Funded Projects beginning with C

Café Con Leche
$7,500 » Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, 2014 Seed Award project support

Café Con Leche, a project of Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation led by Tara Sherry-Torres, was a series of events that focused on and promoted the social, artistic and cultural topics relevant to Latino and Latin American culture. Each event featured authentic food, art and entertainment, and invited both Latino and non-Latino residents of Pittsburgh to see the growing Latino community as part of the city’s cultural fabric. The series of events ran from September 2014 to July 2015, providing a fun and informative gathering place for people of all backgrounds to better understand Pittsburgh’s Latino culture.

Camino: A Hiawatha Project original play
$7,500 » Hiawatha Project, 2011 Seed Award project support

Camino, a Hiawatha Project original play, was a play about borders, boundaries, and undocumented immigrants in 21st-century Pittsburgh. Set in an imagined near future infused with GPS maps, lost migrating birds, and star-crossed lovers, Camino was inspired by two young Latino immigrants in Pittsburgh whose lives were torn asunder by the American immigrant deportation system. The play exposed the booming business of private immigrant detention centers in the United States and in doing so, illuminated questions of survival and connectedness. The performance was written and directed by Anya Martin and featured an ensemble cast of established and emerging Pittsburgh actors. Camino was the debut performance of Hiawatha Project, an innovative new theater company at that time.

Car Free Streets Event at Pedal Pittsburgh
$5,000 » Lanterne Rouge LLC, 2011 Seed Award project support

Car Free Streets Event at Pedal Pittsburgh, a project of Lanterne Rouge LLC, was a closed streets ride for recreational cyclists. Called a “ciclovia,” this new event was featured during the 2012 Pedal Pittsburgh ride. By expanding to embrace the racing and non-racing community, the ciclovia created an outlet to share a passion for cycling with others in the region, from elite racers to recreational cyclists, adults and youth. This festive event was a prime opportunity to showcase local Pittsburgh businesses who supported an active and healthy lifestyle. This event was in keeping with the goal of a non-competitive bicycle ride that was open to activity on a car-free course for bicycles, pedestrians, and all to enjoy. Lanterne Rouge worked diligently with Bike Pittsburgh to create a car-free family portion of Pedal Pittsburgh in 2012 that created a base for a 2013 Open Streets Event.

Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improving Education Conference Stipend
$1,500 » Environmental Charter School, 2015 Remake Learning conference stipend

Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improving Education Conference Stipend, a project of Environmental Charter School, enabled Peter Mathis to attend the Summit from March 22-24, 2016 in San Francisco, CA on behalf of the Remake Learning Network. The Summit was an annual convening of innovative thinkers and dedicated practitioners, offering the community the opportunity to gather and work together to transform teaching and learning. Attendees came from across the education field, from kindergarten to higher education, practitioners to policymakers, funders to researchers, and together they worked to transform problem-solving within education by being at the forefront of educational improvement.

Caroll Spinney at Pittsburgh ComicCon 2013
$750 » Toonseum, 2013 Spark sponsorship

Caroll Spinney at Pittsburgh ComicCon 2013, a project of Toonseum, was an event that brought the legendary actor behind Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch to the Monroeville Convention Center to speak at the 2013 Pittsburgh Comic Convention. Part of ToonSeum’s Kids Day event, Mr. Spinney held meet and greets, as well as a Q&A session featuring himself and Oscar the Grouch at the ToonSeum convention booth. This event was not only an chance to meet and speak with a legendary childhood hero, but also an opportunity to learn more about Pittsburgh’s ToonSeum, one of the few cartoon museums and exhibition spaces in the nation, and the city’s biggest comic convention as well.

“Carrick Above Us” (2008)
Phil Seth, 2008 Community Murals mural

Phil Seth’s Carrick Above Us brought together many community groups to help make this 2008 mural in the Carrick possible, with the Carrick Business Association, Carrick Community Council, and Carrick-Overbrook Historical Society all lending their support in applying for and helping to execute the installation of the mural. While this cross-section of local organizations felt strongly about highlighting their community’s history, they also wanted to see a modern and exciting design. Phil Seth took a surrealistic approach to Carrick’s history that community members felt perfectly merged these elements. The floating rock and tree in the design both represent actual Carrick landmarks, and have a deeper symbolism as well. The tree represents a “tree of life,” as many generations grow up and go on to raise their own families in the community. The rock has important significance, as Carrick’s namesake is a town in Ireland called “Carrig-on-Suir,” which means “rock” in Gaelic.

Carrie Deer Film Project
$10,000 » Rivers of Steel National Heritage Are, 2012 Seed Award project support

Carrie Deer Film Project, a project of Rivers of Steel National Heritage Are, documented the lives of the artists who built the famed 40’ deer sculpture at Carrie Furnace in 1997, breaking the law to make a statement about salvage and art.

Casino Liberty
$1,550 » Pittsburgh PACT, 2010 Seed Award project support

Casino Liberty, a project of Pittsburgh Public Action Communitarian Theatre (PACT), presented its debut production, Casino Liberty. Created collaboratively by company members and incorporating input from local residents, this performance piece explored issues relevant to Pittsburgh’s East End through casino-related concepts. The work posed questions about how each life is influenced by randomness and chance, risk and reward, and forces both visible and unseen.

$4,000 » Ground Collective, 2010 Seed Award project support

Catapult, a project of Ground Collective, created a space where freelancers, consultants, and other independent workers could gain from the social engagement and organic collaboration of working in a large corporation. By adding workplace amenities such as a print and copy room, conference space, and reliable Internet access, Grind Pittsburgh allowed independent workers to share resources, get instant feedback on work, and become more productive through working in a social environment.

CCAC Allegheny Campus Food Pantry
$1,050 » Community College of Allegheny County Educational Foundation, 2016 One Northside project support

CCAC Allegheny Campus Food Pantry, a project of Community College of Allegheny County Educational Foundation, provided qualifying CCAC students with groceries once a month along with information on food assistance programs designed to reduce hunger and improve college retention. CCAC students volunteered to pack and sort the groceries, however only CCAC staff interacted with students receiving the groceries in order to be sensitive to the dignity of the students and lessen the stigma around participating in the program.

Cedar Arts Market Series II
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

Cedar Arts Market Series II, a project led by Lauren Stauffer, created an arts and crafts component of the weekly Allegheny Commons Flea Market. Gaining momentum in its second year at the flea market, Cedar Arts offered a monthly market opportunity for local artists and artisans to sell their wares on the Northside. In partnership with Northside cultural events like Deutschtown Music Festival and Veg Fest, Cedar Arts also expanded the entertainment and engagement opportunities on the Northside, attracting more than 3,000 attendees to enjoy the amenities of Allegheny Commons park and connect with Northside neighbors.

