Funded Projects beginning with H

Hacking Workshop and Guided Making Sessions
$1,000 » assemble, 2015 Open Engagement honorarium

Hacking Workshop and Guided Making Sessions, a project of Assemble, were workshops where participants were guided through a hacking activity, taking apart an everyday, vernacular object and transforming it into anything else.

Haitian Film and Art Cultural Event
$500 » The Thomas Merton Center, 2006 Grand Ideas project support

Haitian Film and Art Cultural Event, a project of The Thomas Merton Center, shed light on the plight of Haitians in their own country and here in Pittsburgh. Hosted by the Haiti Solidarity Committee and the Thomas Merton Center, the event tackled issues of politics, the AIDS epidemic, poverty, and voodoo in a day-long showcase of documentaries and short films and an exhibition of Haitian art.

Halloween in the Park
$1,000 » Troy Hill Citizens, 2017 One Northside project support

Halloween in the Park, a project of Troy Hill Citizens, provided a safe place for youth to trick or treat and encouraged other community members to participate by handing out treats, helping to decorate, working the refreshment/grill station, and enjoying the Halloween-themed movies and music. Hygiene packs were also distributed by Troy Hill Citizens and children had the opportunity to win educational items in a raffle.

Hampton High School Tiny Home
$500 » Hampton Township School District, 2016 Change Machine project support

Hampton High School Tiny Home, a project of 17-year old Phil Margaria, engaged 10 students in designing and building a Tiny Home. The project highlighted the disparity between the current median home size today and what is needed environmentally by bringing awareness to the “tiny” trend which has a much smaller carbon footprint.

Handbook for Student Voice
$5,000 » The Saxifrage School, 2014 Remake Learning project support

Handbook for Student Voice, a project of The Saxifrage School, was the final project of Timothy Cook’s 2013 Remake Learning Fellowship. This living resource document gave students greater agency in their education. The handbook was represented in both print and digital formats as an open-ended, remixable resource created through open-source means for students and teachers alike to examine their learning practices, while at the same time providing structure to the new and innovative method of learning for which it plans. The Handbook explores how the education system works and what educational reforms concerning policy, technology and pedagogy can be made to improve it for future generations, making sure to give students a powerful voice in these decisions that affect them so greatly.

Handmade Arcade
$5,830 » Cool Hand Crafts, 2004 Seed Award project support

Handmade Arcade, a project of Cool Hand Crafts, went beyond the traditional art fair by exposing the community to nontraditional do-it-yourself crafting. Bringing together offbeat crafters, musicians, and zine publishers, the Handmade Arcade promoted and encouraged a little known aspect of Pittsburgh’s creative community.

Handmade Arcade 2014
$1,000 » Handmade Arcade, 2014 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

Handmade Arcade 2014, a project of Handmade Arcade, was an annual marketplace and fair for independent crafts people. The event was held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, attracting more than 9,000 attendees and 150 vendors.

Handmade Arcade 2016
$500 » Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, 2016 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

Handmade Arcade 2016, an event fiscally sponsored by Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, provided local craft artists with a high-profile venue for selling their work. Catalyzed in 2004 with a Sprout Seed Award, Handmade Arcade 2016 took place on Saturday, December 3, 2016 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and attracted approximately 9,000 attendees.

Handmade Revolution
$1,000 » BOOM Concepts, 2015 Open Engagement honorarium

Handmade Revolution, a project of Bekezela Mguni and D.S. Kinsel, used a visit to Boom Concepts to celebrate Zines/Zine-making as a democratic art form while producing a collective Zine made by conference attendees.

Hands On Handmade
$4,000 » Handmade Arcade, 2011 Seed Award project support

Hands On Handmade, a project of Handmade Arcade, was a newly created participatory component to Handmade Arcade providing an opportunity for partnerships with local artists and nonprofit arts organizations. The project augmented the already popular and award-winning event at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Downtown Pittsburgh. Situated on-site, the Hands-on Handmade area offered a variety of short and day-long drop-in interactive programs.

Happenings 2.0
$10,000 » Ground Zero, 2002 Seed Award project support

Happenings 2.0, a project of Ground Zero, was a local event information clearinghouse. The project offered Pittsburgh’s young, urban population a point of reference for a variety of events around town.

