Funded Projects beginning with G

Games 4 Change
$1,000 » Michelle King, 2014 Remake Learning conference stipend

Games 4 Change, a project of Michelle King, enabled Michelle King, a teacher at the Environmental Charter School, to present at the Games 4 Change Festival 2014 in New York City from April 22 – 26, 2014. Games 4 Change was an annual conference that facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games. Michelle was working to create equitable and empathetic learning opportunities for students throughout the Pittsburgh area and participated in the Remake Learning: Live From Pittsburgh panel discussion with Gregg Behr of the Grable Foundation, Cathy Lewis Long of The Sprout Fund, and Drew Davidson of the Entertainment Technology Center at CMU.

Games for Change 2016-17 school district participation
$4,400 via 18 grants, 2016 Remake Learning conference stipend

Games for Change Student Challenge teacher training was a two-day professional development session on game principles, non-digital game design and how to implement the Mouse Serious Games curriculum at transformED at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. Selected teachers received structured professional development from Mouse, Games for Change, The Sprout Fund, and Institute of Play to run the Mouse ‘Serious Game Design’ course for their students during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Games Learning Society Conference
$1,500 » Social Entertainment Technologies, 2014 Remake Learning conference stipend

Games Learning Society Conference, a project of Social Entertainment Technologies, enabled Gary Gardiner, creator of Dream Flight Adventures, to represent Pittsburgh and Dream Flight Adventures as part of a Working Examples presentation that took place on Thursday, June 12 at the Games Learning Society (GLS) conference in Madison Wisconsin. GLS delved into how videogames captured our imaginations, how their power could be used to transform learning, and what this engaging medium meant for society. Gary presented about Dream Flight Adventures and its spin-off product Mission Ops, particularly to describe the creative design process and approach to scaling this exciting program to classrooms nationwide.

Games of Steel
$10,000 » Attack Theatre, Red Star Ironworks, 2005 Seed Award project support

Games of Steel, a project of Attack Theatre and Red Star Ironworks, was an athletic dance performance by Attack Theatre that used custom set pieces-including 16-foot seesaws, steel ramps, moving doors, and ladders-built by Red Star Ironworks.

$5,000 » North Braddock Cares, Inc., 2014 Hive project support

Gardweeno, a project of North Braddock Cares, Inc., was a living component of the child-centered Recycle Park in North Braddock that let local youth design, build, learn, grow and eat together. Creating and maintaining a garden of their own, teens used soil and atmospheric sensors connected to Teensy micro-computers that offered a digital pathway for data collection to complement and quantify their observations. Digging and planting, Teensy programming and graphic design, community lessons and blogging—Gardweeno presented them all to the youth of Braddock, as they share their hard work with the community around them.

Garfield Hops Project
$10,000, 2012 Spring project support

Garfield Hops Project, a project of GTECH Strategies, was an urban gardening initiative that turned vacant land in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood into a hop garden. In collaboration with the Hops Project and Garfield Community Farm, the Garfield Hops Project broadened the city’s agricultural sources, engages community residents and urban farmers, and produced a feedstock for locally sourced beer-makers like nearby East End Brewery, who used the hops in some of their brews. Like the Garfield Community Farm, the volunteer gardening site was another project of urban renewal and reinvention for the community of Garfield as it transformed from blighted neighborhood to model of sustainable living, providing residents with a meeting place for community building and enrichment.

Garfield Night Market
$1,000 » Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

Garfield Night Market, a project of Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, stimulated the local economy of Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood by supporting the participation of neighborhood entrepreneurs. The Market worked to make Garfield more visible to the city as a family-friendly, safe environment for local vendors and other city residents to mix.

Garfield’s Pitch-In Project
$1,000 » Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, 2015 Grand Ideas project support

Garfield’s Pitch-In Project, a project of Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, was an adopt-a-trash can program where residents took on the responsibility of owning and maintaining a public trash can. Through this project, residents were given the opportunity to become stewards of their surrounding sidewalks and helped to be part of an ongoing clean-up effort. Through collaborations with Garfield artists, the garbage cans were decorated in order to make them noticeable, creative, and fun so that people wanted to throw their garbage in them.

“Gas Rush Stories”
$1,000, 2013 Film & Video honorarium

Gas Rush Stories was an innovative documentary project that increased awareness of shale gas exploration. The project promoted constructive conversation about shale gas drilling and empowered people to be active citizens through GRS Community Conversations so that people could make informed decisions. The series was praised as being “an important contribution to the historical record of the ‘fracking’ controversy” and for its “human interest stories and fact-based presentation”, promotion of “people being able to draw their own more informed conclusions”, and for “documenting the impacts of the Pennsylvania shale gas extraction boom with a rare level of fairness and detail”.

