Funded Projects beginning with A

A-Team Oakland
$5,150, 2002 Seed Award project support

A-Team Oakland was composed of student volunteers who served as ambassadors and advisors in the Oakland area. By dispensing brochures, maps, and enthusiasm, these students ensured that those who came to Oakland left with the most positive sense of the neighborhood, and of the city.

Academy of the Southside
$2,480 » The Academy of the South Side, 2006 Seed Award project support

Academy of the Southside, a project of The Academy of the South Side, was a studio classroom for classical oil painting methods, techniques, and professional instruction. The Academy of the Southside offered workshops, classes, and hard-to-find resources to oil painters. The school also brought in prominent national artists to give demonstrations, lectures, and critiques.

Accessible Music Performance Software for Children
$15,000, 2011 Spark project support

Accessible Music Performance Software for Children, a project of the School of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, was an interactive system built to enable children with special healthcare needs to perform music. The project was developed with the assistance of music teachers and students at The Children’s Institute and Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children.

Accordion Pool Party
$4,000, 2009 Seed Award project support

Accordion Pool Party was a concert and dance event that took place in the decommissioned Leslie Park Pool in Lawrenceville. The event piloted the concept of utilizing forgotten public spaces for social and artistic events in Pittsburgh. Participating partners included Pittsburgh Citiparks, Councilman Patrick Dowd, the Boys and Girls Club, accordion players, ethnic dancers and choreographers, architects, designers, and volunteers.

ACJ Medical Neglect Documentation Project
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

ACJ Medical Neglect Documentation Project, a project fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, was the creation of a story-telling and fact-finding documentary highlighting individuals that had directly experienced medical neglect in the Allegheny County Jail (ACJ). Using the power of story-telling through both written and filmed documentation, trained interviewers collected documentation of the Human Rights violations that had occurred in the ACJ, ultimately compiling this information into a written report and 30-minute documentary. The project put a face and voice to people who were often segregated by society at large by providing the opportunity to share the lifelong consequences of unjust physical and mental health treatment in jail.

ACM Conference on Learning at Scale 2017
$1,500 » Carnegie Mellon University, 2016 Remake Learning conference stipend

ACM Conference on Learning at Scale 2017, a project of Carnegie Mellon University, enabled Mikhail Yudelson, Project Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, to attend the fourth annual conference at MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA from April 20-21, 2017. The conference was created by ACM as a new scholarly venue and key focal point for the review and presentation of the highest quality research on how learning and teaching can change and improve when done at scale. Mikhail presented at the conference on behalf of the Remake Learning Network.

A.C.O.R.N.S (A Classroom Only Roofed by Nature’s Sky)
$15,000 » Marshall University Research Corporation, 2015 Spark project support

A.C.O.R.N.S (A Classroom Only Roofed by Nature’s Sky), a project of Marshall University Research Corporation, created a nature-based outdoor learning environment for preschoolers at the Larry Joe Harless Community Center in southern West Virginia. Through the project, training materials were created to demonstrate how nature-based spaces can support the holistic development of children by providing the children with opportunities to observe and interact with nature and learn social skills through exploration. Through these experiences children developed skills such as classification, inference, description, and comparison.

Acoustic Avenues and Pixel Perfect Teen Programming
$5,000 » Butler County Family YMCA, 2008 Community Connections project support

Acoustic Avenues and Pixel Perfect Teen Programming was a project of Butler County Family YMCA. The Gibson Music Program and Pixel Perfect were two new programs targeted for teens at the branches of the Butler County Family YMCA in Butler and Cranberry Township. The Gibson Music Program, sponsored by the Gibson Foundation, featured small-group, beginner guitar lessons, while Pixel Perfect focused on digital photography. Both programs promoted self-esteem, a sense of community, creative expression and prepared teenagers to become future program volunteers.

Activating Pittsburgh Youth
$25,000, 2012 Spark research

Activating Pittsburgh Youth, a project of The University of Pittsburgh’s Activation Lab (Act Lab), integrated prior research into a practical theory that could be used immediately to guide the development of informal and formal learning experiences. The project will worked with the Sprout to integrate activation into ongoing development; interviewed college students who grew up in the Pittsburgh region to identify how they became activated towards science, technology, or art; developed a new assessment for activation in art; and worked with community organizations to develop pilot projects that illustrated how activation could be integrated into the design of networked experiences for Pittsburgh’s children.