Harbison Ave. Little Free Library
$1,000 » Sarah Steers, 2017 One Northside project support

Harbison Ave. Little Free Library, a project led by Sarah Steers, made books more easily accessible to residents on Harbison Avenue who had a difficult time getting to a public library. The project built and filled a Little Free Library that was installed on Harbison Avenue, including books for all ages. The community helped to decide where the little free library was installed.

Harvest Dinners: The Ohio River Lifeboat Project
$4,528 » Ohio River LifeBoat Project, 2005 Seed Award project support

Harvest Dinners: The Ohio River Lifeboat Project, a project of Ohio River LifeBoat Project, was a mobile educational display that encouraged ecological consciousness as it traveled up and down the Ohio River. Constructed of reclaimed and sustainable building materials, the lifeboat hosted a series of Harvest Dinners to highlight the social and ecological history of the Ohio River through sharing of stories, experiences, and observations.

The Haynes Street Underpass Sculpture Project 2007
$5,000 » Art Works in Johnstown!, 2008 Community Connections project support

The Haynes Street Underpass Sculpture Project 2007, a project of Art Works in Johnstown!, was the development of a highly visible, heavily traveled area along Rt. 271 beneath the Rt. 56 overpass into an attractive parklet featuring a single, large-scale sculpture, with public seating and decorative plantings. This area served as a Gateway to the Kernville section of Johnstown that has been targeted by the City for economic development initiatives and visual enhancements. It also served as an attractive entrance to the connecting corridor between the new Greater Johnstown Technology Park and the Conemaugh Medical Center Complex. The Kernville revitalization embodied the theme of “Pride & Progress” as the City sought to transform a depressed area into a thriving, attractive and vital part of Johnstown where businesses, artists, and residents could thrive. Four other sites were also identified to house sculptures in the Kernville area to continue expanding the project.

Hazelwood Food Forest
$8,000, 2009 Seed Award project support

Hazelwood Food Forest, a project of Pittsburgh Permaculture, was Pittsburgh’s first food forest. An agricultural model involving three or more layers of fruit growth, a food forest is a resource both for growing crops and for learning about biodiversity, ecology and nature. Built out of four adjacent vacant lots in the neighborhood of Hazelwood, the food forest filled the blighted area with lush greenery with its fruit trees, shrubs and perennials, while providing young adults with the knowledge, resources and inspiration to make productive, agricultural change and shape their community for the future.

Hazelwood Sister Circle
$1,000 » POOR LAW, 2012 Social Innovation Exchange project support

Hazelwood Sister Circle, a project of Hazelwood People of Origin Rightfully Loved and Wanted (POOR LAW), was a local community group designed to connect the blighted Hazelwood neighborhood through building the self-worth of individuals within it. A women’s group created within POOR LAW, the Sister Circle focused on empowering female residents 17-21 through writing. In the form of a self-published zine, Sister Circle allowed young women to speak freely about issues like violence and abuse, health and wellness, and community as they connected with the history of Hazelwood through the neighborhood’s longtime residents’ stories and wisdom.

Healthy Artists Movie Poster Exhibition
$5,000 » Healthy Artists, 2012 Seed Award project support

Healthy Artists Movie Poster Exhibition, a project of Healthy Artists, bridged the gap between the city’s artists, college students, and healthcare advocates and educators.

$3,500, 2008 Seed Award project support

Heartbeats was a series of events during which a diverse group of people could socialize while wearing a non-intrusive stethoscopes that amplified each user’s heartbeat for others to hear.

Heathside Cottage Victorian Garden Party
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

Heathside Cottage Victorian Garden Party, a project led by Greg Manley, transformed Heathside Cottage, a Victorian Gothic residence listed on the National Register of Historic Places, into a site for the celebration of local history, traditional foods, storytelling, song, and dance. A public event attracted more than 100 guests from Fineview and surrounding neighborhoods to the Cottage, including some from Allegheny Dwellings.

Hello Robo!
$49,502, 2011 Spark project support

Hello Robo!, a project of the Carnegie Science Center, introduced robotics in 131 Head Start classrooms in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties and at Family Science Events at the Science Center. During classroom visits, Carnegie Science Center staff educators led hands-on activities to help students build and use simple robotic kits they were then able to keep to utilize in other lessons throughout the school year.

