Funded Projects beginning with P

PA GreenGive
$9,000, 2008 Seed Award project support

PA GreenGive was an online philanthropy project that raised funds for green initiatives in southwestern Pennsylvania. The project hosted a website that showcased green development in the region and provided an ongoing source of funding for organizations committed to green programming and job training. PA GreenGive created a way for individuals, locally and globally, to establish direct, personalized connections to green development and become part of the giving community.

PA Science Teacher Assoc. Conference Stipend
$1,300 » Environmental Charter School, 2014 Remake Learning conference stipend

PA Science Teacher Association Conference Stipend, a project of Environmental Charter School, enabled six staff members from the Environmental Charter School to attend and present at The Pennsylvania Science Teacher Association Conference on December 3rd - 5th, 2014.

PAEA 2014 Conference Stipend
$500 » Mattress Factory, 2014 Remake Learning conference stipend

PAEA 2014 Conference Stipend, a project of Mattress Factory, enabled Shannon Berkheiser to attend and present at the PAEA 2014 Conference in Seven Springs from October 31st - November 2nd, 2014.

PAECT Student Tech Showcase
$500 » Riverview School District, 2015 Remake Learning conference stipend

PAECT Student Tech Showcase, a project of Riverview School District, enabled Rachelle Poth of Riverview Junior Senior High School to send herself and 10 students to the PAECT Student Technology Showcase in Harrisburg, PA on May 11, 2015. The showcase, located in the East Rotunda of the Capitol Building in Harrisburg, was held annually to present legislators and the public with the opportunity to learn how teachers are integrating technology into K-12 classrooms across the Commonwealth. The participating students demonstrated engaging projects that utilized mobile devices, video, graphic design and robotics, animation and more. Legislators attended the event to see first-hand the importance of technology in education and to interact with students and advisors. Riverview students demonstrated how they used technology integrations in their Spanish classroom.

The Page Project
$10,000 » Chartiers Valley School District, 2014 Spark project support

The Page Project, a project of Chartiers Valley School District, assisted young readers in practicing and establishing auditory and oral fluency by utilizing digital mediums such as iPods. Students worked with iPods to listen to established readers read aloud, and then practiced and modeled fluency by recording their own texts for other students in the district to access. Listening to established readers helped students learn about pacing, intonation, expression and accuracy, and allowed them to examine their own strengths and weaknesses in reading with teachers and fellow classmates.

Painting With Natural Selection
$13,050, 2012 Spark project support

Painting With Natural Selection was an installation that brought evolution into view as an interactive, hands-on experience. This project modified certain open source simulation software and created an interactive exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh based on the simulation. Painting With Natural Selection studied what children ages 5-9 thought and knew about evolution, how using the installation might help them learn more about evolution and what role this type of interactive technology could play in science education in general. Painting is both an educational tool, where children can run different evolutionary experiments, and a medium to create digital art – a visual generative system based on biology. The project allowed for easy and immediate use so kids could get creative right away as they developed an intuitive understanding of the ebb and flow of evolutionary processes. Painting With Natural Selection required active participation to be complete; the virtual organisms responded and evolved in real-time creating a nascent visceral connection between the individual and their impact in the virtual world that led to an awareness of their footprint in the world and wonder at life’s adaptability.

Palimpsests: Ghost Signs of Pittsburgh
$4,500, 2012 Seed Award project support

Palimpsests: Ghost Signs of Pittsburgh was a series of 25 photographs documenting the complex and subtle beauty of fading painted advertisements on brick walls across the city.

Pantry Produce Tent
$5,000 » Northside Common Ministries, 2016 One Northside project support

Pantry Produce Tent, a project of Northside Common Ministries, was a tented structure used to distribute fresh produce. The tent was built at Northside Common Ministries so that it could be available on a year-round basis, serving as a distribution site for Farm CSA programs and free produce for Northside residents. It was staffed by volunteers as a way to build a stronger community and create interaction between residents that typically would not connect on a regular basis. The tent additionally served as a host site for community outreach events.

The Paper Riot Project
$975, 2006 Grand Ideas project support

The Paper Riot Project was a community event that brought together aspiring writers from Pittsburgh’s colleges and universities. The Paper Riot Project urged young writers to “Write a Riot,” using their words for action and inciting social awareness and change.

$7,500, 2010 Spark project support

Papermation, a project of The Schmutz Company, hosted stop motion animation workshops for children ages 3-8 at community venues throughout Pittsburgh.

Parent Reading Empowerment Project
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

Parent Reading Empowerment Project, a project led by Theodora Cotton, helped parents prepare their preschool children prepare to enter Kindergarten ready and expecting to learn to read. Theodora hosted workshops at the Greater Allen A.M.E. Church for parents and visited five childcare centers throughout the Northside to explain the value of reading to children, no matter how young, and teach parents how to engage with young children while reading to them. The project provided instructional brochures with family reading tips for parents, as well as a selection of books to take home and read together.

Partnered Explorations
$7,500, 2009 Spark project support

Partnered Explorations, a project of the Mattress Factory, used the museum’s permanent light installations by James Turrell to introduce children to the science of light, the scientific method, inquiry, and design.

Partners Makers Lab Project
$5,000 » Bethlehem Center School District, 2015 Hive project support

Partners Makers Lab Project, a project of Bethlehem Center School District, partnered Bethlehem Center High School (BCHS) Life Skills Students with other BCHS students to learn how to use software programs and create signs using a vinyl cutter. Students then contacted local agencies and businesses to create signage throughout the community. This approach enabled special needs students to create connections with different groups of students while also providing an opportunity to learn workforce skills and civic participation.

Passports: Art of Diversity
$8,700, 2008 Seed Award project support

Passports: Art of Diversity was series of programs through which African American artists, artists with disabilities, and other underrepresented artistic groups could exhibit, network, and collaborate with established visual artists to collectively increase their visibility and viability in Pittsburgh.

PBL World Conference Stipend
$1,425 » Pittsburgh Public Schools, 2016 Remake Learning conference stipend

Project Based Learning World Conference Stipend, a project of Pittsburgh Public Schools, enabled Nicole Findon, Lead STEAM Teacher at Pittsburgh Public Schools, to attend PBL World from June 13-16, 2016 in Napa Valley, CA. PBL World featured Buck Institute for Education’s Gold Standard PBL 101 Workshop, which provided participants with the skills and knowledge needed to design, assess, and manage a rigorous, relevant, and standards-based project. Nicole used the techniques from the conference to train educators in the Remake Learning Network and support the Pittsburgh Public Schools STEAM Academies.

“Peace, Hope and Charity” (2008)
Fran Hawbaker, 2008 Community Murals mural

Frances Hawkbaker’s Peace, Hope and Charity is located on the Providence Family Support Center, a community center founded by the Sisters of Divine Providence, who operated a daycare there. The Sisters wanted a mural that would capture the people of their neighborhood and ignite interest in the children attending the center for summer school and utilizing the facilities. As an art teacher by profession, Hawbaker made sure to include these children in her day-to-day work, inviting them to help prepare the wall with primer and watch her paint whenever they felt inclined to. The mural itself features actual community members from Marshall-Shadeland, and captures the neighborhood’s diversity in age and race. The mural is also notable for its creative design, in which Hawbaker implemented archways to connect three long, narrow walls. The result was an unique and interesting piece that not only depicts the community around it in a visually interesting way, but gave its members the opportunity to learn about art firsthand.