Gateway to Ambridge Project
$5,000 » Committee to Clean and Beautify Ambridge, 2008 Community Connections project support

Gateway to Ambridge Project, a project of Committee to Clean and Beautify Ambridge, designed and produced a water element by local artisan Rob DeMacio that was placed at P.J. Caul Park near a bridge that carries over 22,500 people daily to Ambridge.

Gender-Neutral Learn-to-Sew
$1,000 » Jennifer Gooch, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

Gender-Neutral Learn-to-Sew, a project of Jennifer Gooch, hosted a series of monthly gender neutral sewing nights at her WERK studio in Lawrenceville. Neighbors joined together to learn about basic mechanisms, proper threading and tensioning, and even a little bit of history of the sewing machine.

Geocaching Curriculum
$7,330, 2009 Spark project support

Geocaching Curriculum, a project of Venture Outdoors, utilized satellite technology and hand-held GPS units to engage children and their caregivers in active outdoor recreation. The project empowered childcare centers to create and run geocaching courses and related programming for their young participants.

Getting There: A Morning Walk in the Dark
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

Getting There…A Morning Walk in the Dark, a project of Brett and Chandler Searcy, brought awareness to the community of the difficulties that Perry Hilltop students encounter getting to school—such as broken city steps, “snow stops” miles away from regular bus stops, unsafe routes, and dark pathways—causing poor attendance and lower achievement at school. More than 30 parents, students, teachers, and representatives from government, foundations, universities, and businesses took a “Walk in My Shoes in the Dark” on November 5, 2015 with students and afterward listened to a youth panel, enabling participants to experience the structural difficulties that Northside students face getting to school. This youth-led project succeeded in attracting mainstream media attention for issues addressed by the youth panel and the walk in the dark with a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story on the front page of the Local section.

Giant Puppet Dance Club
$1,050 » Studio Capezzuti, 2015 One Northside project support

Giant Puppet Dance Club, a project of Studio Capezzuti, From Brighton Heights, supported Cheryl Capezzuti and members of her Giant Puppet Dance Club to perform dances and sketches at Marmaduke Park, Riverview Park, at a JP Gallery Theater Performance, the Sticky Picnic, the Pittsburgh Project, and at the Brighton Heights Neighborhood Halloween Festival. People of all ages had the chance to learn the choreography and the basics of puppet dancing and join in the fun!

$10,000 » ASSET STEM Education, 2014 Remake Learning project support

GigaPlanning, a project of ASSET STEM Education, used GigaPan photography and images to introduce technology concepts to students through interactive, hands-on activities that promoted interest in STEM subjects. Developed in part by Carnegie Mellon University and NASA, GigaPan technology allowed users to take and explore ultra-high resolution photographs and share them online in a cooperative community. ASSET STEM Education’s GigaPlanning program educated teachers through professional development workshops about the technology and how to implement it in the classroom to teach students about robotics, digital photography and computer technology. The lesson plans that program participants developed were then archived and shared with other educators in future workshops and online, helping to build an infrastructure for learning with the interactive technology.

“Give Us a Chance: Pittsburgh Punk”
$10,000 » Michael Seamans & Pittsburgh Filmmakers, 2013 Film & Video project support

Give Us A Chance Pgh Punk, a documentary by Michael Seamans and project of Pittsburgh Filmmakers, detailed individual experiences about how a vibrant, active culture rapidly expanded across the greater Pittsburgh area – bringing people from the region’s declining satellite cities and mill towns together to support their need, curiosity, and eventually, commitment to Punk music and the rising Pittsburgh Punk Rock scene. The project illustrated how the Punk community grew from modest beginnings involving a few dozen people at an all-ages show at a small venue on Oakland, to the hundreds that came together to vent their frustrations and confront an uncertain future, while building an enduring community culture of their own.

Giving young adults in Pittsburgh the basic tools to run for office, including information on finding open positions, forming committees, creating budgets, and working with the media.
$8,730, 2003 Seed Award project support

Run Baby, Run gave young adults in Pittsburgh the chance to seek political office. Through a series of nonpartisan educational workshops, young people were given the basic tools to run for office, including information on finding open positions, forming committees, creating budgets, and working with the media.