Help Bring Back Your Community Theatre
$2,995 » Community Reel Arts Center, 2011 Seed Award project support

Help Bring Back Your Community Theatre, a project of Community Reel Arts Center, recruited local Stowe Rocks residents to volunteer their time by cleaning out the Parkway Theater that has been shut down for over 25 years. This restoration was a central part of broader redevelopment projects in Stowe Township, a member of the Allegheny Together Program. The theater project, combined with additional revitalization efforts, worked to attract new retail shops and restaurants to the area.

Helping Kids Dream Big!
$1,000 » Perry Hilltop Citizens Council, 2017 One Northside project support

Helping Kids Dream Big!, a project of Perry Hilltop Citizens Council, partnered with Tickets for Kids to enable low-income youth to attend cultural and sporting events. Local organizations helped to identify the youth participants and volunteers worked to provide transportation to and from the events in addition to providing snacks and t-shirts for the children.

Here We Grow Pittsburgh, Here We Grow
$7,500 » Grow Pittsburgh, 2008 Seed Award project support

Here We Grow Pittsburgh, Here We Grow, a project of Grow Pittsburgh, created sustainable community gardens throughout the city and increased public awareness of the benefits of fresh, healthy food. The project’s growing season culminated in a Kick Off Harvest Party organized around the theme of a progressive dinner. Participants toured each of the community gardens, where garden signs were unveiled and attendees enjoyed food produced from the sites.

Here You Go
$3,000, 2009 Seed Award project support

Here You Go was a community project that spread and inspired kindness in Pittsburgh. On rainy days, volunteers in various neighborhoods distributed umbrellas to people stuck in the rain. A prepaid postcard attached to each umbrella encouraged the recipient to, in turn, do something kind for someone else, record the story, and send it back. The returned cards were then posted publicly on a blog.

Heritage Seed Bank and Nursery
$20,000, 2010 Spring project support

Heritage Seed Bank and Nursery, a project of Blackberry Meadows Farm, was an initiative to maintain a collection of seeds that are rare or “endangered”, are native to the region, and have a role in the region’s history or culture. Participants at the nursery learned about seed saving and its role in communities throughout history, while also sustaining the region’s native heritage and heirloom plants for future generations. Blackberry Meadows Farm also worked to stock public spaces and area gardens with these native plants to raise greater public awareness about the importance of protecting horticultural heritage.

High School Outdoor Learning Environment (H.O.L.E.) Uniontown
$15,000 » Uniontown Area School District, 2014 Hive project support

High School Outdoor Learning Environment (H.O.L.E.) Uniontown, a project of Uniontown Area School District, provided a high quality outdoor environment in the courtyard of the Uniontown High School. The project modeled and incorporated the principles of universal designs for learning, creating a flexible space that accommodated individual learning differences and increased students’ access to hands-on STEAM concepts.

Hill District Marketpieces
$8,500 » Hill House Association, 2011 Seed Award project support

Hill District Marketpieces, a project of Hill House Association, celebrated the renowned cultural and culinary history of the Hill District. Commissioned by the Hill House Association and the Hill House Economic Development Corporation, artist Leslie Ansley created interior and exterior artworks for the highly anticipated Shop n’ Save supermarket in the Hill District. The store invited a new creative shopping experience for the community as it featured images of the Hill District, its residents past and present, and its food stories.

Hilltop Maker’s Celebration and Showcase
$500 » YMCA Greater Pittsburgh (Hilltop), 2014 Hive sponsorship

Hilltop Maker’s Celebration and Showcase, a project of YMCA Greater Pittsburgh (Hilltop), was a Maker Party event that occured at the Hilltop Computer Center in Knoxville on Thursday, August 7, 2014 and engaged approximately 150 youth participants in hands-on making and digital learning activities.

Historic and Contemporary Congregations of Allgheny City/North Side
$1,000 » Allegheny City Society, 2017 One Northside project support

Historic and Contemporary Congregations of Allegheny City/North Side, a project of Allegheny City Society, featured a walking tour of the surviving religious congregations on the Northside. The role of religious communities was and continues to be a vital feature that adds to the quality of life for many Northside residents. The tour focused on the impact these congregations have had on past and present Northside life.

Historic Deutschtown Live, Work, Play
$1,050 » East Allegheny Community Council, 2015 One Northside project support

Historic Deutschtown Live, Work, Play, a project of East Allegheny Community Council, produced a short promotional film focused on the future of business and commerce in Historic Deutschtown featuring interviews with residents and business owners discussing the opportunities and challenges facing this historic business district. With an implicit ‘shop small, buy local’ message, the film sought to attract a younger generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders to the opportunities in the area.