Peace Room
$1,050 » His Place Community Center, 2015 One Northside project support

Peace Room, a project of His Place Community Center, created a sanctuary for Northside children from the stresses of inner-city noise and violence. At the His Place Community Center, Stephen Weiss and a team of volunteers renovated a space to provide a calming atmosphere as well as resources to identify and manage difficult emotions. Children attending afterschool programming at His Place visited the Peace Room to calm down after school and learn to manage their emotions.

Peebles Square Transitional Land Plan
$5,000, 2010 Spring project support

Peebles Square Transitional Land Plan, a project of ACTION-Housing, Inc., established a native wildflower garden on vacant land in Wilkinsburg to increase the biodiversity of local flora and fauna and establish protocol for responsible development and standards for the stewardship of vacant urban land.

A People’s History of Pittsburgh
$1,000 » spaces corners, 2015 Open Engagement honorarium

A People’s History of Pittsburgh, a project of spaces corners, was an on-site visitor’s tour to introduce and discuss “A People’s History of Pittsburgh”, a collective photo album crowdsourced online and during public scanning events as part of the Hillman Photography Initiative.

Performance Art Festival 2015
$800 » Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, 2015 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

Performance Art Festival 2015, an event hosted by Bunker Projects and fiscally sponsored by Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, was the second annual public event featuring site-specific performances by more than 20 artists from around the world.

Performance Art Festival 2016
$1,000 » Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, 2016 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

Performance Art Festival 2016, an event hosted by Bunker Projects, was a component of the Three Rivers Arts Festival that brought local, national, and international performance to Pittsburgh, premiering 20 works over two days at Space Gallery in downtown Pittsburgh June 10-11, 2016.

Petrolia Area Historical Project
$3,810, 2008 Community Connections project support

Petrolia Area Historical Project highlighted the history of North Eastern Butler County PA known as the Petroleum Valley from 1795 to the present with a chronological and biographical history of the people, events, institutions, businesses, and industries. Although ”The Valley”, named for the Oil Boom of 1872, includes Petrolia, Bruin, Fairview and Karns City, the main focus of the project was on Petrolia and portrayed 125 years of country and rural small town living including biographies of its Veterans from the Civil War to the Present.

Petticoat Rule
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2016 Grand Ideas project support

Petticoat Rule, a project led by Erika Laing and fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, was a podcast that focused on females involved in music in the Pittsburgh region. The podcast featured dialogue and content concentrating on the dynamics of the creative process and habits for successful productivity. While the guests were all be female, the bulk of the content was intentionally gender-bias free, speaking to topics that affect any person working or seeking work in music.

PGH Zine Fair
$500 » Union Project, 2015 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

PGH Zine Fair, a project of Union Project, was the fifth annual festival of zine making and small press literature featuring vendors, performances, music, food, and community celebration.

pghPLAYS Festival of Games
$6,000, 2009 Seed Award project support

pghPLAYS Festival of Games was a three-day festival of street games, obscure sports, and participatory art that celebrated play for the child at heart in every adult. Games were created by Pittsburgh artists and community groups to energize the mind, revitalize the body, and bring serious fun to the city.

$5,000 » Bike Pittsburgh, 2017 100 Days project support

#PGHYouthVision, a project of Bike Pittsburgh, shared youth perspectives about the future of our region with policymakers and organizers through a media campaign, data collection, and a town hall event in Spring 2017.

Phase I Initiative for Marketing Key Amenities
$5,050 » Jackson/Clark Partners, 2002 Seed Award project support

Phase I Initiative for Marketing Key Amenities, a project of Jackson/Clark Partners, developed a comprehensive, online system to make information about Pittsburgh’s key amenities searchable and easily accessible to young web users.

Photo Club
$1,000 » The Brashear Association, 2015 Spark project support

Photo Club, a project of The Brashear Association, was a hands-on learning opportunity for 5 elementary students at the Allentown Learning and Engagement Center (ALEC), an educational program of the Brashear Association. The project provided students with the tools and skills they needed to be the authors of their own visual stories. During the Photo Club sessions, each student had a digital camera that they used to document their neighborhood. The students went on photo walks through the neighborhood and then created multimedia projects using the photos they took. An art show featuring a selection of images that the children chose for their narratives was used to share their vision with the community.

Picture Pals
$5,000 » Haitian Families First, 2013 Spark project support

Picture Pals, a project of Haitian Families First, was a modern approach to pen pals that allowed young students in Pittsburgh to learn about media, art, and technology while connecting with fellow students in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The program was an inter-cultural awareness, communication, and education project that provided an exciting opportunity for students to explore each other’s worlds, opening up frank discussions about issues like socio-economics, race relations, political landscaping and health and wellness in these two, very different places. Inspired by these discussions, students had a chance to create and trade art to be showcased in galleries in both cities and shared with each other (and the world beyond) online.

Picture This!
$1,000 » Brighton Heights Citizens Federation, 2017 One Northside project support

Picture This!, a project of Brighton Heights Citizens Federation, taught basic photography skills to Northside teens through a 10-session photography course. Using the Northside as their classroom, the student photographers documented the exterior of many beautiful and significant neighborhood landmarks of the Northside: school buildings, monuments, playgrounds, bridges, churches, businesses and houses. The photographs of the students were professionally printed and displayed at a public event.

“Piece by Piece, Step by Step” (2005)
Kip Herring, 2005 Community Murals mural

“We want a vision of the future rather than a reflection of the past,” said the collective voice of the Hazelwood community. And Kip Herring responded with creating Piece by Piece, Step by Step–a great example collaborative success between artist and community. The artist was able to give the Hazelwood community exactly what they asked for while working it out in his own distinct style. Herring employs the ancient technique of trompe l’oeil, a French phrase that translates as “trick the eye,” to create a crumbling wall effect to suggest a “new” Hazelwood bursting out of the façade of the building. Combining direct references to Hazelwood, symbolic representation of hope and dreams, and artistic flourish, Herring explains, “The circular design within the piece is a symbol which represents renewal or rebirth. The three segments represent the three elements air, water and earth, all part of the continual cycle of renewal.”

“A Piece of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” (2005)
Monica Cervone McElwain, 2005 Community Murals mural

Originally known as East Birmingham, the Southside has a storied history and is unique among Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods as being one of the most adaptable to the changing tides of time. This vitality is reflected in Monica Cervone McElwain’s colorful and energetic mural, loaded with symbols and snapshots of the Southside’s past, present, and future, including the Duquesne Incline, the Monongahela River, and historic buildings. The whole scene is rendered with movement and energy that reflects a neighborhood where there is never a dull moment. Monica worked with mosaic artist Stevo Sadvary to install the stained glass pieces which are dotted sporadically across the mural surface–all of which was donated by the Emerald Glass company, one of the last remaining glass foundries on the Southside.

Pigeon Positivity
$1,000 » ioby, 2017 One Northside project support

Pigeon Positivity, a project fiscally sponsored by In Our Backyards, Inc., used the creation of public art to bring together Spring Hill Elementary students and elderly residents at St. Ambrose high-rise to decorate ceramic pigeons. The pigeons were mounted in public places throughout the Spring Hill and a scavenger hunt map was created to engage other members of the community in the project.