Cedar Market Exchange: A Broadcasting Experience
$1,050 » Northside Community Development Fund, 2016 One Northside project support

Cedar Market Exchange: A Broadcasting Experience, a project of Northside Community Development Fund, highlighted Northside commerce and promoted local businesses as community partners. Curated interviews targeted small business owners, community leaders, and volunteers involved in related community projects to explore community commerce and relevant One Northside projects.

Celebrate Diversity
$6,525 » Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Fest, 2003 Seed Award project support

Celebrate Diversity, a project of Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Fest, broadened the definition of diversity in Pittsburgh through a series of six film screenings and community forums in East Liberty. The program highlighted the overlapping of the GLBT and African American communities.

Celebrate Pittsburgh: Music Commissioning Project
$35,000 » River City Brass Band, 2008 Community Connections project support

Celebrate Pittsburgh: Music Commissioning Project, a project of River City Brass Band, commissioned seven new Pittsburgh-themed musical works from seven regional composers. The new works premiered throughout 2008 and were featured during the River City Brass Band’s performances at concert venues in eight communities in Allegheny, Beaver, Cambria, and Westmoreland counties.

Celebrate Wilkinsburg, a Socially Engaged Public Art Project
$1,000 » Borough of Wilkinsburg, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Celebrate Wilkinsburg, a Socially Engaged Public Art Project, a project of the Borough of Wilkinsburg’s Arts and Civic Design Commission, preserved the stories of Wilkinsburg residents, revealing what mattered most to residents and inspiring public art that resulted from the stories of Wilkinsburg residents. An RFQ process was used to identify an artist to engage the public in the development of the public art, using the arts as an agent for change and transcending social barriers with creative place making.

“Celestial Weaving Girl” (2006)
Lucas Stock, 2006 Community Murals mural

Celestial Weaving Girl adorns a prominent wall of the Midwife Center for Birth and Women’s Health—a comfortable and safe place to welcome new life, which has delivered nearly 3,000 babies since first opening its doors in 1982. It is the only independent birth center in Southwestern Pennsylvania and plays a prominent role in the lives of many local women. The community wanted to focus on the Midwife Center’s commitment to women’s health, as well as the vitality and diversity of the Strip District. Lucas Stock’s mural celebrates womanhood with a scene of vibrant, unbridled vitality, with life literally following in the path laid by this new mother. The mother figure is derived from the Mayan legend of the “Celestial Weaving Mother” who was supposed to have given birth to the forebears of the human race. Behind the figure of the Celestial Weaving Girl is a stylized vision of Pittsburgh seen as a land ripe with fertility and rich with natural magnificence. The mural reflects the variety of women the Midwife Center has served, with the open-armed eternal mother in the center welcoming all visitors to the community.

Center Video Diaries
$3,000 » Greater Connellsville Area Community Center, 2012 Seed Award project support

Center Video Diaries, a project of Greater Connellsville Area Community Center, rekindled interest in the Greater Connellsville Area Community Center and encouraged participation from community members to find new ideas for services, classes, civic clubs, adult trainings, meetings, competitions, fundraising, and more. To accomplish this, the project invited community members to share memories of the Center through video interviews and the collecting of memorabilia, facilitated by volunteers. Video Diaries premiered at the Community Center’s Edwin S. Porter Theater and was broadcast on local access cable TV.

Champions of Learning 2016
$1,000 » The Consortium for Public Education, 2016 Remake Learning sponsorship

Champions of Learning 2016, an event hosted by The Consortium for Public Education, celebrated individual educators making a difference by creating and expanding learning opportunities for students. This special event honored departing Executive Director Linda Croushore.

Champions of Learning Awards
$1,000 » The Consortium for Public Education, 2015 Remake Learning sponsorship

Champions of Learning Awards, an event hosted by The Consortium for Public Education, celebrated exceptional educators in the Pittsburgh region. The event honored individuals, organizations, and businesses that created, supported, or expand learning opportunities in the region.

Character Therapy
$13,070, 2010 Spark project support

Character Therapy, a project of Interbots, was a program at the Autism Center of Pittsburgh that used Popchilla robot devices to engage children living with Autism Spectrum Disorders in emotional and communication therapy.

Charles Street Valley Neighborhood Reunion
$10,000 » Bidwell Street United Presbyterian Church, 2016 One Northside project support

Charles Street Valley Neighborhood Reunion, a project of Bidwell Street United Presbyterian Church, brought Northside neighbors of all ages together to reminisce through a reunion cookout on Father’s Day at Riverview Park. The event included a bouncy house and horse rides as well as cookout refreshments. Attendees are also encouraged to leave their information for future gatherings.

Charles Street Valley Reorganization & Revitalization Plan Phase 1: People
$10,000 » Northside Leadership Conference, 2016 One Northside project support

Charles Street Valley Reorganization & Revitalization Plan Phase 1 - People, a project of Northside Leadership Conference, responded to the low levels of involvement in community planning by Charles Street Valley residents. The project informed residents about local opportunities, working to increase resident engagement in the community planning processes and creating new systems for communication and engagement related to Charles Street Valley and Northside businesses. The project partnered with community-based organizations to gather information about community events and opportunities.

Chestnut Street Improvement Plan
$10,000 » Community Alliance of Spring Garden - East Deutschtown, 2015 One Northside project support

Chestnut Street Improvement Plan, a project of Community Alliance of Spring Garden - East Deutschtown, made the use of Chestnut Street safer and better utilized by improving pedestrian, vehicular, and bicycle accessibility; making infrastructure upgrades; and determining the best use of land and buildings along the thoroughfare. The project also connected the community to the Allegheny Riverfront Trail, re-establishing East Deutschtown and Spring Garden as walkable riverfront communities.

$600 » Hatch Arts Collective & Dreams of Hope, 2013 Grand Ideas project support

Chickens, a project of Hatch Arts Collective and Dreams of Hope, was a play, installation piece, and series of community workshops that explored gay identity and community. Written by Paul Kruse, directed by Adil Mansoor and set in Pittsburgh, Chickens followed a gay couple as they journeyed from the families that raised them to the family they choose to create together. The project further engaged community members in an art-making workshop that centered on the ideas and themes from the play, breeding new opportunities for art and original theater pieces through Hatch Arts Collective.

“Children’s Alphabet Garden” (2004)
Mary Mazziotti, 2004 Community Murals mural

The collaborative Northside community group involved with this mural—comprised of young children and their parents from the Green Millenium Children’s Garden, whose mission is to maintain the garden adjacent to it—was enthusiastic, helpful, and supportive through the entire process. Each year during gardening months, neighbors bring their children over to tend the garden and learn about growing fruits and vegetables. The children worked with Mary Mazzotti to refine the mural’s preliminary design, which depicts the alphabet using garden imagery, and carefully considered each symbol. The youthful committee also did a great deal of work during the actual mural execution, helping to prepare the wall by cleaning and priming, and also pulling weeds around the area. Upon completing her first public mural, Mary commented, “As a painter used to working on a smaller scale, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity offered by this program to see what it was like to ‘work large.’ One might say that the continued enjoyment of the children’s garden is the greatest indicator of her success.

