Funded Projects beginning with J

Jay Bee Model Circus
$5,000 » Butler County Historical Society, 2008 Community Connections project support

Jay Bee Model Circus, a project of Butler County Historical Society, supported the acquisition, marketing, and grand opening celebration of the Butler County Historical Society’s newest exhibit, the Jay Bee Model Circus. Local artist James Bashline hand-carved and hand-painted the one-of-a-kind 9’x14’ model circus, which was based on the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus of the early 1950s. The model included animated performances under the big top, the circus parade, the animal pen, a sideshow, and a model railroad, among many other items. The Jay Bee Model Circus is permanently exhibited at the Butler County Heritage Center.

Jays After School Program (Joining to Achieve Youth Success)
$5,000 » Communities in Schools of Southwest PA, Inc., 2008 Community Connections project support

Jays After School Program (Joining to Achieve Youth Success), a project of Communities in Schools of Southwest PA, Inc., provided opportunities for students to become involved in exciting activities such as group games, sports, computer lab, and homework time, as well as specialized activities such as guest speakers, career topics, community service, and field trips. The program was held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of the Jeannette McKee Middle School. Parents were encouraged to become actively involved in the JAYS After-school Program to demonstrate to their child how much they value them, and increase their self-esteem.

Jazz Conversations
$1,000 » Maggie Johnson, 2012 Social Innovation Exchange project support

Jazz Conversations, a project of Maggie Johnson, connected generations of jazz music lovers to each other in March 2013 in Lawrenceville. The project featured two gatherings during which jazz music lovers shared stories, experiences, and music to bridge a widening gap between generations.

Jazz is…
$1,000 » Helena Shorter Alston, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

Jazz is…, a project of Helena Shorter Alston, featured live webcasts and demonstrations with prominent world-renowned jazz musicians who lived and worked in the Pittsburgh music community. As part of an online master class, Jazz Is… was geared toward elementary and middle school students and their music teachers.

Jazz is Life: Summer at the Guild
$1,000 » Manchester Craftsmens Guild, 2014 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

Jazz is Life: Summer at the Guild, a project of Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, was a summer music series that showcased jazz in non-traditional ways. With its mission to share jazz with a broader, younger audience, Jazz is Life’s summer events married live jazz music with yoga, hip-hop and more. The program entertained and educated new audiences about the history and culture of the emotionally expressive genre of music, presenting it as a living soundtrack to the world, not just a throwback to a bygone age.

Jazz Live at the Hurricane
$6,500 » Hill House Association, 2007 Seed Award project support

Jazz Live at the Hurricane, a project of Hill House Association, was a series of concerts that reimagined the sights and sounds of the legendary Hurricane Club. Celebrating local jazz legends like George Benson, Art Blakey, Lena Horne, Ahmad Jamal, and Stanley Turrentine, contemporary jazz ensembles performed programs of jazz favorites and modern hits.

Jazz on the Hill
$10,000, 2003 Seed Award project support

Jazz on the Hill showcased local artists and musicians every Tuesday evening from April through September and served as a vital connection between the Hill District and its incredible jazz history. Held outdoors, the series furthered the sense of revitalization brought by the creation of a community garden on Center Avenue.

Jefferson Presents
$5,000, 2003 Seed Award project support

Jefferson Presents was a monthly microcinema that screened underground and experimental films at Garfield Artworks. The series engaged audience participation with live performances and provided a resource and venue for independent filmmaking in Pittsburgh.

Jewcy Film Series
$5,000 » Pittsburgh Jewish Israeli Film Festival, 2008 Seed Award project support

Jewcy Film Series, a project of Pittsburgh Jewish Israeli Film Festival, showed international films at various venues to target at 21- to 31-year-olds. Each film screening included a social or educational component.

Jewels: Directory of Women of Color
$2,500 » Office of Diversity Initiatives at Carlow Univ., 2006 Seed Award project support

Jewels: Directory of Women of Color, a project of Office of Diversity Initiatives at Carlow University, featured professional women who are educators in diversity, multicultural initiatives, and race relations. Connecting talented individuals in Pittsburgh, the printed directory created opportunities for collaboration and served as a historical tribute to the diversity efforts championed by women of color in Pittsburgh.

The John Show
$1,000 » Julie Sokolow, 2016 Grand Ideas project support

The John Show, a project led by Julie Sokolow, was a series of screenings of the documentary The John Show that used corresponding speaker panels as a platform for discussion of mental health. The documentary focused on “John Riegert,” an exhibition at SPACE Gallery that featured 250 portraits of local artist John Riegert created by his peers. After a serious suicide attempt, the exhibition and documentary were put together to rally John’s spirits and bring awareness to the issue of mental health. The panel was comprised of the film’s director, producer, artists involved with the exhibition, and an expert in mental health.

$10,000 » The Legacy Arts Project, 2008 Seed Award project support

Jonkanoo, a project of The Legacy Arts Project, adapted the festival of Jonkanoo, a Caribbean celebration of a people enslaved in body but not in mind or spirit, to engage people in saving the planet and build upon long standing African traditions of producing hand crafted goods, materials, and art forms.