Pillow Pa’s (and Ma’s)
$500 » Ellen Zissis, 2016 Change Machine project support

Pillow Pa’s (and Ma’s), a project of 14-year old Tanner Zissis, created photo pillows for the children of deployed soldiers with the help of the Three Rivers Bridges Kids Club. The pillows provided a measure of comfort for the children while their parent was away.

Pioneer Point Public Arts Heritage Project
$5,000 » Downtown West Newton, Inc., 2008 Community Connections project support

Pioneer Point Public Arts Heritage Project, a project of Downtown West Newton, Inc., worked in tandem with the Great Allegheny Passage Trail Town Public Art Project on the first attempt to seed public art in the Borough of West Newton since 1976. The project immortalized the Pioneers of the Northwest Territory Expedition, while also communicating West Newton’s key role in Westward Expansion to visitors in a memorable fashion. The project not only helped create a much needed “sense of place,” but it also provided a new landmark for the Great Allegheny Passage as well as the Borough of West Newton.

The Pitt-Bridge to College in Clairton City
$15,000 » Allegheny Intermediate Unit, 2015 Hive project support

The Pitt-Bridge to College in Clairton City, a project from The Math and Science Collaborative at Allegheny Intermediate Unit, was an after-school health science club that engaged underserved students in grades 9-12 from Clairton High School. The program took an experiential approach of educating students by guiding them to become investigators through conducting Community-Based Participatory Research with their own families and neighbors. An end of year symposium at the University of Pittsburgh was used to present the projects to the community.

$9,500 » The Public Square Project, 2008 Seed Award project support

PittPoint, a project of The Public Square Project, was a publishing platform designed for citizen journalists. The project provided the tools necessary for producing high quality media pieces and empowered a community of young people to create citizen-driven media to improve government transparency, elevate underrepresented voices, and deepen civic engagement in the Pittsburgh region. It provided training and editorial support, as well as access to online resources, such as a government document library, virtual collaboration space, and the latest technologies for sharing audio, video, and photography.

Pittsburgh Art in Transit
$10,000 » Pittsburgh Arts In Transit, 2005 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Art in Transit, a project of Pittsburgh Arts In Transit, was a shared gesture of artistic and financial support extended by local artists to the Port Authority of Allegheny County. Artists supported public transit by purchasing paid advertising space on city buses and in return received a traveling public venue to display their work.

Pittsburgh Art Review
$5,000, 2006 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Art Review was a website containing critical dialogue related to Pittsburgh’s visual art scene. The Pittsburgh Art Review solicited, organized, and presented reviews of art exhibitions throughout the city.

Pittsburgh Beautification Project
$1,000, 2009 Grand Ideas project support

Pittsburgh Beautification Project, a project by Bob Ziller, upgraded the visual quality of Pittsburgh’s blighted areas by placing Andy Warhol-inspired paintings over boarded-up windows in the city’s abandoned buildings. Light chipboard plywood was painted and cut to the dimensions of the windows at each beautification site, where colorful, hand-painted versions of Warhol’s iconic Flowers paintings were then installed onto the plywood already covering the windows of each property. The project received media attention from all over the United States, being featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Pittsburgh ByCycle
$3,500, 2006 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh ByCycle was an online planner for bike routes within the city. The site, styled loosely after Google Maps, directed users to bicycle routes, depending on user location, needs, and abilities.

The Pittsburgh Canning Exchange
$6,500 » Idea Foundry, 2013 Seed Award project support

The Pittsburgh Canning Exchange, a project of Idea Foundry, was a community-building initiative to create a network for interested people to learn about local food, sustainability and canning, and to trade canned goods, recipes and techniques with others.

Pittsburgh Climate Change Crankie
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2016 Grand Ideas project support

Pittsburgh Climate Change Crankie, a project from Independent Project Manager Katy DeMent and fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, was a manually powered paper panoramic illustration that told the story of Pittsburgh’s environmental evolution. The crankie showed man’s impact on Pittsburgh’s environment through the history of one small house over time followed by illustrations of how we can make choices to mitigate the effects of climate change in the community. This project bridged to conversations about Pittsburgh’s industrial history, its environmental legacy, and the community’s role in making improvements for the future through performances accompanied by hands-on art activities for all ages.

Pittsburgh Creative Nonfiction Festival
$7,000 » Creative Nonfiction Foundation, 2003 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Creative Nonfiction Festival, a project of Creative Nonfiction Foundation, included workshops, readings, and panels organized by the writers and editors at Creative Nonfiction magazine and The New Yinzer online journal. Bringing The New Yinzer and its young, Internet savvy audience together with the international readers of Creative Nonfiction, as well as local editors, publishers, and writers, the festival cross-pollinated the already fertile Pittsburgh literary scene.

Pittsburgh EdTech Open Forum
$1,500 » East Liberty Development Inc, 2014 Remake Learning sponsorship

Pittsburgh EdTech Open Forum, an event hosted by Thrill Mill with fiscal sponsorship provided by East Liberty Development, Inc., gathered a dedicated cross-section of educators and technologists to work together to design and pitch new ideas for education technology projects. The event took place at Thrill Mill as part of the annual Thrival Festival.

Pittsburgh Environmental Oral History
$35,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

Pittsburgh Environmental Oral History, a project of Allegheny Front, produced a series of personal stories, interviews, and features to celebrate the Pittsburgh region’s environmental history and progress from a region based on resource extraction to a burgeoning leader in green environmental practices.

Pittsburgh Festival of New Music
$1,000 » Alia Musica Pittsburgh, 2014 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

Pittsburgh Festival of New Music, a project of Alia Musica Pittsburgh, was a weekend music festival that brought new, contemporary classical music to the streets of Pittsburgh through inventive performances and experiences. The two framing performances, Perfect Lives and Inuksuit, marked the beginning and end of the festival.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers Innovative Film & Video
$5,000 » Pittsburgh Filmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 2013 Film & Video project support

Pittsburgh Filmmakers Innovative Film & Video, a project of Pittsburgh Filmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, supported Sprout’s request proposals to catalyze the creation or completion of new and innovative community-based projects that took the form of short or feature-length films, documentaries, online videos, and multimedia experiences. Through this special opportunity, Sprout is enabled Pittsburgh’s community of filmmakers, videographers, and multimedia artists to showcase their approach to community innovation and receive support for their work. The 3 projects selected to receive the full $10,000 award were: Aspie Seeks Love, Fursonas, and Give Us A Chance – Pittsburgh Punk.

Pittsburgh Fringe Festival
$7,500 » Fractured Atlas, 2014 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Fringe Festival, a project of Fractured Atlas, Pittsburgh Fringe Festival showcased unorthodox theatre, giving small and mid-size performing artists unique exposure.

Pittsburgh Fringe Festival: Destination Northside
$1,050 » Pittsburgh Fringe, LLC, 2015 One Northside project support

Pittsburgh Fringe Festival: Destination Northside, a project of Pittsburgh Fringe, LLC, organized the second annual Pittsburgh Fringe Festival to provide new and emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their talent by providing a venue with reduced financial barriers and increased exposure. The Fringe Festival moved to the Northside in 2015 and utilized venues including City of Asylum Performance Tent, Bistro-to-Go, Max’s Allegheny Tavern, New Bohemian space, and additional other sidewalks throughout Central Northside and East Allegheny-Deutschtown.