Activation Club
$10,000 » Assemble, 2015 Hive project support

Activation Club, a project of Assemble in partnership with Arts out Loud, combined Art, Making, and STEAM Education with Social Justice for the activation of ideas and community building. Working with teachers from both organizations, students at Arsenal Middle School gained experience in communicating issues affecting their own lives, in their micro and macro communities. Students developed traditional art making and computer programming skills while focusing on promoting equality and overcoming barriers. Each session covered new topics and skills that were compiled in the students’ final capstone project in addition to engaging the local community through a display at Art All Night.

Additive Manufacturing Conference
$1,900 » Catalyst Connection, 2016 Remake Learning sponsorship

Additive Manufacturing Conference, an event hosted by Catalyst Connection, was a partnership with America Makes to explore the education and workforce opportunities associated with 3-D printing technology. The conference took place on November 9, 2016.

$5,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

$5,000 » YMWAHA, 2013 Social Innovation Exchange project support

Africamericas, a project of YMWAHA, was a collaborative performance event and series of outreach activities incorporating music and dance from, and education about, Afro-Latin American music, culture, and history. The project encouraged COROLA and YMWAHA audiences and the general population to embrace Latin American, Caribbean, African and African American culture while still preserving the rich artistic heritage of the African Diaspora. Events included pre-concert workshops and a concert at the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium. A five day Cuban photo exhibit was additionally held at YMWAHA, with a discussion group and reception at City of Asylum.

$9,200 » Kelly Strayhorn Theater, 2014 Seed Award project support

Afronaut(a), a project of Kelly Strayhorn Theater, was a film screening series that encouraged diverse groups of artists to experiment with forms of media that connect with the African American experience. Screenings and artist talks took place bi-weekly throughout the summer at the Kelly Strayhorn’s Alloy space on Penn Avenue, with the series ending in a two-day media festival where local and national media artists and filmmakers presented and performed at different locations around town. The series was not just about producing and consuming film as pop culture, but about connecting artists to their work and their communities, offering a window into the reality of living as a black artist in America.

The After Happy Hour Review
$1,000 » Dean Matthews, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

The After Happy Hour Review, a project of Dean Matthews, fostered a community where local writers could share experience and workshop their current writing projects. The growing group developed their own quarterly literary journal and reading series.

ALA Conference Stipend
$1,000 » Millvale Community Library, 2015 Remake Learning conference stipend

ALA Conference Stipend, a project of Millvale Community Library, enabled Lisa Seel, Vice President of the Millvale Community Library Board of Trustees, to attend and participate in the American Library Association Annual Conference from June 25-30, 2015 in San Francisco, CA on behalf of The Remake Learning Network. The ALA Annual Conference covered key issues, such as the impact and potential of new technologies, along with best practices on a range of library-related concerns. At the conference, Lisa presented at the Sustain Round Table Lightening Rounds on the topic of sustainable libraries.

The Album Art of Mozelle Thompson
$3,500 » Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, 2014 Seed Award project support

The Album Art of Mozelle Thompson, a project of Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation led by artist Jason Molyneaux, was a month-long exhibition of local artist Mozelle Thompson’s music album illustrations dated from 1953 to 1969. A native of Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood, Thompson illustrated covers for the biggest names in jazz, blues, country and more over nearly two decades. This exhibition of his work, hosted at Most Wanted Fine Art on Penn Avenue, was the first of its kind, introducing the city’s residents to a local talent that they’d likely never heard of, but whose work they’d probably seen.

ALIA MUSICA Pittsburgh
$8,000 » ALIA MUSICA Pittsburgh, 2007 Seed Award project support

ALIA MUSICA Pittsburgh was a group of emerging young composers and musicians who presented a season of six concerts and recorded a commercial CD. The group presented new music composed locally and created a network of support for emerging musical talent in Pittsburgh.

“All in a Day” (2004)
Monique Luck & Leslie Ansley, 2004 Community Murals mural

One of the most storied and active neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill also boasts one of the most strongly defined community identities. A menagerie of local landmarks and familiar faces, “All in a Day” attempts to capture this identity in its variety, visibility and strength. In their own words, the artists wanted to “reflect the way homes and businesses seamlessly create a rich, self-contained neighborhood.” Featuring actual Squirrel Hill Residents engaged in their daily lives, the scene also includes local landmarks like the Blue Slide Park, Taylor-Allderdice High School, the Squirrel Hill Café and the Jewish Community Center clock tower. The many community groups supporting this mural, as well as the general population of Squirrel Hill have shown great pride and satisfaction in the scene that this piece depicts. If you visit the mural in person, take a close look at “Chevy,” the girl with the pink backpack. She is actually a sculptural relief constructed out of a 12 feet tall piece of aluminum, which is placed off of the wall with spacers to satisfy the need for water drainage through this retaining wall. A product of necessity, this act of engineering makes for a truly interesting and unique visual effect.