Gladys Schmitt National Novel Contest
$6,000 » Carnegie Mellon Press Series in Fiction, 2002 Seed Award project support

Gladys Schmitt National Novel Contest, a project of Carnegie Mellon Press Series in Fiction, stood out among other literary competitions by seeking to publish a first-time novelist, rather than selecting writers of short stories or poems. Through a national competition directed at young, emerging authors, one manuscript was selected and published by the Carnegie Mellon Press.

Global Blueprint
$1,000 » World Affairs Council, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

Global Blueprint, a project of the World Affairs Council, was a “think-do” workshop featuring the region’s political officials, private sector and non-profit executives, and other stakeholders addressing the international vision of Pittsburgh. The intellect, experience, and creativity of key players were leveraged to produce an action plan for the metro area to compete and collaborate on a global level.

Global Game Jam 2015
$1,000 » Pittsburgh IGDA, 2014 Remake Learning sponsorship

Global Game Jam 2015, an event of the Pittsburgh International Game Developers Association, was a local video game design event in coordination with similar events around the world. Over two days, more than 150 participants including college students, game professionals, and high school students worked together to design and playtest video games.

Global Game Jam 2016
$500 » IGDA, 2016 Remake Learning sponsorship

Global Game Jam 2016, an event hosted by Pittsburgh IGDA, was an annual gathering of video game designers and developers. Participants came together to create playable video games in a single 48-hour design sprint, including educational games designed for use in informal K-12 education. The 2016 Global Game Jam took place at the Entertainment Technology Center.

Global Minds
$4,500 » Global Minds Initiative, Inc., 2017 100 Days project support

Global Minds, a project of Global Minds Initiative Inc., combated cultural intolerance by linking high school age English language learners and native speakers.

The Global Switchboard Service Academy
$1,000 » Global Solutions Pittsburgh, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

The Global Switchboard Service Academy, a project of Global Solutions Pittsburgh, was a 2-day training program that taught college students how to engage in meaningful community service both at home in Pittsburgh and abroad. By going through these training sessions, students were asked to challenge the notion that global matters are distant and irrelevant to Pittsburgh.

Global Voices
$3,500 » South Hills Interfaith Movement, 2014 Hive project support

Global Voices, a project of South Hills Interfaith Movement, connected teens in the South Hills Interfaith Ministries Refugee Mentoring Program with instructors from Pittsburgh Filmmakers to learn the basics of filmmaking. The youth used these skills to tell their own stories about the experience of living as a refugee in Pittsburgh. The completed films debuted at the Whitehall Public Library, inviting the public to examine their understanding of the refugee experience and how it affects a unique and growing population living in our community.

Glorious Group Stories
$12,000 » Fractured Atlas, 2014 Spark project support

Glorious Group Stories, a project of The Literary Arts Boom, was a collaborative and creative workshop for elementary school students to create and publish books. The storytelling project was led by LAB storytellers, an artist, and a typist, who helped students bring their stories to life for a fictional publisher, Mr. Ampersand. The focus of Glorious Group Stories was for students to experience the joy of writing and see that it was more than just a classroom task or an element of their homework; the program offered a memorable and creative activity that excited students about reading and writing while it built their confidence as content producers. Fractured Atlas served as the project’s fiscal sponsor.

Goats on the Hilltop
$1,000 » Allegheny Goatscape, 2017 One Northside project support

Goats on the Hilltop, a project of Allegheny Goatscape, brought goats to lots infested with knotweed to help improve the façade and make maintenance easier going forward. The selected lots helped create a nature path connecting Fineview Playground and continue improving the area where a new welcome sign was installed at the entrance of the Perry Hilltop and Fineview neighborhoods.

“Good Morning” (2009)
Jeff Shreckengost, 2009 Community Murals mural

Jeff Shreckengost’s Good Morning celebrates Morningside, a special neighborhood in that it is mostly residential, and can almost be considered a “hidden” part of the city. Although there is very little that draws in people who don’t already live there, Morningside has a small but vibrant business district. It was the Morningside Area Community Council’s best hope that a mural would help draw attention to their restaurant, coffee shop, and other various other businesses. Because the mural wall is located in close proximity to a park where children in the neighborhood frequently play baseball, the community knew that they wanted the mural to be fun, and something that young people would be entertained by. Artist Jeffrey Shreckengost found the number of garden gnomes throughout the neighborhood amusing, and decided to incorporate them as a playful element in his design. In the composition, the neighborhood is contained within a window that the gnomes fly by on birds, meant to suggest how Morningside is a bit of a hidden treasure that the people of Pittsburgh can peek in on.