Pittsburgh Genius
$8,652, 2005 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Genius was a television series on Pittsburgh Community Television that profiled the city’s cutting-edge academic research and showcased Pittsburgh as a world class intellectual center. Each episode introduced the public to some of Pittsburgh’s most innovative and insightful minds, giving researchers the opportunity to discuss their work in detail and present demonstrations to illustrate their ideas in a creative way.

Pittsburgh Gigapanorama
$4,000 » High Point Park Investigation, CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, 2010 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Gigapanorama, a project of High Point Park Investigation and Carnegie Mellon University’s STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, was an interactive, 360-degree portrait of southwestern Pennsylvania as seen from the roof of the U. S. Steel Tower. Assembled from more than 4,000 individual pictures taken on one chilly October morning, this photograph contained 31.3 gigabytes (10.5 gigapixels) of information, ranking it among the largest digital images ever created at that time. If displayed in full size, the photo would be 50 feet high by 285 feet long. A downsized banner, measuring 48 inches high by 23 feet long, was developed and smaller prints were also made available.

Pittsburgh Green Consumer Project
$3,300, 2003 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Green Consumer Project taught area residents how to make environmentally responsible decisions about consumer goods and services and how to live more ecologically conscious lives. By offering public workshops and open houses, the project encouraged participants to change their daily habits to benefit the environment, globally and locally.

Pittsburgh Green Forum
$10,000 » Pittsburgh Urban Ecology Collaborative, 2006 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Green Forum, a project of Pittsburgh Urban Ecology Collaborative, was a conference held in response to Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s call to “clean and green” the city. The conference, charged with catalyzing community pride and revitalizing the city’s neighborhoods, gave residents a chance to discuss creating community gardens, plant trees, renovate parks and transfer vacant lots to adjacent homeowners for private management. Providing a forum for community involvement, the conference increased residents’ sense of ownership, pride and investment in a large, citywide environmental movement.

Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival
$1,500 » The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, 2014 Spark sponsorship

Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival, a project of The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, was an annual event that brought together child-oriented performing arts groups from around the world. In its first year downtown, the Children’s Festival took over the Cultural District for five days, showcasing world-class children’s theater productions, activities and art for the region’s families. As the only Children’s Festival in the country with an international scope, the event was a great place to see the newest and best in children’s theater from across the globe.

“Pittsburgh Is the Zombie Capital of the World” Giant Inflatable
$1,500 » Jessica Jade Jacob, 2006 Giant Inflatables honorarium

Jessica Jade Jacob created “Pittsburgh Is the Zombie Capital of the World” as part of the Pittsburgh Roars Giant Inflatable Art Project. Her design was 1 of 10 selected for full-scale reproduction as a giant inflatables, which were sited at locations across the Pittsburgh region as part of the year-long coordinated marketing campaign.

Pittsburgh Leadership Educational Exchange with Brazilian Farmer Scholars
$1,000 » The Penn State Center Pittsburgh, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

Pittsburgh Leadership Educational Exchange with Brazilian Farmer Scholars, a project of The Penn State Center Pittsburgh, was an exchange experience in support of 3 Brazilian farmers who came to the Pittsburgh region, sharing expertise on social action for community-led food system development and sustainability. Programming included exchanges at small urban and family farms, training sessions, and lectures.

Pittsburgh Learning Pathways Summit Scholarships
$1,898 via 5 grants, 2014 Remake Learning conference stipend

Allegheny Valley School District, Baldwin-Whitehall School District, Bethel Park School District, South Park School District and Woodland Hills School District received Kids+Creativity Conference Stipend to offset transportation costs associated with school district staff’s attendance at the Pittsburgh Learning Pathways Summit on November 21, 2014. The Sprout Fund hosted the Pittsburgh Learning Pathways Summit, a town hall-style meeting where teachers, students, mentors, and others gathered to explore ways to connect in-school and out-of-school learning experiences and create new pathways to opportunity for students in the greater Pittsburgh region.

Pittsburgh Love Stories
$8,395 » The New Yinzer, 2003 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Love Stories, a project of The New Yinzer, was New Yinzer’s first full-length, professionally designed, printed and bound book. Storybook #3: Love Stories examined Pittsburgh through the theme of love, with contributions including essays, immersion pieces, fiction, and poetry.

Pittsburgh Memoir Project
$1,000 » Laurie McMillan, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Pittsburgh Memoir Project, a project by independent artist Laurie McMillan, was a memoir-writing workshop for adults aged 55+ in the neighborhoods of Wilkinsburg, East Liberty, and Highland Park. The workshops were facilitated by a therapeutic writing specialist and an English professor from Carnegie Mellon University. As the program progressed, Carnegie Mellon University Humanities students also served as facilitators to increase the ratio of facilitators to seniors. After the seniors worked with mentors to refine their compositions, each memoir was compiled into a chapbook, which was then shared with the community through a public reading of the work.

Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire
$2,500 » Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, 2013 Spark sponsorship

Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire, a project of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, was a locally-grown event showcasing makers of all ages from Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities of Southwestern Pennsylvania. One of more than 65 Maker Faires held annually around the world, the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire created a festival-like environment to celebrate the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement, exchange ideas, demonstrate projects, and share skills. Uniting science, art, craft, and engineering in a fun, energized, and exciting public forum, the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire offered participatory making activities for visitors including 3D printing, soldering, and creating shopbots using recycled materials and electrical components. In 2013, the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire took over the Children’s Museum on Sunday, August 18.

The Pittsburgh Monologue Project
$1,000, 2006 Grand Ideas project support

The Pittsburgh Monologue Project, a project by Robert Isenberg, was a book companion to the performance series featuring monologues taken from actual conversations with Pittsburgh locals. A collection of stories, lives, bus rides, cold beers and lunchroom banter, the monologues occurred on Beltzhoover Avenue, Walnut Street and throughout the neighborhoods of Oakland and Arlington. The stories were then taken by 12 Peers Theatre to be dramatized and performed and, finally, collected in the Seed Award-funded book.

Pittsburgh Music Documentary
$7,350 » Pittsburgh Music Documentary, 2002 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Music Documentary, a project of Pittsburgh Music Documentary, was a documentary film exploring the history and condition of the city’s music scene. The film spanned all musical genres and followed some of Pittsburgh’s most exciting and acclaimed artists, events, and organizations.

Pittsburgh Net Radio
$3,000, 2003 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Net Radio used online audio streaming to bring local music to a wide audience. Giving exposure to emerging and established local talent, Pittsburgh Net Radio acts as an electronic events calendar and meeting place for a community of young music enthusiasts.

Pittsburgh Power Flowers
$8,500 » Art Energy Design, 2009 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Power Flowers, a project of Art Energy Design, combined working solar, wind, and water technologies in 12-foot tall transportable, kinetic, self-illuminating sculptures. The sculptures regulated and stored power and were available for a wide variety of public uses and community events. The project linked art, technology, and ecology and provided approachable, unthreatening focal points to introduce resource-saving ideas.

