Funded Projects beginning with K

Keep Pittsburgh Global Campaign
$1,000 » GlobalPittsburgh, 2014 Grand Ideas project support

Keep Pittsburgh Global Campaign, a project of GlobalPittsburgh, was a series of events and activities where conversations were elicited from foreign-born and native Pittsburgh residents. The conversations were video- and photo- documented to support the project’s goal of increasing the connections to and understanding of global engagement in Pittsburgh.

Keepin’ it Real: Black Athletes and Racism in Pittsburgh Sports
$5,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

Keepin’ it Real: Black Athletes and Racism in Pittsburgh Sports, a project of Rights and Responsibilities, documented the experiences of African American athletes in Pittsburgh: their achievements, their troubles, and their thoughts about issues of race and sports in the region. The locally-produced film was screened in communities along with panel discussions and audience participation.

Kickin’ Butts
$4,450 » Northside Leadership Conference, 2016 One Northside project support

Kickin’ Butts, a project of Northside Leadership Conference, addressed the issues of cigarette butt refuse on the Northside, which are known to choke drains and pollute the environment. Through the project, 100 cigarette receptacles were affixed to existing trash cans and light polls throughout business districts on the Northside in order to provide places for the proper disposal of cigarette butts. Additionally, Kickin’ Butts activities took place to draw more attention to the receptacles and promote use by the community.

Kickstarting Making
$1,000 » Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, 2014 Remake Learning sponsorship

Kickstarting Making, a project of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, was an informal speaking event featuring Yancey Strickler, one of the co-founders and the CEO of Kickstarter. Strickler spoke about his experiences in crowd-funding, its connection to making and makers, and the potential to fund maker spaces nationwide using Kickstarter as a civic engagement tool. The event took place on Monday, July 21 and attracted approximately 50 people.

Kickstarting Making
$8,000 via 8 grants, 2015 Remake Learning project support

Kickstarting Making, an initiative led by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, helped local school districts raise funds on Kickstarter to create makerspaces in their buildings. Sprout supported 8 schools to help them meet their Kickstarting Making campaign goals: Burgettstown Area School District, Canon-McMillan School District, Environmental Charter School, Ligonier Valley School District, Monessen School District, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Woodland Hills School District, and Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh.

Kids Reaching Out
$2,500 » South Fayette Township School District, 2015 Hive project support

Kids Reaching Out, a project of South Fayette Township School District, was a multidisciplinary service learning project that incorporated practical skill learning and global outreach. Through the project, middle school students at South Fayette Middle School learned about French influence on Haitian culture, the socioeconomic condition of Haiti, and how to produce simple clothing for Haitian children. By participating in the program students learned how to design and sew the garments, developing skills such as drafting a pattern, measuring and cutting, operating a sewing machine, and learning quality control in making a product.

“Kill The Artist”
$1,000, 2013 Film & Video honorarium

Kill The Artist, a project of Darrell Kinsel and Alisha Wormsley, was a feature-length docu-narrative film that showcased a diverse selection of emerging and mid-career Pittsburgh artists in order to highlight a discord between Pittsburgh’s diversity and diversity in Pittsburgh’s arts community. The film spotlighted two primary topics: the emerging movement of creativity and synergy happening among this diverse art scene in Pittsburgh, and the artists and spaces that would otherwise be un-/under-seen. Aesthetically, this film varied from the normal documentary narrative, working each artist, their work, and the spaces they created into animated/edited collages and turning the film into a form of the filmmakers’ work and artistic process.

Knit The Bridge
$8,000 » Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, 2012 Seed Award project support

Knit The Bridge, a project of Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh in conjunction with Fiberart International 2013, brought together more than 1,600 people from all over Southwestern Pennsylvania to the downtown Andy Warhol Bridge in colorful quilts during the summer of 2013. The grassroots community “yarn bomb” was the largest of its kind in the United States, celebrating Pittsburgh’s exciting contemporary arts scene during the Fiberart International exhibition with more than 580 knit panels covering the iconic bridge. From retirees in Cranberry to professors in Shaler to teen boys in the North Side, Knit the Bridge united the region regardless of age, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, neighborhood or even knitting ability, creating a fun, bright and beautiful project organized by the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh and project manager Amanda Gross.

Knots on Lots
$7,500 » GTECH Strategies, 2013 Seed Award project support

Knots on Lots, a project of GTECH Strategies, tested how feasible nuisance plant Japanese Knotweed was as a feedstock for paper production and biochar. Knotweed was one of Pittsburgh’s most invasive weeds and harnessing it as a resource was seen as being a great boon to the region. Knots on Lots worked to this end, cleaning up affected lots starting in the Larimer neighborhood and then utilizing the harvested shoots to be used in either biochar or paper production workshops where interested community members, scientists, gardeners and artists could engage in the project and develop prospective entrepreneurial opportunities.

Knotweed Knockout
$5,000, 2010 Spring project support

Knotweed Knockout, a project of Polish Hill Civic Association, remediated one-acre of knotweed-infested city-owned land in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh using non-toxic cinnamon oil to kill the exposed knotweed plants and hinder their recurrence.

Knotweed Project
$6,000 » 3 Rivers 2nd Nature & GroundZero Action Network, 2004 Seed Award project support

Knotweed Project, a project of 3 Rivers 2nd Nature and GroundZero Action Network, shed light on the environmental impact, history, and opportunities presented by Japanese Knotweed, an invasive species introduced in the 19th century that had grown to take over 8% of stream banks in Allegheny County.