“The Granada Refrain”
$1,000, 2013 Film & Video honorarium

The Granada Refrain, a project of Drew Nicholas, explored the development and reconstruction of historic sites throughout the Hill District. The project featured places such as the Crawford Grill and the New Granada Theater, which were known for hosting artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Billy Eckstein and Dizzy Gillespie. The Theater was on the list of Pittsburgh’s Historic Landmarks and the National Register of Historic Places for its rich architectural past and significant role as a Movie Theater and Live Entertainment venue. The Crawford Grill was designated a Pennsylvania Historic Landmark for its similar enrollment. Reconstruction of the two historic buildings worked as a physical representation of the artists’ voice in the rich history of this community, while asking the question: What role do the arts play in revitalization?

Grandma’s Good Eats!
$2,364 » The Girl Scouts of Penn Lakes Council, 2008 Community Connections project support

Grandma’s Good Eats!, a project of The Girl Scouts of Penn Lakes Council, was an intergenerational kids in the kitchen program that educated participants on nutrition and challenged them to make family recipes healthier. The program balanced the themes of “Pride and Progress” by recognizing the importance of family culture and the role of food, while striving to create a safe and fun forum for grandparents and their Girl Scout to introduce healthier “new and improved” versions of family favorites.

Grant Avenue Pocket Park
$5,000 » New Sun Rising, 2008 Community Connections project support

Grant Avenue Pocket Park, a project of New Sun Rising, created a public green space in the heart of the Millvale downtown business district. Cleaning up a community eyesore, this green space provided a place to relax, meet with friends, and enjoy community and artistic events.

GRASP Tutoring
$5,000 » Greenville Regional After School Program, Inc., 2008 Community Connections project support

GRASP Tutoring, a project of Greenville Regional After School Program, Inc., provided youth in 2 school districts in Mercer County with positive after school options to promote healthy choices, strong friendships, academic support, and spiritual involvement. Expanding programming days from 2 to 3 with a focus on tutoring meant that youth in the economically struggling area had a chance to become contributors, and not dependents, building pride in their community and shaping its future progress.

gravity + grace
$5,225 » Parkinson Foundation of Western PA, 2009 Seed Award project support

gravity + grace, a project of Parkinson Foundation of Western PA in conjunction with artist Frank Ferraro, presented a series of workshops for gravity + grace, a multimedia dance and music performance that interpreted the struggles of early onset Parkinson’s disease on stage. The workshops blended art therapy and medical expertise to educate and service those suffering from the debilitating disease.

Grazin in the Grass (Old Northview Heights Reunion)
$1,000 » Allegheny City Historic Gallery, 2017 One Northside project support

Grazin in the Grass (Old Northview Heights Reunion), a project of Allegheny City Historic Gallery, brought back the tradition of an annual Northview Heights neighborhood festival featuring food, live music, and the promotion of peace in the community. This year’s event took place at Riverview Park and included a candlelight vigil for former residents whom have passed.

Great Allegheny Passage Trail Town Public Art Project
$50,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

Great Allegheny Passage Trail Town Public Art Project, a project of Progress Fund, coordinated a community process to bring public art installations to each of six Trail Towns along the Great Allegheny Passage: Meyersdale, Rockwood, Confluence, Ohiopyle, Connellsville and West Newton. The project contributed to the ongoing community and economic development efforts in Fayette, Somerset, and Westmoreland counties.

The Great Wilkinsburg Clean and Green Festival
$3,000 » Wilkinsburg Clean and Green, 2007 Seed Award project support

The Great Wilkinsburg Clean and Green Festival, a project of Wilkinsburg Clean and Green, was a one-day event held on the grounds of the Jane Holmes Residence and Gardens. The Festival promoted aggressive participation in community beautification projects and presented information, entertainment, and interactive programming to assist the Wilkinsburg community in the revitalization of its neighborhood.

The Greater Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence Women’s Empowerment Award Event
$500 » Black Political Empowerment Project, 2017 100 Days sponsorship

Women’s Empowerment Award Event, an event hosted by Black Political Empowerment Project, recognized women’s organizations and individual women doing anti-violence work in Pittsburgh communities. The event took place April 18, 2017.

Green City Remix
$10,000 » Green Building Alliance, 2016 Remake Learning project support

Green City Remix, a project of Green Building Alliance, interweaved historical research with social change and design. Cohorts of high school learners actively constructed Pittsburgh’s environmental Smoke Control campaign through archival research, analyzed it for social change strategies, and applied their knowledge to issues of importance to them. Participants remixed what they learned into an installation that was on display at the Heinz History Center. Through this experience, learners improved their historical thinking skills, built their critical understanding of change, and creatively visualized their learning with hands-on making.