All-Star Smiles
$1,000 » Manchester Academic Charter School, 2017 One Northside project support

All-Star Smiles, a project of Manchester Academic Charter School, taught healthy oral habits to students at Manchester Academic Charter School. The 6-week oral health curriculum introduced and reinforced a new oral hygiene topic each week and also included a parent-teacher meeting so that the healthy habits taught through the program could be encouraged both at school and at home.

All STEAM Ahead!
$15,000 » Plum Borough School District, 2015 Spark project support

All STEAM Ahead!, a project of Plum Borough School District, was a STEAM integration program for students at Regency Park Elementary School. The students worked across grade levels to collaborate on inquiry-based activities and slowly changed the pedagogical approach of the school. This project enabled the school to incorporate inquiry, purposeful play, and exploring in daily lessons through online and unplugged learning activities such as Gigapan, Arts n Bots, and activities with the Children’s Innovation Project while also providing the professional development needed to help teachers become comfortable incorporating this learning style into their lessons.

All You Can Art
$5,500 » Carnegie Museum of Art, 2013 Seed Award project support

All You Can Art, a project of Carnegie Museum of Art in association with Transformazium, was the grand opening brunch of the Braddock Carnegie Library’s Art Lending Collection. The Collection, a library of artworks by regional and international artists available for anyone with an Allegheny County library card to check out—just like a library book—opened on October 6th in tandem with the biannual 2013 Carnegie International. All You Can Art celebrated the opening with a temporary exhibit of local art, a selection of artworks included in the Art Lending Collection and participatory art-making activities. Community members and Carnegie International visitors (shuttled in from the Carnegie Museum of Art) toasted local art, enjoyed local food and took part in an interactive showcase of artists to launch the library’s acclaimed newest lending section.

Allegheny Dwellings and Fineview Citizens Council Engagement
$10,000 » Fineview Citizens Council, 2015 One Northside project support

Allegheny Dwellings and Fineview Citizens Council Engagement, a project of Fineview Citizens Council, partnered with professionals specializing in and experienced with engaging households in low income and working class communities to design a short term engagement program with households in Allegheny Dwellings. The program initiated a relationship with Allegheny Dwellings neighbors to work toward building trust within the Fineview community through community meetings, volunteer opportunities, and a membership program.

Allegheny Echoes
$1,000 » Worthington West Franklin Community Library, 2008 Community Connections project support

Allegheny Echoes, a project of Worthington West Franklin Community Library in partnership with the Children’s Museum Pittsburgh, brought a program entitled “Pennsylvania History through Folk Music” to area residents. Performances at or near the Apollo Memorial Library, Ford City Public Library, Kittanning Public Library and Worthington West Franklin Community Library drew multi-generational audiences from all corners of the county to presentations exploring the multicultural and historical background of the region through hands-on and sing-along activities.

Allegheny Hills Parent Party
$1,050 » Bright Life Community Wellness, 2016 One Northside project support

Allegheny Hills Parent Party, a project of Bright Life Community Wellness, raised awareness of programs and human services available for parents and young children on the Northside. The project also distributed backpacks for parents with “toolkits” for positive attachment and social-emotional development of children.

Allegheny Market House Co-op
$5,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

Allegheny Market House Co-op led its first membership drive, a necessary initial step in the establishment of a cooperative grocery for Pittsburgh’s North Side communities.

Allegheny West Historic Timeline Exhibition
$1,050 » Allegheny West Civic Council, 2016 One Northside project support

Allegheny West Historic Timeline Exhibition, a project of Allegheny West Civic Council, focused on the struggles and successes over the organization’s past 50 years, helping to find solutions for future improvements in Allegheny West. The timeline informed, entertained, and helped current residents gain a stronger understanding of the storied history of Allegheny West.

Allegheny West Tree Well Day
$1,050 » Allegheny West Civic Council, 2015 One Northside project support

Allegheny West Tree Well Day, a project of Allegheny West Civic Council, gathered neighbors to beautify, repair, and restore street tree wells in the Allegheny West neighborhood during spring 2015. The project called on the combined gardening knowledge of nearby neighbors and benefited from contributions from local garden centers. The project rallied volunteers to first clean up existing tree wells and vacant lots, and then plant flowers and spread mulch to stabilize and protect the newly restored tree wells. Local business Babb Insurance committed to supporting ongoing maintenance and care by residents to sustain the work begun by this Neighbor-to-Neighbor project.

