Funded Projects from 2001

The Dating Game
$6,000, 2001 Seed Award project support

The Dating Game connected single African American professionals and created a new outlet for socializing within the community. The events facilitated the formation of personal and professional relationships, thereby enriching the cultural climate of the community and helping sustain and retain its professional population.

Making a Scene
$5,000 » Ground Zero, 2001 Seed Award project support

Making a Scene, a project of Ground Zero, was an event that celebrated emerging and established visual, performance, and literary artists in the Pittsburgh region. The event emphasized unity and collaboration between the artists, patrons, and the community at large and highlighted a collective spirit and a shared artistic process.

Onyx Alliance
$7,500, 2001 Seed Award project support

Onyx Alliance addressed issues of diversity within Pittsburgh by providing resources for education, professional development, and social engagement to African Americans and other minorities underrepresented in Pittsburgh’s workforce.

The Skinny Building
$900 » Ground Zero, 2001 Grand Ideas project support

The Skinny Building, a project of Ground Zero, was an architectural oddity in the heart of the Fifth and Forbes corridor downtown. At 5 feet wide and 60 feet long, The Skinny Building was one of the shallowest commercial buildings in the world. The once vacant structure served as a unique venue for alternative art and the promotion of other cultural events.

$2,500, 2001 Seed Award project support

Soundhouse combined music programming with a world-renowned venue to create an incubator where local musicians of all genres could interact and collaborate.