Children’s Innovation Project
$44,200, 2011 Spark project support

Children’s Innovation Project, a project of CREATE Lab, produced a kit of electric circuitry components designed for young hands to engage young children in broad interdisciplinary learning, with a focus on creative exploration, expression and innovation with technology. Using the kit to hack and remix familiar electrical devices, Children made connections to objects in their world through disassembling toys, identifying and then re-purposing and reconfiguring their internal components into new inventions.

Children’s Innovation Project Documentary
$5,000 » Clarion University Foundation, 2015 Spark project support

Children’s Innovation Project Documentary, a project of Clarion University Foundation led by Jeremy Boyle and Melissa Butler, was a short film produced by Joe Seamans documenting the teaching and learning process behind Children’s Innovation Project. Titled ‘Looking Slowly and Closely at Children’s Innovation Learning’, the film premiered in fall of 2015.

Children’s Play Space
$10,000 » The Andy Warhol Museum, 2014 Spark project support

Children’s Play Space, a project of The Andy Warhol Museum, supported research, design, and programming for a new children’s play space to be located adjacent to The Warhol Factory studio on the underground level of the museum.

Children’s Table Summer Garden Camp Season Finale
$1,050 » United Methodist Church Union, 2016 One Northside project support

Children’s Table Summer Garden Camp Season Finale, a project of United Methodist Church Union, provided support for the culminating week of a farm and garden camp for youth at Children’s Table Cooking. Activities included harvesting vegetables and herbs, cooking campfire foods, creating outdoor art, and hearing presentations from bee-keepers, chefs, and local farmers.

Children’s Theatre in the Park
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

Children’s Theatre in the Park, a project led by Jessica Shubert, provided voice, drama, and dance lessons to Northside children ages 6 to 11 in the Jack Stack Park Pavilion. Guided by experienced mentors, children turned familiar short stories into stage productions and took responsibility for everything from scripting and rehearsing to creating their own sets and costumes. Fellow Neighbor-to-Neighbor project Giant Puppet Dance Club also added to the cast ensemble!

Chimney Swift Towers
$5,000, 2010 Spring project support

Chimney Swift Towers, a project of The Audubon Society of Western PA, constructed four new artificial chimney habitats for Chimney Swifts, neotropical migrant birds, along riverfront trails to increase habitat options for Swifts in the Pittsburgh area.

Chutz-Pow! Superheroes of the Holocaust
$8,500 » The Holocaust Center of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, 2014 Seed Award project support

Chutz-Pow! Superheroes of the Holocaust, a project of The Holocaust Center of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, was an original comic book based on the real life stories of Pittsburgh area resistance fighters and liberators. Developed in collaboration with the ToonSeum, Chutz-Pow! honored and commemorated Pittsburgh area survivors, partisans and liberators of the Holocaust and World War II as it promoted Holocaust education and awareness. Upon completion, the comic was showcased at Pittsburgh ComiCon and made available online for schools, organizations and institutions to use as an educational resource for teaching about the Holocaust and its heroes through non-conventional methods.

Cinemagic in Troy Hill
$1,000 » Troy Hill Citizens, 2017 One Northside project support

Cinemagic in Troy Hill, a project of Troy Hill Citizens, enabled a neighborhood movie series to continue into its second year. The movies were shown using the Northside Sound System equipment at Troy Hill Citizens Park when the weather was nice and Provident Charter School in the early winter. Neighborhood youth helped set up and hand out snacks at the movie screenings, which focused on educational and environmental films.

Circles Zero Six Eight
$5,000 » East Liberty Development Inc, 2017 100 Days project support

Circles Zero Six Eight, a project of East Liberty Development Inc., helped ex-offenders rebuild their lives through community, employment, and self-empowerment.

The City As Our Maker Space
$44,000 » New Sun Rising, 2018 Economic Opportunity project support

The City As Our Maker Space, a project of Prototype PGH fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, conducted a 6-month program for low-income, marginalized women with a focus on women of color. This program specialized in literacy, wellness, and health, with the ultimate goal of supporting women to pursue careers in technology and creative entrepreneurship. The program was led by representatives from the 5 working group partner organizations: Prototype PGH, Black Unicorn Library, A Piece of Mind, Ujamaa Collective, and Flower House.

“City Lung” (2008)
Ian Thomas, 2008 Community Murals mural

Ian Thomas’ City Lung was the result of the Neighbors in the Strip community group expressing strong interest in partnering with members of the Strip District’s Asian business community for a mural project. Traditionally, the Asian business owners had been a bit detached from the community as a whole, and this project provided an opportunity to build a bridge between the Asian business owners and the larger business community. For the design itself, artist Ian Thomas was inspired by a trip he took to China. The community wanted a pastoral and peaceful scene that invited the viewer in, and Thomas drew from this experience to create the beautiful landscape of City Lung. The mural’s name comes from a phrase used in China meaning the focal point and energy choice of a city—and for these community members, the Strip District truly was Pittsburgh’s city lung. The year following the installation of this popular Sprout mural, Thomas went on to paint another Sprout Public Art piece in the Greenfield community.

City of Champions Million Steps Challenge
$1,000, 2011 Grand Ideas project support

City of Champions Million Steps Challenge was a large-scale public fitness event that challenged participants to accelerate a healthier lifestyle by counting every step as they engaged in a variety of energetic and fun-filled activities. The goal was to collectively total one million steps at this event while motivating participants to continue to make healthier choices in their personal fitness goals. Participants engaged in a variety of fitness activities and tracked the number of steps they took during this event on September 10, 2011 at the YMCA Homewood.

City of Learning 2014 Open Badges Pilot Projects
$20,000 via 19 grants, 2014 City of Learning project support

Pittsburgh City of Learning 2014 Open Badges Pilot Projects enabled young people to take new paths of discovery, explore the city’s rich resources, and find out what they can learn, make, do, and ultimately become. The 20 selected Kids+Creativity Network organizations published their summer learning experiences through a new online platform; created open digital badges that recognized skills, competencies, knowledge, and positive habits; and, joined a cohort of innovative learning organizations from across the United States working at the leading edge during the summer of 2014.

City of Learning 2015 Campaign
$75,000 via 30 grants, 2015 City of Learning project support

Pittsburgh City of Learning was a campaign to harness the wealth of the city’s resources and create an expansive network of learning opportunities that were fully recognized and accessible to all. Pittsburgh City of Learning turned the entire city into a campus for learning by bringing together dozens of organizations to offer hundreds of free and affordable learning opportunities to young people throughout greater Pittsburgh. provided a single destination online for a wide range of opportunities easily accessible to students and families. Nonprofit organizations and public schools in Allegheny County offering summer learning programs issued digital badges to recognize student accomplishments, like the knowledge they gained, the skills they developed, and the positive habits they exhibited.

