Funded Projects beginning with Q

$900, 2010 Grand Ideas project support

QTPi(e), a project by Quelcy T. Kogel, was an artistic, interactive celebration of math, food and community on Pi Day, March 14th, 2010. For the project, Kogel delivered 31 pies via bicycle to homes in Pittsburgh that included mathematical constant pi (3.14) in their address. The pie packaging included hand-printed maps that compared conventional and local pie ingredients and, of course, referenced pi. The packages were photographed at their delivery locations for a gallery show that displayed the photos, maps, and pie samples alongside information about local dining. The project later partnered with the former Waffle Shop in East Liberty and Sprout’s own Hothouse to share more with the public about delicious, locally-sourced food.

Queer Caribbean Literature Series
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2016 Grand Ideas project support

Queer Caribbean Literature Series, a project from The Black Unicorn Library and Archives and fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, was a series of outreach events related to a six-month installation of the Black Unicorn Library and Archives Project in Allentown. The literature series promoted reading and literacy as a pathway for LGBTQ women of color to connect and become empowered in a safe space. The collection also facilitated scholarly inquiry and public understanding of the black and LGBTQ communities.