Funded Projects beginning with E

E3: Engage, Educate, Empower
$5,000 » New Voices Pittsburgh, 2017 100 Days project support

E3: Engage, Educate, Empower, a project of New Voices Pittsburgh, provided training and engagement to enable young Black women and femmes to take a stand and effect local change.

Early Childhood Professional Development Conference
$1,500 » PAEYC, 2014 Remake Learning conference stipend

Early Childhood Professional Development Conference, a project of PAEYC, enabled Sue Polojac, Director of Programming, and a team of 6 additional PAEYC staff members to attend the NAEYC 2014 National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development conference in Minneapolis, MN, from June 8-11, 2014. At the conference, Sue Polojac presented in two workshops: Engaging Families in Today’s Technology and Digital Media Age, and Integrating Digital Media Literacy and Technology into Early Childhood Standards and Practice.

East Allegheny Pumpkinfest 2016: A Children’s Harvest Festival
$1,050 » East Allegheny Community Council, 2016 One Northside project support

East Allegheny Pumpkinfest 2016: A Children’s Harvest Festival, a project of East Allegheny Community Council, provided children and their families with a festival that included activities such as a petting zoo, pony rides, and pumpkin decoration contests. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Festival, children additionally contributed to a time capsule and planted a Sugar Maple tree.

“East Carson Street Treasures” (2006)
David Hawbaker, 2006 Community Murals mural

As with the 2005 Southside mural, East Carson Street Treasures by artist David Hawbaker highlights the many faces that the Southside has worn throughout its history. The Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation approached The Sprout Fund with a strong desire to commemorate the architecture of the Southside as well as its role as a central hub of activity to Pittsburghers of the past, present and future. Known now as a shopping destination, for everything from designer clothes to rare artifacts to playful knick-knacks, the Southside was once home to steel and glass works and the men and women who kept these industries running. Both worlds merge in this mural with young people noting the historical architecture of Carson Street and the ghost of a steel worker looking on from the far right.

East Deutschtown Community Orchard
$1,050 » South Side Anglican Church, 2016 One Northside project support

East Deutschtown Community Orchard, a project of South Side Anglican Church, provided shaded green-space and access to locally produced fruit to the residents of the East Deutschtown Neighborhood. The project additionally created opportunities for local residents and youth to learn about planting, pruning, and caring for fruit trees.

East of Liberty
$5,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

East of Liberty, a project of Hyperboy Media, was a multi-part documentary film and screening series that gave voice to the residents and business owners of Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood in light of the rapid changes the community had seen, brought on by ongoing redevelopment. Once one of the city’s most culturally and economically prosperous areas, disastrous urban planning in the 1960s saw East Liberty’s central business and residential areas decimated. But in the past decade, the steady slide of the community’s former vibrancy slowly turned around with smart investing and building, and with East of Liberty, filmmaker Chris Ivey explores how it has affected those who have lived in the neighborhood all this time, collecting their stories on film and sharing them with the city.

East of Liberty: A Story of Good Intentions
$6,000 » East Liberty Development, 2005 Seed Award project support

East of Liberty: A Story of Good Intentions, a project of East Liberty Development, was a documentary by Chris Ivey that captured the revitalization of the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The film was inspired by the great changes and developments in the urban landscape, specifically the demolition of the East Mall apartment complex and the displacement of its former residents.

Economic Opportunity Working Groups
$15,000 via 3 grants » Prototype PGH, Hazelwood Initiative, Change Agency & New Sun Rising, 2018 Economic Opportunity project support

The Seed Award for Economic Opportunity mobilized collaborative, community-led projects that enhance opportunities for residents of all backgrounds to contribute to the economic vitality of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. 3 selected working groups—The City As Our Makerspace, Cooperative Opportunity Guild of Hazelwood, and Workplace Equity Challenge—developed collaborative solution to creating more diversified economic opportunity in the region through a community process during February-May 2018. The Sprout Fund provided a Working Group Toolkit to help facilitate the process.