City of Learning 2015 Campaign Research (Part I)
$23,000 » University of Pittsburgh, 2015 City of Learning research

City of Learning Research (Part I), a project of the University of Pittsburgh, enabled Chris Schunn, Tom Akiva, and Marti Louw to conduct a stream of research related to City of Learning 2015. The University of Pittsburgh, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University collaborated with The Sprout Fund to study the 2015 City of Learning program implementation and the associated badging initiative in Pittsburgh. The research was used to understand the effectiveness of these programs in terms of youth participation, learning pathway access, and interest development, as well as how practitioners overcame the challenges associated with initiating digital badges in their programs.

City of Learning 2015 Campaign Research (Part II)
$6,840 » Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, 2015 City of Learning research

City of Learning Research (Part II), a project of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, enabled Peter Wardrip and Lisa Brahms to conduct a stream of research related to City of Learning 2015. The University of Pittsburgh, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University collaborated with The Sprout Fund to study the 2015 City of Learning program implementation and the associated badging initiative in Pittsburgh. The research was used to understand the effectiveness of these programs in terms of youth participation, learning pathway access, and interest development, as well as how practitioners overcame the challenges associated with initiating digital badges in their programs.

City of Learning 2015 Partnership with Summer Dreamers Academy
$4,000 » Pittsburgh Public Schools, 2015 City of Learning project support

City of Learning 2015 Partnership with Summer Dreamers Academy - Pittsburgh Public Schools, a project of Pittsburgh Public Schools, engaged teens through their Summer Dreamers Academy to encourage a passion for learning and exploration, and to motivate campers to persist in the face of challenges. Summer Dreamers offered badges in three distinct areas and Pittsburgh Public Schools served as the issuer of badges for demonstrated accomplishments in morning academic classes and for regular program attendance and engagement

City of Learning 2015 Partnership with Summer of Learn and Earn
$25,000 » Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, 2015 City of Learning project support

City of Learning 2015 Partnership with Summer of Learn and Earn - Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, a project of The Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, provided employment opportunities for youth ages 14-21 through the Summer Learn and Earn Program. A partnership with the Workforce Investment Board, the City of Pittsburgh, and Allegheny County, the 2015 program became a pipeline of career access for the region. The program was part of a comprehensive system that supported collaboration between public and private funding streams for pathways that provided youth with enhanced academic support, work readiness coaching, and on-the-job skills training as a means of developing a future workforce better prepared to successfully secure meaningful employment, post high school. The program engaged teens and young adults in summer work experiences where they acquired real world skills and knowledge.

City of Learning 2015 Partnership with The Labs @ CLP and Summer Reading Program
$6,500 » Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 2015 City of Learning project support

City of Learning 2015 Partnership with The Labs @ CLP and Summer Reading Program - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP), a project of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, created opportunities for youth to explore new interests and continue learning throughout the summer months to help students maintain or increase academic gains achieved during the school year. The project engaged youth via two distinct programs: The Labs @ CLP and the Summer Reading Program, offering badgeable learning opportunities for teens related to both reading and technology. Additionally, Pittsburgh kicked off the 2015 City of Learning campaign at CLP’s 15th annual Summer Reading Extravaganza on June 7, 2015, an all-ages community event that celebrated the City’s community of readers, connecting them to learning opportunities not only at CLP, but also at other informal learning sites.

City of Learning 2015 Pop Up Events
$5,000 via 10 grants, 2015 City of Learning sponsorship

City of Learning Pop Up Events were free, informal public gatherings that created accessible opportunities for young people and families to learn through making, tinkering, and exploring. Featuring a range of learning activities in a diversity of settings throughout the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding communities of Allegheny County, these pop-up events provided free and fun interest-driven learning opportunities to expand participation in Pittsburgh City of Learning. The following organizations were supported to host Pop Up Events in July and August 2015: Assemble, YMCA Greater Pittsburgh (Hilltop & Homewood-Brushton), Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation WYEP FM, Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center, Mattress Factory, TekStart, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Hazelwood, and Element Church.

City Steps Cleanup Phase Two
$1,050 » North Side Partnership Project, 2016 One Northside project support

City Steps Cleanup Phase Two, a project of North Side Partnership Project, continued the clean-up program established through an earlier Neighbor-to-Neighbor project to reclaim city steps in need of repair and do upkeep on the steps repaired in previous phases of the project. The project provided the opportunity for interaction among neighbors and the removal of an eyesore from the community.

Citywide Salon
$5,000 » Academy of the South Side, 2008 Community Connections project support

Citywide Salon, a project of Academy of the South Side, hosted a month-long public showcase of works by 21 Pittsburgh artists displayed in 19 bus shelters throughout the city. The goal of Citywide Salon was to develop a sense of pride in the community by building stronger connections between artists, arts organizations, and the public, demonstrating to citizens that art is accessible, engaging, and an important part of daily urban life.

$9,400, 2005 Seed Award project support

CivicCards promoted interest in those who served in city, county, and state government. Collectible and memorable, the cards provided an interactive way to learn about government leaders, as well as key features of Pittsburgh institutions and history. A total of 8,500 sets of 60 cards were distributed first to young professionals and students, and then made available to all citizens in Allegheny County.

Civil Rites: Oral Histories of Two Generations of Pittsburgh Artists
$49,000 » August Wilson Center for African American Culture, 2008 Community Connections project support

Civil Rites: Oral Histories of Two Generations of Pittsburgh Artists, a project of August Wilson Center for African American Culture, collected the work and personal stories of local African-American artists as well as the memories of those who knew them in a multimedia presentation that premiered at the Center’s dedication in May 2009 and became part of its permanent collection.

Clay Case
$10,000, 2012 Spark project support

Clay Case, a project of Union Project, was a clay kit for families to do together at home. This studio-to-go included all the materials, tools, tips, and inspiration to create and learn with clay. After the making, families could bring their creations to Union Project’s studio to be fired, get a Clay Case refill, try the potter’s wheel, and see artists at work in a community studio. The Sprout Fund support made it possible to develop this product and give away 200 kits and begin sales of 100 kits to Pittsburgh families. Other Clay Case supporters included Standard Ceramic Supply and Whole Foods Market.

CLP Game Design Week
$8,000 » Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 2016 Rec2Tech project support

CLP Game Design Week, a project of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, worked across departments and areas of expertise to provide youth programming focused on game design at Lincoln-Lemington’s Paulson Center for Rec2Tech Demo Week. Game design allowed youth the chance to flex creative muscles and work as a team. The result of the program was a playable final product that could be shared at the Rec2Tech showcase event. The project’s space transformation involved team work stations that were identified by a group of tables or desks with colored tablecloths, paper, pens, iPads, and Bloxels kits.

Clubhouse Network Conference
$2,500 » Museum of Science, 2016 Remake Learning sponsorship

Clubhouse Network Conference, an event of the Museum of Science, was an annual convening of program leaders from around the world who help teens learn critical digital skills. The 2016 conference was held in Pittsburgh, PA from April 10-14, 2016.