Green Mannequin Productions
$5,060 » Green Mannequin Productions, 2002 Seed Award project support

Green Mannequin Productions, a project of Green Mannequin Productions, expanded the American roots focus of Back Porch Ballroom Series to include other genres, like independent rock.

“Green Monster” Giant Inflatable
$1,500 » Brian Holderman, 2006 Giant Inflatables honorarium

Brian Holderman created “Green Monster” as part of the Pittsburgh Roars Giant Inflatable Art Project. His design was 1 of 10 selected for full-scale reproduction as a giant inflatables, which were sited at locations across the Pittsburgh region as part of the year-long coordinated marketing campaign.

Green Roofs for Bus Shelters
$20,000, 2010 Spring project support

Green Roofs for Bus Shelters, a project of East Liberty Development, Inc., introduced biodiverse flora and fauna into an urban environment through the creation of a public transit bus shelter that incorporated a living green roof on Penn Ave in the East Liberty business district.

Green Schools Conference
$2,500 » Green Building Alliance, 2016 Remake Learning sponsorship

Green Schools Conference, an event hosted by the Green Building Alliance, was a two-day convening of stakeholders committed to advancing healthy and high-performing schools including teachers and administrators, students and families, and sustainability professionals. Approximately 1,000 people attended, including 250 from the Pittsburgh region, on March 31 and April 1, 2016.

Green Up Troy Hill
$1,050 » Troy Hill Tree Tenders, Troy Hooligans & Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, 2015 One Northside project support

Green Up Troy Hill, a project of Troy Hill Tree Tenders, engaged neighborhood residents and volunteers from across the city to plant hardy, native perennials in the 114 TreeVitalize Tree Pits throughout the neighborhood of Troy Hill. Volunteers from the community helped with planting and were rewarded with a potluck lunch afterwards. Volunteers cared for the new plantings through regular watering and maintenance. The enhanced and maintained tree pits demonstrated to commuters that Troy Hill is a community where residents invest in their neighborhood while also instilling a sense of pride for those that live in Troy Hill.

Green Vision for East Liberty Vacant Lots
$20,000, 2007 Engage Pittsburgh project support

Green Vision for East Liberty Vacant Lots, a project of GTECH Strategies, was a continuation of the work that began with Pittsburgh’s Green Forum, aimed at reclaiming vacant lots around the neighborhood of East Liberty. Having already put forth efforts to reclaim brownfields in Hazelwood for energy crop cultivation and biofuel production, GTECH Strategies moved toward East Liberty’s smaller open spaces with a focus on creating community gardens that can continue to proliferate into the future, taking over blighted lots too often used for illicit activities and greening them while also giving an opportunity for work and education for low-income, disadvantaged youth from the community.

Greene Arc Green Art
$3,500 » Greene Arc, Inc., 2011 Seed Award project support

Greene Arc Green Art, a project of Greene Arc, Inc., was a collaborative project with Greene County artist Kyle Hallam that engaged developmentally disabled adults in art projects that utilized recyclable trash. Designed to improve Greene Arc clients’ sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, the artistic creations were sold at the recycling center in Ruff Creek, PA, as well as in local galleries and at regional festivals. Larger wall assemblages were displayed at the GARC facility, in Ryerson State Park, and at the welcome center on Interstate 79 to educate the public about creative uses of recycled materials and sustainability practices.

$7,000 » Urban Farming Initiative, 2005 Seed Award project support

GREENLOTS, a project of Urban Farming Initiative, coordinated work between civic groups and farmers to reclaim unused urban land and revitalize the city with productive, green lots for farming, education, and enjoyment.

Greensboro Farmers Fair and Market Celebration of Agriculture
$2,500 » Nathanael Greene Historical Foundation, 2011 Seed Award project support

Greensboro Farmers Fair and Market Celebration of Agriculture, a project of Nathanael Greene Historical Foundation, celebrated local agriculture and provided family-friendly programming, including live music and children’s art activities. Set in the Greensboro gazebo along the Monongahela River, the weekly event allowed participants to stroll along the Nathanael Greene Trail before enjoying a cup of fair trade coffee, fresh baked pastries, and other locally grown foods.