Pittsburgh Press
$7,500, 2011 Seed Award project support

The Pittsburgh Press was a journalistic project of hip-hop artist Jasiri X that highlighted issues related to the City of Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Press utilized the musical phenomenon of hip-hop to address issues of disparity, poverty, violence, and the social environment. A master at bringing important issues to light and sparking dialogue, Jasiri X delivered these issues to the community with videos and discussion forums including “America’s Most Livable City”, “City of Steel”, “Jordan Miles”, and “Is Pittsburgh America’s Most Livable City? (Parts 1-7)”.

Pittsburgh PrideFest 2004
$6,000 » Gay & Lesbian Community Center, Inc. (GLCC), 2004 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh PrideFest 2004, a project of Gay & Lesbian Community Center, Inc. (GLCC), was expanded into a month-long series of events on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. Dedicated to promoting Pittsburgh as a city committed to unity, PrideFest 2004 included a Youth Prom, a Bingo Block Party, a pancake breakfast, festival parade, and more. The project was completed in collaboration with the Persad Center, the Seven Project, the Youth Empowerment Project, the Gay & Lesbian Neighborhood Development Association, and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

The Pittsburgh Project / Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Makerspace Design Collaboration
$10,000 » The Pittsburgh Project, 2016 Remake Learning project support

The Pittsburgh Project / Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Makerspace Design Collaboration, a project of The Pittsburgh Project, included the development and training needed to implement a makerspace at The Pittsburgh Project. The makerspace was initially intended for students in grades 3-5 during after-school and summer day camp programming as well as to train the staff in best practices for facilitating the makerspace. The partnership with the Children’s Museum provided consulting services for designing the makerspace along with professional development for staff, including the makerspace facilitator and the Elementary Coordinator, who observed and worked along MAKESHOP teaching artists as a form of hands-on training at the Children’s Museum.

The Pittsburgh Project Remix
$5,000, 2008 Seed Award project support

The Pittsburgh Project Remix was a public dialogue project that adapted true stories and historical research into public performances at The Pump House in Homestead. Inspired by a series of interviews with a diverse set of city residents, the performances sparked conversations about what shaped Pittsburgh in the post-industrial age. Each show was followed by a facilitated discussion.

Pittsburgh Safe Neighborhoods
$5,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

Pittsburgh Safe Neighborhoods, a project of Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group, continued research and convened community forums to help implement city-wide public safety initiatives such as a grassroots block watch program in its member neighborhoods.

Pittsburgh Signs: 250
$50,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

Pittsburgh Signs: 250, a project of The Pittsburgh Signs Project, created a 200-page, full-color book documenting unique signage from the 14 counties of Southwestern Pennsylvania to celebrate the unique culture of the region. The project captured the visual treasures of the area and shared them with a global audience both online and in the form of a brilliantly colored book.

Pittsburgh Signs Project
$8,000, 2004 Seed Award project support

Pittsburgh Signs Project encouraged area residents to submit photos of Pittsburgh signs that communicated their ideas about the city. The collaborative effort introduced new ways for residents to interpret Pittsburgh and provided a unique insight into the city.

Pittsburgh Singles Volunteer Network
$4,850, 2002 Seed Award project support

The Pittsburgh Singles Volunteer Network referred singles to volunteer opportunities with local charitable groups. The organization cultivated commitment to volunteering, fostered relationships among singles, and increased the number of activities available to them.

Pittsburgh Student Activist Coalition (PghSAC)
$8,000 » Three Rivers Community Foundation, 2014 Hive project support

Pittsburgh Student Activist Coalition (PghSAC), a project of Three Rivers Community Foundation, created a network for youth activism and provided a platform to access decision-makers to affect social, political, and educational change. PghSAC was a group of high school age youth that served as a resource for city leadership and other decision makers to help inform youth policy decisions while representing as many youth perspectives as possible.

Pittsburgh VegFest 2016
$1,050 » Justice for Animals, 2016 One Northside project support

Pittsburgh VegFest 2016, a project of Justice for Animals, brought together animal welfare organizations, small business food vendors, and green living sustainability aspects from across Pittsburgh. The event featured live music, activities for children, and cooking demonstrations along with speakers presenting on animal welfare and food waste.

Pittsburgh VegFest 2017
$1,000 » Justice for Animals, 2017 One Northside project support

Pittsburgh VegFest 2017, a project of Justice for Animals, brought together local food vendors and animal welfare organizations through a family friendly outdoor festival at Allegheny Commons Park. This free event had hands-on activities for kids, including a bounce house, henna and face painting, and projects with Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.

The Pittsburgh Visionary Arts Festival
$7,500, 2009 Seed Award project support

The Pittsburgh Visionary Arts Festival brought more than 50 local artists and art innovators together in a single venue. For three full days, these artists shared their work, visions, and unique ideas in a friendly outdoor festival setting. The VAF featured a rich diversity of minds from a variety of mediums, including painting, mixed media, sound art, recycled art, and more.

Pittsburgh Women MAKE it.
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2016 Grand Ideas project support

Pittsburgh Women MAKE it., a project led by Rachel Saul Rearick and fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, highlighted women makers and artists, sharing their work and stories through a blog and printed publication. The 12 featured women came from a variety of artistic backgrounds and were selected by community voting. A social mixer additionally served as a way for the participants to meet each other along with other people connected to the local arts industry.

Pittsburgh Yoga Collective’s Pilot Programs
$1,000 » Pittsburgh Yoga Collective, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Pittsburgh Yoga Collective’s Pilot Programs, a project of the Pittsburgh Yoga Collective, brought yoga and mindfulness to underserved and at-risk populations, specifically targeting at-risk children and war veterans. Free yoga classes were offered in economically distressed neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, promoting non-competitive physical activity and emotional self-support practices.

Pittsburgh Youth Media 2015: City of Learning Coverage
$5,000 » SLB Radio Productions, Inc., 2015 City of Learning project support

Pittsburgh Youth Media 2015: City of Learning Coverage, a project of SLB Radio Productions, Inc., recruited, trained, and mentored high school students interested in journalism and news media. Participants used these skills to produce stories, videos, photos, and audio content covering Pittsburgh City of Learning activities and events.

Pittsburgh Youth Media 2016
$5,000 » SLB Radio Productions, Inc., 2016 Remake Learning sponsorship

Pittsburgh Youth Media 2016, a program of SLB Radio, recruited, trained, assigned, and paid high school students to create and publish stories from June 1, 2016 through August 31, 2016. Youth reporters covered youth-based events and activities, news stories, special events, and self-directed topics pitched by students.

Pittsburgh Zine Fair
$500 » Little Tired Press, 2012 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

Pittsburgh Zine Fair, a project of Little Tired Press, encouraged personal expression and the sharing of knowledge by generating an environment where independent artists and writers could engage with the Pittsburgh community. A supplementary goal of the Zine Fair was to offer the general public an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge of the zine community. The event fostered an experience in which people of all ages, gender, background or race could engage self-published creators, zine collectors, local retailers and other local organizations in a relaxed environment.

“Pittsburgh’s Painted Pachyderm” Giant Inflatable
$1,500 » David Edwards, 2006 Giant Inflatables honorarium

David Edwards created “Pittsburgh’s Painted Pachyderm” as part of the Pittsburgh Roars Giant Inflatable Art Project. His design was 1 of 10 selected for full-scale reproduction as a giant inflatables, which were sited at locations across the Pittsburgh region as part of the year-long coordinated marketing campaign.