Co-opoly Untournament
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Co-opoly Untournament, a project lead by Pittsburgh Chamber of Cooperatives and fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, was a series of informal workshops that encouraged participants to play Co-opoly, the cooperate version of “Monopoly”. The board game introduced players to cooperative principles and the economic opportunity that cooperatives present. Prior to and in between “UnTournaments” game sets were left at public locations along with information on the Pittsburgh Chamber of Cooperatives, the background on cooperatives, and the Cooperate Pittsburgh Directory to help generate interest in local cooperatives and future “UnTournament” gatherings.

Code to Create
$500 » Cathie Gillner, 2016 Change Machine project support

Code to Create, a project of 15-year old Sarthak Navjivan, taught younger students about computer science through coding. Free classes were offered at local middle schools and libraries to go over theoretical concepts, the nature and opportunities of computer science, and how to code in the Java programming language. Online content was also made available online to allow anyone to learn to code at home and also potentially participate in web-based programming competitions.

Collaboration to Prevent Violence
$10,000 » Brightwood Civic Group, 2015 One Northside project support

Collaboration to Prevent Violence, a project of Brightwood Civic Group, reduced violence in the community by engaging stakeholders and integrating services to demonstrate how a collective approach can resolve issues. A steering committee of community stakeholders identified the reasons for the increase in violence, and developed a plan to improve the living conditions in Marshall-Shadeland by researching strategies to decrease violence, addressing the portfolio of real estate, and identifying opportunities for young offenders to participate in positive workforce activities.

College Tech Connect: Music Technology Dual Enrollment Program
$10,000 » YMCA Greater Pittsburgh, 2017 My Brother's Keeper project support

College Tech Connect: Music Technology Dual Enrollment Program, a project of the Homewood Brushton YMCA, partnered with Community College of Allegheny to offer an entry level college course designed to support young people of color ages 16-24, particularly those interested in music technology and transitioning into college. The program strengthened the pathway from high school to college by eliminating financial and other barriers for young people of color interested in music, media, and technology-related fields. The course, Introduction to Music Technology was offered in the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters and took place at the Homewood Brushton YMCA Lighthouse Teen Center.

Colonnade Of History
$5,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

Colonnade Of History, a project of Natrona Comes Together Association, created a public art sculpture consisting of 12 concrete columns designed by local artists and arranged in two rows to form the entrance to the new Natrona Park.

Color Play by Light Bright Beautiful Puppetry
$12,000 » Pittsburgh Filmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 2015 Spark project support

Color Play by Light Bright Beautiful Puppetry, a project fiscally sponsored by Pittsburgh Filmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, introduced Pre-K children to the concepts of color mixing, rainbows and light through interactive STEAM programming at the Edgewood, Oakmont, and Bethel Park libraries. During each of the three series of six workshops, art educators provided interactive learning stations, group work, and hands-on art making for the child and caregiver to learn collaboratively about a color and a scientific concept. Additionally, one-time workshops, professional development sessions, and family performances at alternative libraries were used to extend the engagement and learning opportunities available through the project.

Coloring to Combat PTSD: A Coloring Book Made By Veterans for Veterans
$1,000 » No Crayon Left Behind, 2016 Grand Ideas project support

Coloring to Combat PTSD: A Coloring Book Made By Veterans for Veterans, a project of No Crayon Left Behind, created a PTSD-relieving coloring book that was made by veterans for veterans. An open call was used to acquire the drawings used for the coloring books, reaching out directly to veterans in the community through existing groups. Workshops were used to get to know the veterans contributing coloring pages and sorting crayons to be distributed with the coloring books. Events will be used to distribute the coloring books both locally and to soldiers abroad.

Combat Litter
$1,050 » Troy Hill Citizens, 2016 One Northside project support

Combat Litter, a project of Troy Hill Citizens, was a community litter cleanup. Additionally, the program educated residents on how to proactively stop litter problems and the benefits of recycling in order to set the tone for the next generation of Troy Hill residents.

Comics Reading Room and Courtyard
$7,500 » ToonSeum, 2011 Seed Award project support

Comics Reading Room and Courtyard, a project of ToonSeum, was a publicly accessible courtyard in downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District at 945 Liberty Avenue. The courtyard was identified by its iconic Jazz Musician statues and featured café tables, outdoor exhibition space, audio, a mini café, a stage for comics reading events and performances, and access to more than 1,000 comics, manga, and comic-related research materials. A space within the ToonSeum was dedicated to that library and provided year-round access to comics and cartoon research. There was also a special section dedicated to local comic creators.

Committed to Rethinking Education
$500 » Environmental Charter School, 2015 Remake Learning sponsorship

Committed to Rethinking Education, an event hosted by the Environmental Charter School, was a two-day conference to re-imagine education while collaborating with teachers through workshops and providing them with the tools to move toward a more innovative approach in classrooms around the region. The event took place at Environmental Charter School’s Upper and Lower Schools.

Commons Knowledge
$7,500 » Allegheny Commons Initative, 2012 Seed Award project support

Commons Knowledge, a project of Allegheny Commons Initiative, was an educational awareness project that included the placement of QR codes on significant heritage trees, as well as historic monuments and sculptures in the historic Allegheny Commons in the North Side.

$4,500 » CommuniTeach, 2009 Seed Award project support

CommuniTeach, a project of CommuniTeach, provided young Pittsburgh residents with an online platform that facilitated free, in-person skill exchanges. Individuals entered skills they could teach and those they wanted to learn into the website and were automatically matched with community members that could exact the exchange. For instance, one could teach swing dancing in exchange for a crash course on cooking breakfast. The website provided a hip and easy way for young people to share their skills and feel connected with others in the community.

The Community 2.0 Challenge
$8,000 » Heritage Health Foundation, 2007 Seed Award project support

The Community 2.0 Challenge, a project of Heritage Health Foundation, provided a venue for uncommon collaboration among people who were engaged in the community but lacked the resources to implement their ideas. A year-long contest encouraged residents in Braddock, Swissvale, and Rankin to present proposals to solve problems in their communities. Writers of winning proposals were eligible for a cash prize and a role in the project’s implementation.

Community ArtLab
$500 » Mattress Factory, 2014 Hive sponsorship

Community ArtLab, a project of Mattress Factory, was a summer learning event series that introduced young children to local artists and educators and enabled them to engage in hands-on, creative activities. The museum hosted two different courses that reached a total of 40 young children.

Community Arts Night at John Morrow
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

Community Arts Night at John Morrow, a project led by Kate Kelly, organized a showcase of student and teacher talent at John Marrow, an elementary school in the Brighton Heights neighborhood recognized for its excellence in music. More than 300 neighbors attended Community Arts Night to enjoy performances by the percussion ensemble, work from the third grade artist residency, and art installations made by students in collaboration with artist educators from the Mattress Factory museum in the Central Northside.