“Allentown Stories” (2007)
Lucas Stock, 2007 Community Murals mural

Members of the Allentown community chose to celebrate their storied history in this mural, taking a nostalgic glimpse at the past through recreations of actual photographs from the area’s past. For artist Lucas Stock, getting a first-hand account of Allentown’s history proved surprisingly easy: Caliguri Plaza, the building on which the mural is located, houses both the Teeter Totter Child Care Center and a high-rise for elderly tenants, and the seniors in residence jumped at the chance to get involved with the project. The influence of their ideas enabled Stock to capture memorable scenes like a late 19th century General Store, the ribbon cutting ceremony for a town trolley, and the Knoxville Incline, which previously connected Allentown with the South Side and earned fame for being the world’s only incline with a bend. Divided between two walls, the center and focus of this uniquely positioned mural serves as a colorful contrast to its outer edges, using the Brown Line light rail train, which runs between the city and Allentown, to symbolize modern life in the neighborhood. Now, the mural helps Allentown residents of all to ages embrace their community’s past, as well as the new stories created each day.

Allied Media Conference Pittsburgh Coalition
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2016 Remake Learning project support

Allied Media Conference Pittsburgh Coalition, a project fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, was a project to reinvigorate and align key priorities for media-producing & youth-serving agencies in Pittsburgh. BOOM Concepts, CMU’s CREATE Lab, and The Sprout Fund worked together to coordinate a city-wide coalition at the 2017 Allied Media Conference (AMC) in partnership with other Pittsburgh-based organizations. Upon return to Pittsburgh, the coalition gathered to debrief, discuss key findings, and create an open letter in service of small community organizations outlining recommendations for work as a unified network of media and youth agencies.

Allied Media Conference Stipend
$1,500 » Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 2016 Remake Learning conference stipend

Allied Media Conference Stipend, a project of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, enabled Jesse Landis-Eigsti, Sienna Cittadino, and Veronica Milliner from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to attend the conference in Detroit, MI from June 16-19, 2016. The Allied Media Conference convened close to 2,500 people annually in Detroit to innovate and exchange strategies. The conference facilitated a participatory design process each year to develop a unique range of conference content exploring the intersections of media and communications, art, technology, education, and social justice.

Allied Media Conference Stipend
$1,100 » Kelly Strayhorn Theater, 2016 Remake Learning conference stipend

Allied Media Conference Stipend, a project of Kelly Strayhorn Theater, enabled Tresa Murphy-Green, an organizer of Turn Up For Freedom, and Jacquea Olday, teaching artist at 1Hood, to attend the conference from June 16-19, 2016. The Allied Media Conference convened close to 2,500 people annually in Detroit to innovate and exchange strategies. The conference facilitated a participatory design process each year to develop a unique range of conference content exploring the intersections of media and communications, art, technology, education, and social justice.

Allied Media Conference Stipend
$500 » Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, 2016 Remake Learning conference stipend

Allied Media Conference Stipend, a project of Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, enabled Darrell Kinsel, an artist at Boom Concepts, to attend the conference from June 16-19, 2016. The Allied Media Conference convened close to 2,500 people annually in Detroit to innovate and exchange strategies. The conference facilitated a participatory design process each year to develop a unique range of conference content exploring the intersections of media and communications, art, technology, education, and social justice. Darrell presented a Hands On Session called ‘#hashtagsAREtheNEWprotestSIGNS’ on behalf of the Remake Learning Network.

ALLOY Pittsburgh
$8,000 » Kipp Gallery at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2012 Seed Award project support

ALLOY Pittsburgh, a project of Kipp Gallery at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, was a visual and performing arts initiative developed for the Carrie Furnace National Historic Landmark. The program was a laboratory where 15 emerging artists from the Pittsburgh region created site-based projects that investigate the creative reuse of a post-industrial site. The completed artworks were simultaneously presented in a one of a kind art event to be held at the Carrie Furnaces National Historic Landmark in the fall of 2013. The project promoted the work of emerging and underrepresented artists from the Pittsburgh region and encouraged interaction between the artists and the surrounding communities of Braddock, Homestead, Swissvale and Rankin. In addition to interactive public tours and the event reception, the project engaged the local community through public discussions and lectures throughout the summer and fall of 2013.

