Storytelling & Documentation

Sprout documentarians interview a youth participating in a summer learning program
Frick Park, July 2014  photo: Ben Filio

To help amplify the voice of the many small community projects we supported, Sprout provided communications support services that supplemented the financial awards. Published primarily through the weblog located on the organizational website and distributed through our social media accounts, Sprout’s editorial output increased the likelihood of success for individual projects and contributed to the development of a single, coherent narrative of community innovation as a force for advancing civic and cultural progress in Pittsburgh.

Documentation & Storytelling, including writing, photography, and videography, helped to tell the story of the people, projects, and organizations advancing community and learning innovation in Pittsburgh by producing commercial-quality media assets ready for publication by Sprout, its funded projects, and allied media organizations. Sprout often commissioned professional writers, videographers, and designers to produce these media assets.

Our documentation and storytelling enhanced the impact of community innovation projects beyond what could be accomplished through grant support alone. Through effective storytelling, Sprout helped its supported projects capture public imagination and generate interest in this grassroots work, often inspiring others to apply their own energy, talents, and resources to expand the impact of the projects and programs supported by The Sprout Fund.

Strategic Approaches to Storytelling & Documentation

Our Approach

Sprout helped tell the story of the people, projects, and organizations it supported through multimedia documentation, marketing & promotional assistance, and enhanced media relations. We additionally provided grant support to enable community members to publicly report on the activities taking place in their communities and sponsor events that contributed to the narrative of our work.