Community Development Summit Conference Stipends
$1,550 » Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group, 2016 One Northside conference stipend

Community Development Summit Conference Stipends, a project of Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group, enabled Northside leaders to attend Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group’s annual summit May 17-18, 2016. The Community Development Summit featured keynote speakers, plenary sessions, mobile workshops, and an awards ceremony and reception that centered around the theme of The Power of PLACE. Northside leaders attending the conference included Giannie Braafhart, Zeba Ahmed, Duncan Henricks, Angela Williams, English Burton, Chris Rosselot, Maria Searcy, Corey Carrington, Ebony McQueen-Harris, Dwayne Barker, Melanie Claxton, Lauren Stauffer, and Madeline Taylor.

Community Hub @ Café on the Corner
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

Community Hub @ Café on the Corne enabled LaTeresa and Michael Blackwell to create the Community Hub at their business, Café on the Corner, as a safe haven for neighborhood residents— a place with good food and good conversation. With free Wi-Fi service, board and card games, visual art and musical performances, the Community Hub attracted more than 30 visitors each day and broke down barriers between longtime residents and people newer to the neighborhood.

Community Mixtape Project
$15,000 » Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, 2014 Hive project support

Community Mixtape Project, a project of Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, was a recording studio and media production workshop that empowered tweens and teens through connected learning with creative writing and music. Youth at the WC&S were given an opportunity to conceptualize, create, and produce podcasts, chapbooks, and digital mixtapes using professional recording equipment during monthly workshops. WC&S staff and volunteers received training to facilitate ongoing writing, recording, and podcasting projects, creating a sustainable program of empowerment and education that could act as a resource for underserved shelter residents for years to come.

Community Outreach in the Elizabeth Forward FABLab
$1,000 » Elizabeth Forward School District, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Community Outreach in the Elizabeth Forward FABLab, a project of Elizabeth Forward School District, was a series of open-to-the-community evening learning workshops at Elizabeth Forward School’s FABLab. The project provided access to digital fabrication tools and hardware so adults could learn more about the Maker movement, tech trades, and inventive projects in a similar fashion to East Liberty’s TechShop. The project targeted residents of southern Allegheny County, and included outreach to Washington, Westmoreland, Fayette, and Greene counties.

Community Pride Day
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Community Pride Day, a project of the South Hilltop Men’s Group that was fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, engaged Beltzhoover residents in clearing entire lots of overgrown vegetation along with garbage that had been illegally dumped. Target locations were chosen prior to the cleanup day based on a community process in which residents prioritized certain areas, specifically children’s play spaces, bus stops, and high traffic areas.

Community Supported Agriculture Facility Upgrade
$4,800 » Sarver's Hill Farm, 2008 Community Connections project support

Community Supported Agriculture Facility Upgrade, a project of Sarver’s Hill Farm, who expanded its facilities to better serve CSA customers, the greater community, and the sustainable future of the farm. The project created a new, green-as-possible barn to serve as the new CSA center, to house the farm’s administrative office, and to hold educational programs for the community.

Community Supported Art (CSA PGH)
$6,000, 2012 Seed Award project support

Community Supported Art (CSA PGH) created “shares” of art from local artists to be purchased by art patrons across the city, similar to the boxes of produce from local farms as part of an agricultural CSA.

Community Tree Nursery
$20,000, 2010 Spring project support

Community Tree Nursery, a project of Tree Pittsburgh, created a tree nursery to support their ongoing planting and public education efforts. The nursery provided a more diverse tree stock for local reforestation and ecosystem restoration efforts, while increasing the public’s understanding of urban forestry and the community’s stewardship of urban trees.

Commute-by-Bike Zine
$10,000 » Bike Pittsburgh, 2008 Seed Award project support

Commute-by-Bike Zine, a project of Bike Pittsburgh, was a workshop created by Bike Pittsburgh to provide people with valuable information about bicycle commuting. Bike Pittsburgh also created a zine to accompany the workshop and reinforce its content. With Pittsburgh as its setting, the book took each reader on a fun, exciting journey that taught the basics of bicycle commuting.

Compass Inn Museum Living History Advertisement Project
$5,000 » Ligonier Valley Historical Society, 2008 Community Connections project support

Compass Inn Museum Living History Advertisement Project, a project of Ligonier Valley Historical Society, promoted history education and appreciation through Living History events. These weekends occured in June, July, and August. Additionally, a Halloween storytelling weekend was hosted in October and Candlelight tours were conducted in November and December. All events were presented by costumed docents at the 1799 stagecoach stop in Laughlintown, Pennsylvania.

Concept Album
$4,500 » Pillow Project Dance Company, 2005 Seed Award project support

Concept Album, a project of Pillow Project Dance Company, invaded the Hunt Armory in Shadyside with their Concept Album performance, an energetic, original work set to classic rock tunes of the 1960s and 1970s.

Conflict Kitchen
$7,000, 2009 Seed Award project support

Conflict Kitchen was a public project that made and served cuisine from countries with which the United States was currently in conflict. The food was served from a take-out style storefront adjacent to the Waffle Shop and Shadow Lounge in East Liberty. The project served as a means of distributing and communicating information that would lead to a greater awareness of the culture in question.

Conflict Kitchen Relocation
$25,000 » Conflict Kitchen, 2012 Root Award project support

Conflict Kitchen Relocation, a project of Conflict Kitchen, supported the relocation of Conflict Kitchen to Oakland. Conflict Kitchen was a take-out only restaurant that served cuisine from countries with which the United States was in conflict. The food was served out of a takeout style storefront that rotated identities every six months to highlight another country. Each iteration of the project was augmented by events, performances, and discussions that sought to expand the engagement the public has with the culture, politics, and issues at stake within the focus country. Operating seven days a week in the middle of the city, Conflict Kitchen reformatted the pre-existing social relations of food and economic exchange to engage the general public in discussions about countries, cultures, and people that they might know little about outside of the polarizing rhetoric of U.S. politics and the narrow lens of media headlines. In addition, the restaurant created a constantly changing site for ethnic diversity in the post-industrial city of Pittsburgh, as it presented the only Iranian, Afghan, and Venezuelan restaurants the city had ever seen.

Confluence: Live Music and Readings
$3,000, 2004 Seed Award project support

Confluence: Live Music and Readings was a music series dedicated to furthering the original work of writers and songwriters living in Pittsburgh. Confluence provided opportunities for writers of color to present their work alongside other artists in a collaborative forum. Bringing together students, writers, and community members, the project emphasized common themes expressed by writers and musicians of all backgrounds.

Confronting Racism and Oppression in the Era of AIDS
$7,000 » Partnership for Minority HIV/AIDS Prevention, 2002 Seed Award project support

Confronting Racism and Oppression in the Era of Aids, a project of Partnership for Minority HIV/AIDS Prevention in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Museum, presented performance art and film as vehicles to engage community members in dialogue about the impact of HIV/AIDS on people of African descent.