Along These Rivers
$5,000 » Poets for Humanity, 2008 Seed Award project support

Along These Rivers, a project of Poets for Humanity, was a compilation of 90 poets and photographers with ties to Pittsburgh. Published as a response to the city’s 250th anniversary, the writing and photography centered on themes about Pittsburgh.

Alternative Transportation Festival
$25,000, 2007 Engage Pittsburgh project support

Alternative Transportation Festiva engaged the people and city of Pittsburgh in activities and events that raised awareness of key issues relating to transportation including environmental concerns, the state of public transit, alternative fuels and vehicles, and urban cycling.

Alternatives to Selling Drugs Program
$1,050 » Pittsburgh Struggling Student Association, 2015 One Northside project support

Alternatives to Selling Drugs Program, a project of Pittsburgh Struggling Student Association, was an 8-week summer enrichment program at the Manchester Growing Together Garden for more than 20 local youth most at-risk of entering the criminal justice system. This art-based program provided hands-on jewelry making learning opportunities for youth, as well as an introduction to related business practices such as planning and managing production, overseeing marketing operations, and administration.

American Falls
$1,000 » Barebones Productions, 2015 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

American Falls, a project of Barebones Productions, was the inaugural show for the new barebones black box theater in Braddock, PA. Shows seated approximately 50 attendees and Friday and Saturday performances featured small plates from Superior Motors and local libations.

American Red Cross Kids Club
$2,000 » The Beaver-Lawrence Chapter of the American Red Cross, 2008 Community Connections project support

American Red Cross Kids Club, a project of The Beaver-Lawrence Chapter of the American Red Cross, established a peer-to-peer discussion to promote the Red Cross Mission and how youth could become involved, including: being available for assigned tasks, such as working in times of disaster and providing services as needed; developing a working relationships with other youths and encouraging them to be part of the Red Cross Youth Club; having the ability to develop their careers by taking courses such as disaster training courses, First Aid and CPR and community preparedness course; and saving lives with the training provided and meet the needs of their community.

American Shorts Reading Series
$10,000 » Suzanne Pace, 2003 Seed Award project support

American Shorts Reading Series created a forum that delivered classic and contemporary short works of American fiction to a diverse audience. In an accessible, animated, community setting, the series presented live readings “performed” by an eclectic cross-section of the Pittsburgh community.

American Soundways
$3,000 » American Soundways LLC, 2006 Seed Award project support

American Soundways, a project of American Soundways LLC, was an hour-long radio program that educated and entertained listeners with the great musical stories of America, town by town. In each episode, host Tripp Clarke revealed the rich and unique musical heritage of each locale, as well as the history, anecdotes, facts, and folklore that define it.

“America’s Home Town” (2010)
Diane Adams, 2010 Community Murals mural

Situated on the outskirts of the greater Pittsburgh area, Oakdale is a quaint, small, almost rural town where people know each other and share much common history. These traditions are celebrated in the Sprout 2010 mural designed by artist Diane Adams. Adams chose to focus on community celebrations and activities like parades and youth baseball, along with other historical elements from the area’s past. A fireman figure stands amongst the scene, paying tribute to the service of local heroes. Two oak trees, the iconic symbol of the community, frame the composition and tie of these elements together. The mural highlights the close-knit community and quiet beauty—complete with white picket fences—that make Oakdale residents think of their neighborhood as “America’s hometown.”

Angels’ Place Community Meals
$1,050 » Angels' Place, Inc., 2016 One Northside project support

Angels’ Place Community Meals, a project of Angels’ Place, Inc., provided children at Angels’ Place and their families with three community meals. These meals strengthened the bond between two generations of parent and child, which has been noted as a critical component of a child’s development and helped aide the young parents in attaining stability and independence.

APAP 2017
$1,313 » The Legacy Arts Project Inc, 2016 Remake Learning conference stipend

APAP 2017, a project of The Legacy Arts Project Inc, enabled Jasiri X, Founder and Creative Director of 1Hood Media, to attend the Association of Performing Arts Presenters 2017 conference in New York City from January 6-10, 2017. APAP was the world’s premiere gathering of performing arts professionals, offering professional development, performance showcases, and the world’s largest performing arts marketplace. Jasiri presented a workshop on conscious activism programming offered at 1Hood Media on behalf of the Remake Learning Network.

