a better web.

Share & Spread Connected Learning

In 2017, Sprout helped 10 Remake Learning Network organizations develop new lesson plans inspired by their previously supported Connected Learning programs. This collection of resources was designed to share, remix, and reuse, and it exemplifies some of the best connected learning practices that have developed in Pittsburgh.

The projects come from remarkably varied sources, including public schools, libraries, museums, and makerspaces. Each project is deeply interdisciplinary: major themes include ecology, sustainability, and visual arts, but these lessons delve into intersections between art, technology, science, history, and more. Some of these lesson plans are for activities lasting an hour or a few class periods; others are intended as major projects that can unfold over several weeks or an entire school year.

Use these PDF downloads as starting points to adapt, remix, and reframe connected learning practices in your own classroom or learning space. All have Creative Commons licenses to help share and spread the remarkable learning practices happening here in the Pittsburgh region with educators everywhere!

Avonworth Galleries Projectsave_alt

from Avonworth School District

Environmental Problem Solverssave_alt

from Pennsylvania Resources Council

Green City Remixsave_alt

from Heinz History Center

Local Climate Change Impacts & Solutionssave_alt

from Carnegie Museum of Natural History

My Block is Beautifulsave_alt

from Homewood Brushton YMCA

Pathway to Collegesave_alt

from Homewood Children’s Village

Spoken Wordsave_alt

Youth Leading Change

Video Game Designsave_alt

from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Water Design Challengesave_alt

from Mt. Lebanon School District

Related Programs

Remake Learning

Remake Learning

As both were operated by The Sprout Fund, the Hive Learning Network was fully integrated within Remake Learning, Pittsburgh’s network of educators and innovators developing new approaches for teaching and learning.

City of Learning

City of Learning

Many Hive projects and organizations were key program partners for Pittsburgh City of Learning and issued digital badges in the summers of 2014 through 2016.



Spark was Sprout’s original learning innovation program and was focused on providing support for early learning and creativity projects.