Grounded for Good
$1,000 » GTECH Strategies, 2017 Sprout Sponsorship sponsorship

Grounded for Good, an event of GTECH Strategies, celebrated 10 years of GTECH’s impact in the community. The event took place on April 21, 2017 at the Heinz History Center and attracted an audience of 350 people.

$5,000, 2012 Seed Award project support

Group was a program that compiled the activity of peers in a room. group existed on nine progressive platforms: Agree, Breathe, Ingest, Trim, Contact, Voice, Act, Fatigue, and Release. Held in a hotel meeting room, this audio-visual experience combined a 90-minute musical score and a large inflatable set mapped with dynamic video projection.

Grow-It to Go
$15,000 » South Fayette Township School District, 2013 Spark project support

Grow-It to Go, a project of South Fayette Township School District, taught children in South Fayette Township School District and Fort Cherry School District about sustainable food production through a series of hands-on exercises. Students became scientists by spending a year researching, investigating, comparing, and contrasting two different types of growing systems: indoor hydroponic gardens and outdoor, soil-based, sustainable gardens. The program targeted students in grades K-4 and provided different curriculums based on the age of the participants. The project culminated in the spring with third and fourth graders building their first sustainable garden in raised garden beds at South Fayette and a working farm at Fort Cherry. The produce grown by the kids was then used by the school cafeteria to help provide fresh, healthy meals for the entire school. The project also incorporated art and technology into the garden project by partnering with artist Dana Bishop-Root to help the children create colored ceramic tiles found throughout the garden that served both as decoration and highlighted QR codes that enabled visitors to experience students’ art, poetry, and other media projects inspired by their studies in agriculture and sustainability.

Growing Biodiversity: A school-yard transformation
$5,000, 2010 Spring project support

Growing Biodiversity: A school-yard transformation, a project of Nine Mile Run Watershed Association, created a rain garden on the grounds of the Word of God School in Swissvale that used stormwater runoff to irrigate native plant communities established in the garden.

Growing Healthy Lives (2nd Grade STEAM)
$1,000 » Chartiers Valley School District, 2015 Spark project support

Growing Healthy Lives (2nd Grade STEAM), a project of Chartiers Valley School District, was a student planned and maintained school garden. The garden enabled students to explore structure, function, and the life-cycle of plants while using technology to gather and interpret data that connected real life science to PA Standards. In addition to having classroom teachers, specialist teachers, and community members facilitate learning in the garden, the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden acted as a resource for both teachers and students on background information and inspiration in order to create and sustain the garden.

Growing Morrow
$1,050, 2015 One Northside project support

Growing Morrow, a project led by Donna Nyambe, worked with Brighton Heights neighbors to build a vegetable garden on the campus of John Morrow Elementary School where K-8 grade students and neighbors, including neighboring senior citizens in high rises, cultivated vegetables and maintained a healthy greenspace in their community. More than 250 students and teachers participated in the projects, working together to start new plantings from seed, raise healthy and strong seedlings for transplantation, and then cultivate multiple summer crops of fresh produce.

“GRRR!” Giant Inflatable
$1,500 » Fabian Winkler, 2006 Giant Inflatables honorarium

Fabian Winkler created “GRRR!” as part of the Pittsburgh Roars Giant Inflatable Art Project. His design was 1 of 10 selected for full-scale reproduction as a giant inflatables, which were sited at locations across the Pittsburgh region as part of the year-long coordinated marketing campaign.

A Guide to Local Foods
$5,500 » Urban Foodworks, 2007 Seed Award project support

A Guide to Local Foods, a project of Urban Foodworks, was a listing of Pittsburgh restaurants, farmers markets, grocery stores, and food vendors who grew, produced, or made use of local foods. The printed guide was an informative resource for food enthusiasts, green consumers and those new to the idea of thinking globally and eating locally. The printed guide was additionally supported by a web component that invited user feedback.

Guide to Paddling the 3 Rivers Water Trail
$8,000 » Friends of the Riverfront, 2007 Seed Award project support

Guide to Paddling the 3 Rivers Water Trail, a project of Friends of the Riverfront, was a printed and electronic guide to the system of canoe and kayak access sites on the rivers of Allegheny County. Complimentary to the public, the guide engaged young people in the recreational opportunities available on Pittsburgh’s rivers and riverfronts.

Gumband & Lost and Found
$40,450 via 2 grants, 2007 Engage Pittsburgh project support

Gumband & Lost and Found was a mobile phone based event notification system designed to present and share real-time information about cultural events, businesses, and directions in Pittsburgh. partnered with the project to provide initial data including events listings, business listings, reviews, and classifieds.