Apollo Memorial Library Centennial: Return to 1908
$1,500 » Apollo Memorial Library, 2008 Community Connections project support

Apollo Memorial Library Centennial: Return to 1908, a project of Apollo Memorial Library, celebrated the ordinary accomplishments of Apollo from the era of the Pennsylvania Canal to the Italian-American shopkeeper who went to New York to buy fashionable clothes for Apollo ladies to the steelworkers who made the bayonets that were used in World War I. Modern-day residents, young and old, received a rejuvenated sense of civic pride when they are reacquainted with the people of the past who built their home town.

The Appalachian School
$7,000, 2006 Seed Award project support

The Appalachian School supported, consolidated, and exported Pittsburgh’s independent art, music, and cultural scenes. Working in conjunction with established artistic and cultural institutions in the city, the project established a collaborative platform to leverage international connections and export a positive, creative image of Pittsburgh to the world. from PlayPower!
$25,000, 2011 Spark project support from PlayPower! was a suite of new mobile applications that engaged, educated and empowered young children through a portfolio of creative applications designed to support participatory play and learning between parents and children.

Arcadia Theater’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Endowment Establishment
$5,000 » Arcadia Theater, 2008 Community Connections project support

Arcadia Theater’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and Endowment Establishment, a project of Arcadia Theater, began its 10th Season with a 10th Anniversary Celebration Performance & Gala, featuring the Legendary Frankie Avalon. The Anniversary Gala was held following the performance at the Pasquerilla Conference Center. Congressman and Mrs. John Murtha were the 10th Anniversary Honorary Chairpersons, and all proceeds from this 10th Anniversary Performance and Gala was used to form an endowment to secure the future of the Historic Arcadia Theater.

architecture experience identity design
$8,700 » EDGE studio, 2003 Seed Award project support

Architecture Experience Identity Design, a project of Garfield design firm EDGE studio and San Francisco-based 3A Garage Architecture, combined a webcast, professional exhibition, and student showcase under one umbrella. The exhibition series created an opportunity for young designers and architects-as well as students in both fields-to display their work and discuss the artistry and practice of design with experienced professionals.

Architecture Learning Network
$31,000, 2016 City of Learning project support

Architecture Learning Network, a project of Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Museum of Art, Assemble, Fallingwater, and Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, involved youth directly in the process of making in order to motivate them to take greater responsibility in their world. The pathway had six specialized playlists comprised of programs throughout the Pittsburgh region and online initiatives that focused on collaboration, social justice, technology, and environmental responsibility.

The Architecture of Life: A Summer Experience
$10,000 » LIFE Male STEAM Academy, 2016 Remake Learning project support

The Architecture of Life - A Summer Experience, a project of L.I.F.E. Male STEAM Academy, was a summer enrichment initiative for young men that taught principles of architecture and urban design through STEAM principles and career exploration. Through this summer pilot program, young men explored careers they were interested in and proposed designs for the work environments of their selected profession. With guidance from Drafting Dreams, the young men utilized architectural software in order to best propose their designs using architectural drafting, modeling, and building information.

Arlington Art Workshop
$3,000 » South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association, 2014 Spark project support

Arlington Art Workshop, a project of artist Kalei Smith fiscally sponsored by South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association, taught young children in the Arlington community about digital cameras and media art projects such as stop-motion animation. Located at the Arlington Community Recreation Center, the project also launched a learning center and media library where a quarterly newsletter was produced by the recreation center’s youth. Supporting a growing need for enrichment programs in the Arlington neighborhood, Arlington Art Workshop was not just a place where kids can make art, but one that allowed them to experience and understand media and develop skills to produce their own.

Arsenal 360 Night
$1,000 » Lawrenceville United, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

Arsenal 360 Night, a project of Lawrenceville United, was a multicultural night at Arsenal Elementary and Middle Schools highlighting the “everyday Pittsburgh families” within the school community, who represented 20 different countries and even more cultures. Through participant-led programming including song, dance, stories, and other mediums the school celebrated its diverse population and educate the neighboring community.

Art All Night
$3,800, 2002 Seed Award project support

Art All Night was an innovative, grassroots celebration of the visual arts and the potential of the Lawrenceville neighborhood. Over 4,000 visitors occupied the Chocolate Factory in Lawrenceville for the overnight art extravaganza.

The Art Articulate
$1,000 » Meghan Stone Olson, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

The Art Articulate, a project of Meghan Stone Olson, was a regional online publication that enriched the critical dialogue surrounding Pittsburgh area arts. Art Articulate featured reviews of exhibitions and events as well as periodic interviews and studio visits. The publication delved into not only the local arts scene but into the lives of the artists themselves, spotlighting the region’s art and the people who made it.