$1,000 » University of Pittsburgh, 2012 Social Innovation Exchange project support

CONNECT-Back, a project of the Congress of Neighboring Communities, was a citizen’s advisory council engaged to bridge Pittsburgh’s many and varied neighborhoods through policy-focused solutions. With 37 representatives from Pittsburgh’s urban core—the city proper and the first-ring suburbs that share its border—CONNECT-Back acted as an innovative forum for officials and communities they represented to work together on numerous shared opportunities and challenges with a goal of empowering and engaging citizens in their neighborhoods through policy education and community awareness.

“Connected” (2007)
Will Schlough, 2007 Community Murals mural

Artist Will Schlough’s colorful take on the twisting architectural elements of M.C. Escher’s work evokes the interconnectedness of the Greenfield community. With help from enthusiastic community group Connect Greenfield!, over 300 local residents voiced their opinions on what they wanted to see in the mural, using a ballot box installed on the side of the PNC Bank where it is now located. The inhabitants of this mostly residential area identified their homes and their close relationships with one another as the aspect of Greenfield in which they took the most pride, and embraced the meeting of these two concepts in the melded houses and pathways of Schlough’s vibrant design. Now, this mural stands to remind residents and passers-by of the strong ties at the heart of Greenfield.

Connellsville Area Historical Museum
$5,000 » Carnegie Free Library of Connellsville, PA & Connellsville Area Historical Society, 2012 Seed Award project support

Connellsville Area Historical Museum, a project of Carnegie Free Library of Connellsville, PA and Connellsville Area Historical Society, helped to preserve Connellsville history by creating the first and only Connellsville Historical Museum. The project encouraged intergenerational learning about local history using a modern day ‘around the campfire’ approach. Instead of recording older community members’ personal histories, the project created opportunities for civic-minded community individuals to work together for a common goal and share life experiences.

Connellsville Caboose Welcome Center
$4,000 » Student Conservation Association Trail Town Outreach Corps, 2011 Seed Award project support

Connellsville Caboose Welcome Center, a project of Student Conservation Association Trail Town Outreach Corps, converted an unused caboose at the northern trailhead into a welcome center to promote an increase in trail user traffic in the city of Connellsville. The project involved the restoration of the caboose façade, the conversion of the interior into an informational area, and the creation of a welcome sign mural. The completed Connellsville Welcome Center allowed trail users to take respite in a welcoming space and provided access to essential information about dining, lodging, and other businesses and amenities in the city.

Connellsville Historic heritage Walking Trail
$5,000 » Connellsville Cultural Trust, 2008 Community Connections project support

Connellsville Historic heritage Walking Trail, a project of Connellsville Cultural Trust, created signage that informs the public of the cultural, ethnic, and industrial past of Connellsville. The poster-sized signs told the tales of Connellsville and featured historical photographs.

Cook, Grow, Garden
$15,000 » Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, 2014 Hive project support

Cook, Grow, Garden, a project of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, was a series of three youth-oriented programs that all focused on food. The first two programs, Youth Cook and Youth Grow, both invited students to work with food grown in the Museum’s four on-site and community gardens, teaching them about cultivation and cooking, from recipe writing to floral arranging. The third program, Tripoli Street Garden Nights/Days, was a twice-weekly volunteer gardening experience at the Museum’s largest garden, a quarter acre lot on Tripoli Street named Food City. Together, these three programs gave youth on the North Side an opportunity to learn about where their food comes from and how they can make more informed decisions about the things they cook and eat.

Cool Space Awards
$5,000 » Cool Space Locator, 2004 Seed Award project support

Cool Space Awards, a project of Cool Space Locator, was a one-night celebration of urban innovators and business leaders. Unlike traditional business award events, the Cool Space Awards focused on revitalizing the connection between businesses, employees, and the workplace.

Cooperation over Competition
$1,000 » Ujamaa Collective, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

Cooperation Over Competition, a project of Ujamaa Collective, was a workshop series that promoted community cooperative economic business models. The project exposed Pittsburghers to new and diverse practices, traditional economic models, arts, culture, food, and increase the conversation around the African diaspora.

Cosmic Collaboration
$1,000 » Carnegie Mellon University, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Cosmic Collaboration, a project of Carnegie Mellon University’s Astronomy Club in partnership with University of Pittsburgh’s Space Exploration and Astronomy Club, brought awareness to changes planned for city lighting. Students from the two clubs worked together to facilitate activities in various locations around the city where people gather outside at night, helping the public to explore the effects of light pollution, light trespassing, light clutter, and up-lighting in the urban environment.

COSN Delegation (Singapore)
$2,000 » Hampton Township School District, 2014 Remake Learning conference stipend

COSN Delegation (Singapore), a project of Hampton Township School District, enabled Ed McKaveney, Technology Director at Hampton Township School District, to participate in the CoSN senior level delegation to Singapore on behalf of the Kids+Creativity Network. CoSN was committed to a global dialogue focused on the strategic uses of technology in education, believing that effective use of technology requires a global understanding and perspective, and can be accomplished through meetings, delegations, and collaborative efforts with global thought-leaders.

Craft Congress
$10,000 » Handmade Arcade Organizing Committee, 2006 Seed Award project support

Craft Congress, a project of Handmade Arcade Organizing Committee, was the first national gathering of independent organizers of fairs, websites, magazines, and grassroots groups that work in the DIY craft medium. With contributors from Pittsburgh and a variety of cities across the country, the Craft Congress united the most forward thinking DIY craft leaders in Pittsburgh.

Crafteroni and Cheese
$1,000 » Brighton Heights Citizens Federation, 2017 One Northside project support

Crafteroni and Cheese, a project of Brighton Heights Citizens Federation, was a 6-week program that taught basic cooking and sewing skills to middle school students. The weekly sessions focused on project planning, learning to use a pattern, fabric selection, cutting, and using a sewing machine to create a backpack or garment of their choice. Students also learned basic cooking skills, selecting fresh ingredients from a local grocery store and learning to use the tools needed to make 3 dishes that they could easily replicate at home.

Creation of New Play Space for Parent and Child Together
$5,000 » Beginnings, Inc. , 2008 Community Connections project support

Creation of New Play Space for Parent and Child Together, a project of Beginnings, Inc., introduced an innovative play area to complement its new location in Johnstown. Part of the Parent and Child Together program (PACT), a playgroup open to all two and three-year-olds and their parents enrolled in early childhood programs, the PACT playground was a fun and safe environment in which children could play and learn school readiness skills such as sharing, waiting their turn, playing with others and using language skills.

CreatION Sound
$11,020, 2012 Spark project support

CreatION Sound was a unique collective of musicians, roboticists, and educators that collaborated to synthesize music and technology in an engaging and accessible way. CreatION Sound presented a series of educational workshops focusing on building robotic musical instruments. This artistic exploration is demonstrated in two public concerts at Bellefield Hall in Oakland. The first concert introduced the series of workshops presented at the Falk and Waldorf Schools. Children were taught how to apply technology and robotic principles to the creation of music and musical instruments, and displayed their works in an interactive presentation. The culmination was a final concert, in which the children performed alongside IonSound Project. Both concerts incorporated newly commissioned works by local composers, and roboticists designed robots to artistically interact and respond to the commissioned works.

