Funded Projects beginning with Z

Zany Tent
$25,000 » Zany Umbrella Circus, 2007 Root Award project support

Zany Tent, a project of Zany Umbrella Circus, was a professional theatre tent for circus performances and rental to community groups for events and festivals around the world. The Zany Tent is a unique, colorful spectacle which in size, technical capabilities, and appearance is unlike any other venue in the region. With this tent, Zany Umbrella Circus expanded their audience, generated revenue, and created new original work in the Pittsburgh region, as well as in locations as far-reaching as Amman, Jordan and New Orleans, LA. As an asset to organizations and festivals, the tent was a vehicle for performances in places where there was no theater

Zany Umbrella Circus
$10,000, 2004 Seed Award project support

Zany Umbrella Circus provided a venue for area performers-including belly dancers, jugglers, and trapeze artists-to hone their skills and cultivate regional growth of animal-free circus performance.

Zelda Pito Emerging Artist Fellowship
$10,000 » Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, 2016 Remake Learning project support

Zelda Pito Emerging Artist Fellowship, a project of Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, was a three-week summer intensive designed to provide Pittsburgh Public High School students with a post-high school preparatory learning experience. The fellowship focused on interdisciplinary arts, liberation (individual freedom), and critical thinking in a student-centered environment that emphasized community, collaboration, and creativity. An ensemble of professional artists and creative leaders facilitated workshops and seminars for ZPEAF participants along the Penn Ave Corridor as students worked to develop professional art portfolios and produce a culminating public showcase.

$13,890, 2010 Spark project support

ZooBeats, a project of WYEP 91.3FM, enabled children to record, play, and loop sounds to compose music. Using this simple, open-ended tool, WYEP partnered with music educators and childcare centers to introduce children to the basics of music.