Art at the ’Mat
$1,000 » The National Lint Project, 2012 Social Innovation Exchange project support

Art at the ’Mat, a project of The National Lint Project, was an art exhibition at Trey’s Laundromat in Pittsburgh’s Brighton Heights neighborhood that worked to build connections between community art-maker Cheryl Capezzuti, her neighbors, the owners and patrons of the local laundromat and the Brighton Heights Citizens Federation—as well as the city of Pittsburgh at large. The art exhibition featured an installation of flying creatures created from dryer lint donated by launderers and neighbors from all over the city, reintroducing The National Lint Project to the city after an eight-year hiatus from the public eye and fostered camaraderie and community between the city’s residents.

Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, a project fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, was an inclusive one-day event that brought together diverse communities to create and improve Wikipedia articles related to women in the arts. Facilitators and library staff were available to help set up accounts for participants and gather resources as the community worked together to correct the gender imbalance on Wikipedia. In addition to the central event location at Frick Fine Arts Library, there were pre-event trainings at CAPA high school for the arts and the Carnegie Library of Homestead.

The Art Lending Collection
$10,000 » Braddock Carnegie Library Association, 2013 Seed Award project support

The Art Lending Collection, a project of Braddock Carnegie Library Association, made it possible to check-out works by regional and international artists, just like books for home enjoyment, at the Braddock Carnegie Library.

Art Olympic Theatre
$10,000 » The Tom Museum, 2007 Seed Award project support

Art Olympic Theatre, a project of The Tom Museum, invited local and visiting artists to compete in a variety of themes and artistic mediums and make winning pieces of art within a specific period of time. Equal parts gallery opening, sporting event, and theatrical performance, each event helped make art more accessible to a wider community through a uniquely engaging program.

Art Out of the Box
$7,500, 2010 Seed Award project support

Art Out of the Box was a mobile, all inclusive artist studio space where artists created original pieces of visual art within one-week residencies. The residencies took place outdoors in five different Pittsburgh neighborhoods-Friendship, Lawrenceville, Polish Hill, the South Side, and the North Side-throughout the summer months. A public art exhibit in conjunction with the Downtown Gallery Crawl displayed the final works and screened a documentary recording the process of the public art project.

$5,000 » Center for Creative Arts Expression, 2008 Community Connections project support

Art-Repreneurship, a project of Center for Creative Arts Expression, gave 20 young local artists in Beaver Falls an opportunity to create, display and market their creativity. Utilizing resources of the second-hand shops in the community, junior and senior high school students used recycled materials to create their masterpieces. The Center for Creative Arts Expression, under the direction of Geraldine Jackson McCorr, provided the work space for the students to transform recycled materials into sculptures, mosaics, etc. ARTrepreneurship culminated with an exhibit of all the projects at the Beaver Falls Unified Arts Festival.

Art & Social Robot Therapy
$10,000 » Fine Art Miracles, Inc., 2014 Spark project support

Art & Social Robot Therapy, a project of Fine Art Miracles, Inc. in association with Origami Robotics, was an art and social therapy camp for children aged 10 and under with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. The collaborative camp used sensory-adaptable robots like Origami Robotics’ Romibo to connect with children on the autism spectrum and teach them self-expression through art. These robots addressed the individual sensory needs of an individual and were used by universities across the nation in the domains of autism, traumatic brain injury, dementia and education. Lesson plans using these robots were developed by Fine Art Miracles and were produced into apps that could be shared and implemented globally.

Art Votes
$1,750 » Art Votes, 2002 Seed Award project support

Art Votes, a project of Art Votes, was a grassroots effort to educate local artists about the impact that political issues could have on their work, and vice versa. The event positioned artists outside of polling centers in order to call public attention to political awareness among artists.

$7,500 » ARTICULATE; Pittsburgh Creative Network, 2006 Seed Award project support

ARTICULATE, a project of ARTICULATE and Pittsburgh Creative Network, was as an online networking hub to connect various groups within the Pittsburgh arts community. Using web technology, ARTICULATE bridged gaps between artists, galleries, arts organizations, and the art-viewing public.

Artists Upstairs
$8,750, 2004 Seed Award project support

Artists Upstairs, an artist’s cooperative located in Pittsburgh’s Downtown Cultural District, was a multimedia community studio that worked to foster cultural, educational, and economic development in the city. The space united those curious about or committed to the arts downtown and served as a classroom and studio for the visual arts, dance and yoga, as well as an alternative gathering and exhibition venue.