Ed-Tech Refinery Partnership
$10,000 » ASSET STEM Education & Expii, 2015 Remake Learning project support

ASSET STEM Education, in partnership with Expii, Inc., conducted user testing of Expii’s online learning platform through thoughtfully-designed and -implemented workshops, focus groups and follow-up conversations with middle and high school educators and students. As a self-described “Wikipedia for adaptive and interactive education,” Expii crowdsources written explanations of science and math content to capture diverse viewpoints and ways of thinking about and defining each concept. By enabling connections between learners, the company hopes to transform peer-to-peer learning support and tutoring.

Ed-Tech Refinery Partnership
$10,000 » ASSET STEM Education & The Wrinkled Brain Project, 2015 Remake Learning project support

ASSET STEM Education, in partnership with The Wrinkled Brain Project, designed and piloted teacher training around the Gedanken science learning product. With a name based on the German word for “thought experiment,” Gedanken helps students “think science” through a collaborative program involving professional scientists. Video clips and printable materials help educators guide students through creative thinking, collaboration, decision making and evidence-based reasoning toward addressing scientific issues/challenges. ASSET saw potential for Gedanken as a vehicle for developing these important process skills and thereby help to enhance student learning.

Ed-Tech Refinery Partnership
$10,000 » Avonworth School District & DECO Resources, 2015 Remake Learning project support

Avonworth School District assisted DECO Resources with curriculum design for formal and informal STEM experiences. The core STEM focus was on soil and water analysis in mirroring the NASA Mars expedition to that of urban land renewal. PA Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and International Society for Technology Education Standards (ISTE) were be integrated into the design. On the elementary level, DECO Resources collaborated with elementary teachers (grades 3-5) in piloting a course as part of Avonworth Elementary’s STEAM Days of Collaboration, which were delivered during the school day and that support the district’s curriculum. On the middle school level, DECO Resources worked with the sponsor and student participants of Avonworth Middle School’s Environmental Club, an extracurricular activity.

Ed-Tech Refinery Partnership
$10,000 » Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh & Pixure Book Publishing, 2015 Remake Learning project support

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) and Pixure Book Publishing partnered on a pilot project to help bridge the digital divide in Pittsburgh’s most underserved neighborhoods. Through this initiative, they enhanced CLP’s successful children’s technology program (“All Hands on Tech”) as well as The Labs @ CLP by introducing Pixure Books’ innovative and interactive children’s storybook applications to children and families at several CLP neighborhood libraries. Children and families had the opportunity to advance learning through technology by play testing interactive storybook apps in the library. This new type of engagement supports learning through experimenting and design.

Ed-Tech Refinery Partnership
$10,000 » Montour School District & NoRILLA, 2015 Remake Learning project support

Montour School District assisted NoRILLA by developing the technology further, testing it in a real school environment, and iterating on it to make it more beneficial for children and teachers. NoRILLA (Novel Research-based Intelligent Lifelong Learning Apparatus) introduces an intelligent system and technology that utilizes affordable camera sensing and a specialized vision algorithm to track children’s interaction with physical objects in the real world and provides just-in-time interactive feedback and scaffolding based on effective pedagogical supports. It is a educational mixed-reality system that bridges the advantages of physical and virtual worlds to improve children’s science learning, understanding and enjoyment in a collaborative way, in both formal and informal learning settings. Experiments have shown that NoRILLA improves children’s science learning by 5 times compared to equivalent tablet and computer-based learning while also increasing enjoyment.

Ed-Tech Refinery Partnership
$10,000 » Peters Township School District, 2016 Remake Learning project support

Ed-Tech Refinery Partnership - Peters Township School District, a project of Peters Township School District, was a user testing / curriculum design / teacher training program in support of an Ed-Tech Refinery venture partner during the period of January 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017.

Ed-Tech Refinery Partnership
$10,000 » Pittsburgh Public Schools, 2016 Remake Learning project support

Ed-Tech Refinery Partnership - Pittsburgh Public Schools, a project of Pittsburgh Public Schools, was a user testing / curriculum design / teacher training program in support of an Ed-Tech Refinery venture partner during the period of June 1, 2016 – November 15, 2016.