Historic Preservation Priorities for the Pittsburgh Region
$8,750 » Young Preservationists Association of Pittsburgh, 2004 Seed Award project support

Historic Preservation Priorities for the Pittsburgh Region, a project of Young Preservationists Association of Pittsburgh, brought young people together to safeguard the future of the region’s historic properties, open spaces, and community assets, as well as the shared past they represent. The program invited young people from all over southwestern Pennsylvania to be involved in reshaping the public image of historic preservation and established ongoing communication channels with local decision makers.

Hive Days of Summer Sponsorships
$8,500 via 17 grants, 2013 Hive sponsorship

Hive Days of Summer Sponsorships supported events that took place May to August 2013. Hive Pittsburgh partnered with projects and organizations that were working to remake learning in the Pittsburgh region by hosting dozens of events and drawing thousands of youth and families from across Allegheny County to channel their energy and enthusiasm while illuminating the most awesome opportunities our region provides.

Hive Days of Summer Youth Reporters
$15,000 via 2 grants » The Consortium for Public Education & University of Pittsburgh, 2013 Hive project support

Hive Days of Summer Youth Reporters, a project of The Consortium for Public Education & University of Pittsburgh, promoted youth voice in the region and empowered participating teens to positively affect their attitudes, beliefs, and skills. Utilizing a cohort of 8-12 teen participants, this group covered and reported on Hive Days of Summer events—producing stories utilizing a variety of media: video, audio, and text. The project also included an “empirical research” component to help students add scientific tools and perspectives (e.g., objectivity, statistical descriptions) to their reporting toolkit. This project was executed as a partnership between The Consortium For Public Education and Dr. Tom Akiva at the University of Pittsburgh.

Hives and Honey on the Hilltop
$1,050 » Ballfield Farm & The Pittsburgh Project, 2015 One Northside project support

Hives and Honey on the Hilltop, a project of Ballfield Farm & The Pittsburgh Project, established beehives at Ballfield Farm in Perry Hilltop to help the natural landscape heal, agriculture flourish, and local honey be produced. Neighborhood children from the Pittsburgh Project participated by painting the hives, which pollinated gardens at Ballfield Farm that provide fresh food for more than nearby 30 households.

Homestead Mural/Mosaic Project
$3,000 » Ian Green Studios, 2002 Seed Award project support

Homestead Mural/Mosaic Project, a project of Ian Green Studios, was created by painter Ian Green. THe project celebrated Steel Valley heritage and created public art, including several large oil paintings, all depicting scenes from the Homestead community, that were installed in the neighborhood.

Homestead Sidewalk Arts Project
$1,850 » Steel Valley Arts Council, 2002 Seed Award project support

Homestead Sidewalk Arts Project, a project of Steel Valley Arts Council, provided an alternative to The Waterfront development for the economically handicapped Homestead neighborhood by encouraging foot traffic through Homestead’s business district.

HOMEWOOD Artist Residency
$10,000 » The Andy Warhol Museum, 2010 Seed Award project support

HOMEWOOD Artist Residency, a project of The Andy Warhol Museum, invited national and international contemporary artists who represented the diversity of Homewood to take residence in rehabilitated houses and split the homes into living and studio spaces. Artists created projects that reflected the overarching history and culture of Homewood, including a large-scale installation in the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum that blended the memories and voices of Homewood’s residents into a physical work of art. The project supported artists of color, brought diversity to the contemporary arts community in Pittsburgh, and engaged a community with limited access to the visual arts.

Homewood Community Garden Classes
$625, 2003 Grand Ideas project support

Homewood Community Garden Classes offered free classes on sustainable gardening to initiate the first step in advocating for community gardens throughout the city.

Homewood Educational Apiary
$1,000 » Burgh Bees, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

Homewood Educational Apiary, a project of Burgh Bees, was an extension of the Burgh Bees Community Apiary, located in the neighborhood of Homewood, from a member-oriented club space to an engaging, educational public space where anyone could come to learn about pollinator insects and sustainable agriculture. The Educational Apiary invited visitors to learn about native plants and pollinators, beekeeping and habitats through garden tours, events, and educational programs. From elementary school classes to community groups to individual visitors, everyone was invited to the Homewood Educational Apiary to learn more about the world around them.