$5,500, 2004 Seed Award project support

PittsburghVIE was motivated by the youth’s potential to be a crucial voting bloc and political force in the region. The project produced a voting guide for young people in traditionally low turnout precincts and encouraged youth participation in voter registration drives, political rallies, and other displays of political engagement.

PIX: Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo
$500 » Toonseum, 2015 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

PIX: Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo, a project of Toonseum, was an annual showcase of independent comics artists and small publishers with a focus on artists from the Pittsburgh region. Approximately 1,000 attendees participated in the expo, as well as ongoing programming workshops and educational sessions. The event took place March 28, 2015 at the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers.

PIX: The Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo
$940, 2010 Grand Ideas project support

PIX: The Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo was Pittsburgh’s first-ever exposition devoted solely to creator-owned, self-published, small press, and handmade comics. PIX was held at a repurposed storage facility in the Strip District and was free and the open to the public. The event highlighted a flourishing community of comic artists and cartoonists in Pittsburgh and presented work from across the country, and around the world. PIX united the region’s comic artists to create an awareness within the group of its strength and numbers and to encourage its future artistic growth.

Pizza Poems PGH
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Pizza Poems PGH, a project fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, was a celebration of poetry and pizza that took place in April for National Poetry Month. Students from Visual Arts 2: Public Art at Pittsburgh Milliones University Prep (UPrep) in the Hill District, as well as students from the after-school art club at Westinghouse, wrote poems inspired by, or in celebration of, one of the most beloved foods – PIZZA. They then made artwork that was inspired by their completed poems and both the poems/art were screen-printed onto pizza boxes that were used to distribute pizzas in April. Through this project, youth were actively engaged with their community and promoted poetry and art through the accessible medium of pizza.

Places of Pittsburgh
$10,000 » faces of pittsburgh, 2002 Seed Award project support

Places of Pittsburgh, a project of Faces of Pittsburgh, was the first installment of a comprehensive photo essay to document all 88 Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The installment included photography of Lawrenceville and the Hill District and added context and depth to the portraits in the Faces of Pittsburgh archive.

Planting Connections: Our Cambrian Garden
$5,000 » Cambria County Historical Society, 2008 Community Connections project support

Planting Connections: Our Cambrian Garden, a project of Cambria County Historical Society, included the installation of a new exhibit “Planting Connections: Our Cambrian Garden” at the A.W. Buck House, headquarters of the Cambria County Historical Society, in Ebensburg. The exhibit reflected the Victorian era in which the house was built and featured Ebensburg’s connection as a Victorian mountain resort to the families of Pittsburgh who came to “summer” here. The garden and exhibit opening took place at a Garden Party Opening in August 2008.

Plants and Paints Summer Workshop
$1,000 » Nine Mile Run Watershed Association, 2013 Hive project support

Plants and Paints Summer Workshop, a project of Nine Mile Run Watershed Association in partnership with Sylvania Natives, was a collaborative community mural designed and painted by teens on garage doors along Ira Way in Squirrel Hill. Along with the mural itself, the project featured a series of talks given by representatives of local environmental organizations such as the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. Both the mural and speaker series centered on themes of biodiversity and sustainable, ecological landscapes, imagining what Pittsburgh would look like as a natural, functioning ecosystem.

Play4Purpose Northview Heights
$1,050 » Cameroon Football Development Program, 2016 One Northside project support

Play4Purpose - Northview Heights, a project of Cameroon Football Development Program, was a series of bi-weekly summer soccer sessions for Northside youth ages 10-20. The sessions were led by the Young Boys FC, a Northview Heights based soccer club comprised of African refugee young adults, as well as from local partners such as Pittsburgh Soccer in the Community, CameroonFDP, and Bridging the Gaps Fellows. The project created a safe place where people of different backgrounds and cultures could put their differences aside by coming together through a game of soccer without having to worry about finding a place to play or buying equipment.

#PMP2015: Create-Engage-Transform
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

#PMP2015: Create-Engage-Transform, a project led by Ebony Harris, hosted interactive workshops that challenged participants to delve deeper into the overall vision of their lives and create a blueprint for improving their lives and communities. Free two-day workshops were offered at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Woods Run, followed by panel discussions and networking mixer events focusing on entrepreneurial journeys and self-investment. Nearly 30 community members from Observatory Hill participated and learned valuable lessons in reaching and sustaining self-sufficiency, accomplishing goals such as homeownership, entrepreneurship, and making career advancements.

$8,500 » Creative NonFiction Foundation, 2005 Seed Award project support

PodLit, a project of Creative NonFiction Foundation, was a weekly, 30-minute podcast featuring news, interviews, and commentary about literary activities, literary life, and writers and editors who live in Pittsburgh, or who have connections to the city. Written, recorded and produced by Creative Nonfiction in Pittsburgh, PodLit delivered free audio content for writers, readers, teachers, students, and anyone else invested in contemporary literature.

Pollinator Restoration and Education Program
$5,000, 2010 Spring project support

Pollinator Restoration and Education Program, a project of The Outdoor Classroom, created new native plant gardens and restored existing ones in Upper St. Clair Township that provide food for pollinators and increase plant, insect, and animal biodiversity.

Pop des Fleurs
$1,000 » Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Pop des Fleurs, a project of Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, was a large-scale outdoor installation in Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville. The installation of handmade colorful flowers made from repurposed materials brought unexpected brightness and joy in the middle of winter through pop-up flower gardens. Skill sharing workshops, led by the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, educated community participants about various techniques to create durable, beautiful flowers. The installation served as a grassroots-level preview event for the Fiberarts International Conference of 2016.

Pop Up Pittsburgh: Uptown on the Move!
$5,000 » Leadership Pittsburgh Inc., 2009 Seed Award project support

Pop Up Pittsburgh - Uptown on the Move!, a project of Leadership Pittsburgh Inc., hosted a traveling block party that highlighted the exciting developments and opportunities in Uptown. Circling the “superblock” bound by Fifth Avenue, Gist Street, Locust Street, and Miltenberger Street, the party featured art exhibitions, live music, a theatrical premiere, open houses, an oral history presentation, a local food cook-off, family activities in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Museum, and more.

P.O.P. with the Pioneers: Exploring Middle School Identity through Art
$7,750 » West Greene School District, 2015 Spark project support

P.O.P. with the Pioneers - Exploring Middle School Identity through Art, a project of West Greene School District, incorporated 21st Century learning skills into printmaking to bring together 6th grade students from two different elementary schools as they consolidated into one elementary center. The student-centered projects wove the elements of art and principals of design with cultural heritage, symbolic interpretations, and expressionism as the framework for the yearlong curriculum. Additional language arts components enriched the project as students had opportunities to maintain a class blog, post images to a class Instagram account, design and develop a quarterly newsletter, and provide progress reports to the community via Facebook.

The Portrait Project: Faces From Within
$5,000 » New Sun Rising, 2017 100 Days project support

The Portrait Project: Faces From Within, a project fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, documented prisoner stories about systemic injustice and the lack of adequate health care at Fayette SCI.