Arts Education Partnership Forum
$1,500 » Arts Education Partnership of the Council of Chief State School Officers, 2014 Remake Learning sponsorship

Arts Education Partnership Forum, a project of Arts Education Partnership of the Council of Chief State School Officers, was a two-day forum that attracted hundreds of local, state, and national leaders in the worlds of arts and education. Featuring keynotes, receptions, interactive workshops and tours of arts-based learning programs across the region, the Arts Education Partnership Forum was a major national event touching down in Pittsburgh. The Forum took place on September 11 & 12 at the Marriott City Center downtown, and reached an estimated audience of 300 participants.

Arts Education Program for Young Adults
$3,800 » Brew House Association, 2002 Seed Award project support

Arts Education Program for Young Adults, a project of Brew House Association, was a community initiative designed to present and support young artists in Pittsburgh and to foster an appreciation for the arts in the community at large. A result of the Brew House Association’s commitment to artistic enrichment in Pittsburgh, the program offered public classes and special projects and created opportunities for young artists.

ARYSE Pittsburgh
$1,000 » ARYSE, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

ARYSE Pittsburgh, a project of ARYSE, created a coalition of stakeholders that represented immigrant youth involving partnerships of 3 college organizations. ARYSE developed a youth retreat, a 2-day conference, monthly meetings, trainings for youth leaders and college organizations, and advocacy events to teach Pittsburghers about the vibrant communities that sculpt the city’s global identity.

“Aspie Seeks Love”
$10,000 » Julie Sokolow & Pittsburgh Filmmakers, 2013 Film & Video project support

Aspie Seeks Love, documentary by Julie Sokolow and project of Pittsburgh Filmmakers, followed David’s journey to understand his Asperger’s, improve as a person, writer, and artist, and find a meaningful relationship. Viewers watched David explore the Pittsburgh autism community for the first time and compare notes with fellow “Aspies”. David also explored the world of OKCupid online dating and attempted to break out of his shell to form relationships in person. David’s quest culminated in the Pittsburgh release party for his very first book, Meltdown in the Cereal Aisle.

Asylgarten Community Park
$10,000 » Spring Hill Civic League, 2015 One Northside project support

Asylgarten Community Park, a project of Spring Hill Civic League (SHCL), continued the development of Asylgärten, a community owned and supported greenspace, by creating a natural play space adjacent to the family picnic area, functional public art, and infrastructure that enabled the SHCL to host more neighborhood events.

“At Work” (2004)
Jonathan Laidacker, 2004 Community Murals mural

The West End Community group was inspired by the “easel paintings” of artist Jonathan Laidacker when he created this Trompe L’oeil (“trick of the eye”) piece. Incorporating the drip technique he uses in his easel paintings, Laidacker used sheets of plastic to direct the drippings and capture the frame within a frame effect of this optical illusion. Used to working with water colors and acrylics, Laidacker was challenged even further by having to recreate a tested technique with totally foreign materials on a surface that was far less cooperative than his studio canvases. At Work is a good example of how an artist’s studio style can persevere within the process of the Sprout Public Art program.

Auberle’s Outdoor Classroom
$5,000, 2010 Spring project support

Auberle’s Outdoor Classroom, a project of Auberle Human Services Agency, was a non-traditional educational facility for students, families, and community members to learn about biodiversity and the environment through hands-on, experiential projects in an outdoor, “amphitheater” setting. Built by Auberle youth under the direction of professionals from Fischer Landscaping, even the construction of the Outdoor Classroom acted as a learning experience as youth worked on the facility’s organic garden, compost pile, rainwater barrels, and birdhouses. The classroom served the campus of Auberle in McKeesport and the surrounding neighborhood, acting as a centerpiece of McKeesport’s community-building and education initiatives.

Autumn House Young Poets Series
$6,500 » Autumn House Press, 2006 Seed Award project support

Autumn House Young Poets Series, a project of Autumn House Press, was a sequence of workshops, readings, and events that connected young emerging poets with the established poetry community in Pittsburgh.

Avonworth Pittsburgh Galleries Project
$10,000 » Avonworth School District, 2013 Hive project support

Avonworth Pittsburgh Galleries Project, a project of Avonworth School District, was a program in which high school students designed, created, curated, and managed art exhibition spaces on Avonworth’s campus. Museum and arts professionals from the Andy Warhol Museum, the Mattress Factory, the Pittsburgh Glass Center, and others served as mentors and resources for students throughout the school year as they worked to fully curate spaces at Avonworth that reflected the characteristics and mediums of the partnering museums.