Homewood Redd Up!
$5,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

Homewood Redd Up!, a project of Operation Better Block on behalf of the Homewood, Squirrel Hill, Point Breeze, and Park Place Redd Up Coalition, hosted several three-day cooperative community clean up weekends in the Homewood and Squirrel Hill neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

Hope for the Homeless
$1,050 » L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry, 2016 One Northside project support

Hope for the Homeless, a project of L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry, was comprised of Pittsburgh’s largest clothing and food distribution event for the homeless and a conference specifically designed for people who serve the homeless. The project’s goal was to change how people feel about the homeless and to share ways how people can help care for the homeless. More than 325 volunteers helped throughout the project, which resulted in photos of love, compassion, joy, and oneness instead of the more typical fear, anger, and frustration around homeless people. In total, more than 500 people received food, clothing, and raffle prizes at the distribution event and 74 service providers from over 12 organizations participated in the conference. The project additionally raised over $2,000 through an ioby crowdfunding campaign.

Hopewell Vikings Create a World of Difference
$4,750 » Hopewell Area School District, 2017 100 Days project support

Hopewell Vikings Create a World of Difference, a project of Hopewell Area School District, trained middle school students to be student leaders dedicated to maintaining a safe, welcoming school environment.

$10,000, 2007 Seed Award project support

Hotmetalhappening was a series of metal casting performances utilizing the flow and manipulation of molten iron. Through live performances, a team of local and national artists and tradespeople used recycled metals in artistic and technical demonstrations, creating site-specific sculpture and performance art. The series taught audiences about a historical industrial process linked to Pittsburgh and created visually compelling works of art.

$1,000 » Nina Sarnelle, 2012 Social Innovation Exchange project support

Hotspot, a project of Sisters of the Lattice, was a series of interactive viewing experiences or “ceremonies” that connected audiences technologically and metaphysically. During the ceremonies, audiences watch the Sisters’ 2012 film Link while seated in individual sauna pods, encouraging a highly meditative state meant to connect viewers physically and conceptually with the diverse members of their shared community. The film itself was also about the connectivity of people, as it followed the willfully conjoined techno-mystic Sisters on a journey around the United States, uniting individuals using silicon wafers, tablet computers and other technology to translate human energy. As a living work of public art, Hotspot aimed to engage participants in an ongoing discussion of spiritual, technological and human connection, asking questions about humans’ complex and evolving relationship with their technology.

“Houndstoothy the Squirrel” Giant Inflatable
$1,500 » Sylvia Kay, 2006 Giant Inflatables honorarium

Sylvia Kay created “Houndstoothy the Squirrel” as part of the Pittsburgh Roars Giant Inflatable Art Project. Her design was 1 of 10 selected for full-scale reproduction as a giant inflatables, which were sited at locations across the Pittsburgh region as part of the year-long coordinated marketing campaign.

Hour of Code
$1,500 via 3 grants, 2015 Remake Learning sponsorship

The Hour of Code was a global initiative introducing tens of millions of students in 180+ countries to computer science. One-hour tutorials were available in over 40 languages and lessons were designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. To provide funding support for Hour of Code activities, Sprout supported Assemble, Volunteers of America, and The Center that C.A.R.E.S. to each host Hour of Code activities for local youth.

Hub + Spoke Sponsorship
$500 » Global Solutions Pittsburgh, 2017 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

Hub + Spoke Sponsorship, an event hosted by The Global Switchboard, brought the digital hub to life, highlighting the people, projects, and organizations that form Pittsburgh’s global engagement network. For the event, The Global Switchboard transformed the Ace Hotel gymnasium into a physical representation of the digital hub. Following the interactive portion of the event there was a formal presentation of the work of The Global Switchboard and a keynote address.

Huellas Latinas Concert Series
$4,000, 2010 Seed Award project support

Huellas Latinas Concert Series presented a sequence of five concerts focusing on Spanish and Latin American classical and folkloric music. With each concert dedicated to celebrating culturally important dates and events in Latin American and Spanish history, the series united the community and promoted Hispanic culture through music.

Hutch Arts
$500 » Mario Quinn Lyles, 2016 Change Machine project support

Hutch Arts, a project of 15-year old Amari Hutchins, created the animated series “Broski” as a way to support young black visual artists interested in animation and storytelling. Amari launched his Ninja Clan Animation series and worked to establish a place where youth artists of color, like himself, could have the opportunity to create together and learn from one another.