Creation Station
$10,000 » Baldwin-Whitehall School District, 2015 Spark project support

Creation Station, a project of Baldwin-Whitehall School District, transformed the school libraries at the three district elementary schools into multi-media spaces with production and performance capabilities. The Creation Stations included a green screen with video production equipment, an imagination area equipped with robotics kits, a mobile makerspace lab, and Lego story starter and visualizer kits to provide programming in the areas of coding, robotics, and make and design. Project facilitators were trained at The Children’s Museum through Educator Boot Camp development sessions and used this maker training to write curricula that aligned with the district’s elementary content areas.

Creative Arts Summer Day Camp
$500 » Focus on Renewal, 2014 Spark sponsorship

Creative Arts Summer Day Camp, a project of Focus on Renewal, provided disadvantaged youth in the Sto-Rox area with opportunities to learn about arts and technology through activities like audio recording, digital photography and computer programming. With help from Brightside Academy and the Father Ryan Arts Center, the program ran summer weekdays, engaging children ages 6-12 and their families.

Creative Communities Conference Monthly Seminars
$5,000 » Nathanael Green Historical Foundation, 2008 Community Connections project support

Creative Communities Conference Monthly Seminars, a project of Nathanael Green Historical Foundation,highlighted that technology, like the Internet, provides flexible locations to live and work. Rural communities provide a fertile bed of added benefits that include less traffic, lower cost of living, natural amenities and a higher quality of life. The workshops and annual conference provided a platform to bridge these goals into an active forum for interested individuals and organizations.

Creative Reuse Pittsburgh
$7,500 » Creative Reuse Pittsburgh, 2007 Seed Award project support

Creative Reuse Pittsburgh was a project to collect byproducts and surplus from regional manufacturers and other businesses and then sold the materials to the public. The organization provided new options for handling commercial waste materials, created opportunities to learn about and contribute to environmental stewardship, and offered hands-on public creativity events to infuse new energy into Pittsburgh’s communities and organizations.

Creative Youth Center Open House
$1,500 » YMCA Greater Pittsburgh, 2016 Remake Learning sponsorship

Creative Youth Center Open House, an event of YMCA Greater Pittsburgh, was a celebration of the grand opening of the YMCA Creative Youth Center, an expansion of the YMCA Lighthouse program. The event featured digital media displays, youth art displays, food, music, and more. The event took place in coordination with APOST Lights on Afterschool campaign.

$10,000 » Creative.Life.Support, 2004 Seed Award project support

Creative.Life.Records, a project of Creative.Life.Support, addressed the problems and obstacles faced by young musicians. With the help of veteran performers like Liz Berlin of Rusted Root and concert venues like Mr. Small’s in Millvale, Creative.Life.Records helped Pittsburgh’s emerging musicians find their way without having to leave the city behind.

Critter Camp
$500 » Alison Francis, 2016 Change Machine project support

Critter Camp, a project of 15-year old Emma Francis, was a three-day camp for New Kensington students in grades 1-3 to learn about the importance of bugs to ecosystems. Daily topics included insects and arachnids, worms and slugs, and life cycles.

Crossing Fences Oral History Celebrations 2013
$1,000 » SLB Radio Productions, Inc., 2013 Hive sponsorship

Crossing Fences Oral History Celebrations 2013, a project of SLB Radio Productions, Inc., was an event series that celebrated the release of multimedia publications documenting neighborhood oral history gathered by African-American boys in the Northside, McKeesport, and Hilltop areas of Pittsburgh.

Crossing Fences Oral History Celebrations 2014
$1,500 » SLB Radio Productions, Inc., 2014 Hive sponsorship

Crossing Fences Oral History Celebrations 2014, a project of SLB Radio Productions, convened youth and adult participants of SLB’s Crossing Fences Oral History program to celebrate the completion of the program. Approximately 300 people attended the series of four events during November 2014.

Crossing Fences Oral History Celebrations 2015
$1,000 » SLB Radio Productions, Inc., 2015 Hive sponsorship

Crossing Fences Oral History Celebrations 2015, a project of SLB Radio Productions, Inc., celebrated the release of new oral history recordings created by African American boys interviewing African American men in Homewood, Braddock, and Sheraden. Recordings and printed books were released at the event on November 17, 2015 at the August Wilson Center.

Crossing Fences Oral History Celebrations 2016
$1,500 » SLB Radio Productions, Inc., 2016 Remake Learning sponsorship

Crossing Fences Oral History Celebrations 2016, an event of SLB Radio Productions, was a series of three neighborhood-specific events and one city-wide event celebrating the release of new oral history recordings produced by young men of color ages 10-18 who participated in SLB’s Crossing Fences program. Events occurred between November 29 and December 6, 2016.

Crossroads: An Oral History
$6,300 » Pittsburgh Filmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 2014 Seed Award project support

Crossroads: An Oral History, a project of Pittsburgh Filmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts led by Yvonne McBride, was a compilation of storytelling sessions that celebrated the cultural and musical legacy of Pittsburgh’s Hill District from 1930’s – 1950’s, during the golden era of Jazz. Through a series of one-on-one interviews, elders of the Hill District community and noted Pittsburgh musicians shared personal memories, folklore stories, and lively anecdotes, painting an intimate portrait of what the community was like during this time period.

Cultural Gumbo
$500 » New Sun Rising, 2016 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

Cultural Gumbo, an event hosted by New Sun Rising, celebrated a decade of building culture and community in Pittsburgh. Hosted at Mr. Small’s Theater in Millvale, the event featured games, music, sideshows, food, and interactive stations highlighting New Sun Rising’s affiliated projects.

Culture Fashion Show
$500 » South Hills Interfaith Movement, 2016 Change Machine project support

Culture Fashion Show, a project of 18-year old Sunita Bista, showcased the diverse cultures in the community through a fashion show. The event had different tables and posters to encourage conversation about different cultures and began with a dance before the student models walked in the fashion show.

Curious Creatures
$9,500, 2010 Spark project support

Curious Creatures, a project of Art Energy Design, was a collection of kinetic, wind, and solar powered objects that each demonstrated the fundamentals of mechanical motion and sustainable energy creation. Friendly characters, made from recycled materials, resembled familiar insects, reptiles, and mammals and were designed for hands-on discovery learning.

Cyber Lounge at Wilkinsburg
$10,000 » Wilkinsburg Intra-Community Network, 2002 Seed Award project support

Cyber Lounge at Wilkinsburg, a project of Wilkinsburg Intra-Community Network, provided a space for area residents of all ages to come together, learn about new technology and use the Internet to check personal email. The lounge also provided a space for concerts, art exhibitions, and other community activities.