Post-Secondary Readiness Pathway
$31,000 » Homewood Children's Village, 2016 City of Learning project support

Post-Secondary Readiness Pathway, a project of Homewood Children’s Village, laid out a clear route toward college or other post-secondary placement. The project not only helped students understand graduation requirements but also guided them in meeting these requirements by measuring academic performance and attendance, completing community service, and exposing the students to different colleges and careers via field trips. The resulting Post-Secondary Readiness Badge helped youth to easily convey the experiences they had undertaken in preparation for their post-secondary endeavors.

Postage Stamp Park
$5,000 » Parker City Revitalization, 2008 Community Connections project support

Postage Stamp Park, a project of Parker City Revitalization, created a small park along the riverfront within the central business district of the City of Parker. Parker has the unique distinction of being the “Smallest City in the U.S.” The “Postage Stamp Park” was a miniature park, complete with picnic tables, bench, bike rack, and plantings, that welcomed visitors and enticed them to spend some time within business district.

The Poverty Chronicles
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

The Poverty Chronicles, a project fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, used literature and events to engage the community in conversation around how long-term exposure to poverty affects everyday decision making, specifically financial decision making. The Poverty Chronicles presented the information and prompted individuals, families, and organizations to think about the “why” of financial decision making. Community events were additionally used to bring groups of people together to have discussions about life experiences that affect how people think about and manage money.

Power Connections
$500 » PAEYC, 2014 Hive sponsorship

Power Connections, a project of TekStart fiscally sponsored by PAEYC, expanded on a remote-controlled car design and building program offered by TekStart and its partner organizations Righteous Beginnings Learning Center, United Ray Corvette Club, and Ronin Motor Club. Participating youth learned how to build remote controlled cars using Lego Power Functions kits, design and construct a race circuit for the cars, and document and publish their races. The Power Connections event was a final “car show” for the projects, involving approximately 20 adults and 30 children ages 6-12.

P.O.W.E.R. (Positive Outcomes With Excuses Removed) Future Code Project
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

P.O.W.E.R. (Positive Outcomes With Excuses Removed) Future Code Project, a project led by Keith Murphy, stimulated learning among children at Bethany House Academy by using Puzzlets, a hands-on interactive coding game with 120+ applications. Participants engaged in individual and peer-to-peer learning modules designed to promote greater understanding of coding and use of iPad/iMac interactive processes for 2 hours a week during the school year and 4 hours a week during the summer program.

Power Up Homewood
$15,000 » The Andy Warhol Museum, 2013 Hive project support

Power Up Homewood, a project of The Andy Warhol Museum, was a summer and afterschool enrichment program that asked girls from Westinghouse High School to explore the environmental changes of their neighborhood and express their responses through artistic outlets. The program’s innovative STEAM curriculum invited 8th- and 9th-grade girls to explore their neighborhood—its history, present-day condition, assets, and challenges—and to consider how their urban environment has changed over time. The girls also had an opportunity to explore themes of teen obesity as they considered health and wellness in their community. Throughout the program the girls were able to express their identity and what they were learning through silk screen printing projects.

“Present Tense” (2006)
Gerry Tonti, 2006 Community Murals mural

Bringing together the manmade and the organic, imposing an industrial scene in a residential context, Gerry Tonti’s Present Tense is imbued with the history of the community in which it resides–a borough that was once home to thousands of steelworkers, but now is brimming with a diverse array of residents of many backgrounds. Within the mural one can see in the distance the Edgar Thompson Steel Works, one of the last mills still in production in Pittsburgh. Framing the steel mill scene is the historic Westinghouse Bridge that connects East Pittsburgh to Braddock, the site of the mill. In keeping with the mission of The Sprout Fund and with the turning tide towards revitalization in Pittsburgh, Tonti also included a prominent display of day lilies to enliven the scene with color, and also to express a sense of vitality, rebirth and growth out of the past, with a keen eye to the future.

Preservation of Troy Hill Infrastructure Asset, Rialto Street, aka “Pig Hill”
$10,000 » Troy Hill Citizens, 2015 One Northside project support

Preservation of Troy Hill Infrastructure Asset, Rialto Street, aka “Pig Hill”, a project of Troy Hill Citizens, addressed the aging infrastructure of Rialto Street, one of Troy Hill’s most historical and publicly used assets. The project improved both pedestrian and vehicle use of Rialto Street and included a community cleanup of the City steps along the side of the street.

Preservation Podcasts
$10,000 » Young Preservationists Association, 2016 Remake Learning project support

Preservation Podcasts, a project of Young Preservationists Association, were walking tour podcasts that highlighted high school students’ knowledge of the Northside of Pittsburgh. The project connected history with technology as students gained first-hand experience working with professional recording equipment while telling the story of their neighborhood from their own perspective. The resulting podcasts additionally served as a way to promote the history of the Northside to the general public in an accessible way.

Press Play Video Series
$2,000, 2003 Seed Award project support

Press Play Video Series was produced by a collective of artists, educators, and activists dedicated to bringing independent work by emerging and established video makers to Pittsburgh. Committed to an inclusive vision of video, The Press Play collective sought work from all genres, including experimental, animated, performance, documentary, and activist work.

Primary Mobile Maker Kits
$5,000 » Montour School District, 2015 Spark project support

Primary Mobile Maker Kits, a project of Montour School District, were resource kits for students in grades K-2 to supplement Maker projects. The kits were made in collaboration with the Children’s Museum Makeshop, where select teachers observed Makeshop educators to begin learning how to introduce Maker philosophy into their teaching. Sample projects were additionally provided to accompany the kits.

Project Crawdad
$10,000 » West Liberty University Research Core, 2014 Spark project support

Project Crawdad, a project of West Liberty University Research Core, was a year-long program for fifth grade classes in Ohio County, WV that increased students’ science content knowledge concerning biodiversity. Led by professors at West Liberty University, the program focused on the freshwater crayfish (or crawdad) as a conduit for learning that could sensory-driven natural exploration and the utilization of modern technologies. By combining these “old” and “new” learning paradigms, Project Crawdad improved the standard for science learning and knowledge retention.

Project Horseshoe Conference Stipend
$1,500 » Schell Games, 2015 Remake Learning conference stipend

Project Horseshoe Conference Stipend, a project of Schell Games, enabled Heidi McDonald, Game Designer/Writer at Schell Games, to participate in Project Horseshoe in Comfort, Texas from November 5-8, 2015. Project Horseshoe brought together the combined skills of the people in the gaming industry to positively influence the art and science of game design. Attendees identified the most prominent issues in the area of game design and then worked through the topics in facilitated workgroups. Heidi brought forward suggestions and issues that were of interest to the Remake Learning Network and the Pittsburgh Ed Tech scene.

Project Rejuvenation
$10,000 » Allegheny West Civic Council, 2015 One Northside project support

Project Rejuvenation, a project of Allegheny West Civic Council, created an action plan that identified and strategized how to act on opportunities that address quality of place issues in the neighborhood. The topics of concern were determined by community stakeholders including homeowners, renters, landlords, business owners, and employees. A community celebration at the end of the project was used to present the final plan to the community.

Project Zero Conference Stipend
$1,500 » Environmental Charter School, 2014 Remake Learning conference stipend

Project Zero Conference Stipend, a project of Environmental Charter School, enabled Vicky Hsieh to attend and present at Project Zero Perspectives: Making, Thinking, Understanding in San Francisco, CA on October 10th - 12th, 2014.

Project Zero Conference Stipend
$1,500 » Melissa Butler, 2014 Remake Learning conference stipend

Project Zero Conference Stipend enabled Melissa Butler to attend and present at Project Zero Perspectives: Making, Thinking, Understanding in San Francisco, CA from October 10th - 12th, 2014.

Project Zero Perspectives Conference Stipend
$1,250 » Environmental Charter School, 2015 Remake Learning conference stipend

Project Zero Perspectives Conference Stipend, a project of Environmental Charter School, enabled Stephanie DeLuca, Thinking Lab Educator at ECS, to attend and present at Project Zero Perspectives: Think, Create, Innovate from May 7th-10th, 2015 in Atlanta, GA. Project Zero, in conjunction with the Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education (CASIE), brought internationally-renowned researchers to a conference co-hosted by Atlanta International School and the High Museum of Art. With an over-arching theme of Think-Create-Innovate, the Atlanta conference invited educators to reflect deeply on ways to build and sustain engaging, enriching, and rigorous learning opportunities; to encourage problem-finding and problem-solving; and to develop the disposition to act to make the world a better place. In exploring tools, strategies, and frameworks developed at Project Zero, conference attendees participated in both large and small group sessions.

P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Annual Gathering for Loss Loved Ones to Stop the Violence
$1,000 » PROMISE Protecting and Restoring the Order of Mankind with the Initiative to Serving Elders, 2017 One Northside project support

P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Annual Gathering for Loss Loved Ones - Stop the Violence, a project of Protecting and Restoring the Order of Mankind with the Initiative to Serving Elders (PROMISE), was an event that enabled Northsiders to speak out about youth violence and conflict resolution. Positive speakers inspired attendees to work together along with law enforcement to make the community safer. Those who had lost loves ones to violence also shared their stories as a way to remember them and encouraged others that there are better ways to resolve conflict than violence.

Promoting Biodiversity in the Peters Creek Watershed
$5,000, 2010 Spring project support

Promoting Biodiversity in the Peters Creek Watershed, a project of Peters Creek Watershed Association, raised awareness and understanding of biodiversity in communities in southern Allegheny and northern Washington Counties through public festivals, geocaching hikes, and community volunteer project activities.

Promoting Community Gardening and Healthy Eating
$1,000 » The Pittsburgh Project, 2017 One Northside project support

Promoting Community Gardening and Healthy Eating, a project of The Pittsburgh Project, brought awareness to Ballfield Farm by painting a mural on the side of the farm’s storage shed that included the Ballfield Farm logo. The project increased the farm’s profile in the neighborhood, promoting a community resource where food is grown collectively.

Promotion of House Tours on the Northside
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

Promotion of House Tours on the Northside, a project led by Jeffrey Wagner, was the creation of a platform for promoting the many house tours of Northside neighborhoods, including common literature, marketing materials, and a webpage listing upcoming house tours. An effort in cooperation and shared interest in highlighting the remarkable houses of the Northside, the project enabled neighbors to more effectively schedule, advertise, and develop themes for tours, helping people to share their ideas and experiences while also increasing attendance for tours.

Prospect Park Electronics Class
$452 » South Hills Interfaith Movement, 2015 Remake Learning sponsorship

Digital Corps - Prospect Park Electronics Class, a project of South Hills Interfaith Movement, was funding for a volunteer-run electronics class at South Hills Interfaith Ministries’ Prospect Park Family Center inspired by and extending Digital Corps activities.

Prototype Workshop Series
$5,000 » New Sun Rising, 2017 100 Days project support

Prototype Workshop Series, a project fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, broke down gendered stereotypes through feminist workshops in making, engineering, self-advocacy, and more.

Provident Charter School Indoor Garden
$1,000 » Provident Charter School, 2017 One Northside project support

Provident Charter School Indoor Garden, a project of Provident Charter School, brought an indoor garden at the school to life with soil, plants, lighting, and gardening supplies. The project not only taught students about gardening but also harvesting, cleaning, preparing, and eating produce throughout the school year.

$1,050 » New Sun Rising, 2016 One Northside project support

PROYECTO ALCANCE!, a project of New Sun Rising, was an outreach and support network for Latino families to improve access to engagement and services where language is a barrier to participation. The project helped Latino families on the Northside sign up for after school programs and parent engagement opportunities, gain access job applications, and find housing through Spanish-English interpretation and translation services.

Public Record
$6,100, 2010 Seed Award project support

Public Record was a multimedia documentary poetry project that offered a unique glimpse into the lives of our city’s forebears. It was a book of poems based on text sampled from 19th-century Pittsburgh crime reports-poems about people whose only appearance in the historical record is this single act of transgression. The project included a set of audio recordings of those poems by local artists and used technology to allow audience members to experience those poems, via mobile phone, in the locations at which the events transpired. Created by artist and writer Justin Hopper as an Old and New Media Artist-in-Residence with technology company Deeplocal and underground publishers Encyclopedia Destructica, Public Record took its audiences on a tour of the city, revealing Pittsburgh’s past as the poetic layers upon which we build our future.

Public Service Announcements
$4,000 » Chris Ivey, 2002 Seed Award project support

Public Service Announcements, a project of Pittsburgh film and video director Chris Ivey, developed two nontraditional public service announcements to promote independent artists from the area. The pieces exposed the unique, sometimes quiet, artistic treasures in Pittsburgh.

Pulse of Pittsburgh Art Showcase
$850, 2002 Grand Ideas project support

Pulse of Pittsburgh Art Showcase, a part of the 2002 Shadyside Art Festival, the Pulse of Pittsburgh Art Showcase exposed visitors to local musicians and performance artists.

Puppet Uprising
$3,500 » Black Sheep Puppet Festival, 2003 Seed Award project support

Puppet Uprising, a project of Black Sheep Puppet Festival, was a puppetry festival that promoted the form’s long history as a means of poignant social critique, and as a legitimate form of entertainment for adults. The day-long event combined lectures, film screenings, performance art, and educational workshops surrounding puppet artistry that addressed issues of social change, activism, and art.

Puppets at the Party
$1,050 » Cheryl Capezzuti, 2016 One Northside project support

Puppets at the Party, a project of Cheryl Capezzuti, provided puppet entertainment at Northside neighborhood events. The project also staged surprise “puppet parades” in Northside neighborhoods that have never hosted the puppets for their neighborhood events.

Puppets for Pittsburgh
$5,000, 2006 Seed Award project support

Puppets for Pittsburgh was a free service that lent puppets to area nonprofit organizations to add energy to their public events. Created by Cheryl Capezzuti and other young artists, these giant puppets were revealed at events throughout the region.

$5,000, 2011 Seed Award project support

Pyrotopia was Pittsburgh’s first annual festival of fire arts, and the first of its kind on the East Coast. Pyrotopia presented the diverse artistic uses of fire and celebrated man’s primal fascination with flames. Pyrotopia entertained and enchanted attendees with the use of fire and related media, such as electricity and light in artistic ways. The festival included fire dancing, spinning, hooping, and swallowing; interactive fire sculptures and games; a gallery show of fire-related and inspired imagery, sculpture, video and other media; workshops and lectures on fire science, history, and safety; and more.