Ed-Tech Refinery Partnership
$10,000 » South Fayette Township School District, 2015 Remake Learning project support

South Fayette Township School District, in partnership with Project Playground, piloted a teacher-friendly application designed to measure and improve students’ collaboration skills over time. The work sought to determine if teachers can gain greater insights to the critical need to measure students’ abilities to think critically and collaborate with peers. An outside evaluator, hired through the grant, assisted classroom teachers in this process and evaluate Project Playground’s methods. All first grade students and teachers in our STEAM Makerspace participated in the pilot while students were working on project based learning already embedded into the South Fayette curriculum.

$1,100 » The Ellis School, 2013 Remake Learning sponsorship

EdcampPGH, a project of The Ellis School, was a free, semi-annual, one day conference where community members interested in learning and education came together to connect, support one another and share their wisdom. The first of these conferences was held on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 and was an opportunity for over 100 diverse attendees representing a variety of socio-economic groups, ages and learning communities in Pittsburgh to meet and discuss learning strategies and resources together. As with other Edcamps around the United States, EdcampPGH made the event a regular staple of education programming in Pittsburgh, where teachers, administrators and other learning practitioners could go for professional development in a rapidly-changing industry.

EdTechPGH Meetup
$2,000 » New Sun Rising, 2016 Remake Learning sponsorship

EdTechPGH Meetup, an event series hosted by New Sun Rising, was an ongoing social gathering for Pittsburgh’s Ed-Tech start up community. Each event featured a different speaker and discussion examining challenges in the local market. The first in the new series occured on April 27, 2016.

Education for the 21st Century Conference Stipend
$1,000 » Carnegie Mellon University, 2015 Remake Learning conference stipend

Education for the 21st Century Conference Stipend, a project of Carnegie Mellon University, enabled Dror Yaron of the Create Lab at Carnegie Mellon University to attend and present at The Education in the 21st Century Conference from June 30 - July 2, 2015 in Israel. Presented by Gordon College of Education in partnership with The International European Commission Tempus Project DOIT, this international conference invited experts from all over the world who were involved in innovative practices and research on promoting multicultural education, cultural diversity, as well as children’s rights through education, to participate and present their research and best practices. Dror also conducted several other site visits on behalf of The Remake Learning Network.

El Camino
$1,000, 2009 Grand Ideas project support

El Camino, created in collaboration with Pittsburgh artists and Latino community members, was an original theater piece exploring ideas of migration through puppetry, parable, and multimedia flights of fancy. Inspired by the true story of a young man’s journey from Honduras to Pittsburgh, the piece was a modern fable rooted in the realities of crossing borders, beginning a new life, finding love, and ultimately enduring detention on a path to deportation.

El Sistema Smart Music Program
$1,050 » Urban Impact, 2015 One Northside project support

El Sistema Smart Music Program, a project of Urban Impact, engaged more than forty students from Allegheny Traditional Academy, Perry Traditional Academy, CAPA, and All-City schools in personalized music tutoring. Using state-of-the-art Smart Music software, more students were able to receive intuitive one-on-one instruction despite limited instructors. The project culminated in a final performance at the “Roots of the Future” concert held at Allegheny Center Alliance Church.

Ellsworth Music, Dance & Arts Showcase
$5,000 » Ellsworth Avenue Business Association, 2005 Seed Award project support

Ellsworth Music, Dance & Arts Showcase, a project of Ellsworth Avenue Business Association, The third annual Ellsworth Music, Dance & Arts Showcase featured a Sprout Fund tent focusing on emerging artists who had not yet shown publicly.

Ellsworth Street Scenes
$1,000 » Ellsworth Avenue Business Association, 2004 Grand Ideas project support

Ellsworth Street Scenes, a project of Ellsworth Avenue Business Assoc, transformed storefronts into art displays during the 2004 Ellsworth Dance, Music, and Art Showcase. The street festival offered opportunities for painters, sculptors, and installation artists of all styles to expose the summertime crowd to new and provocative works.

Emerging Technologies Forum
$1,500 » Zulama LLC, 2015 Remake Learning conference stipend

Emerging Technologies Forum, a project of Zulama LLC, enabled Nikki Navta, founder and CEO of Zulama, to attend the Emerging Technologies Forum in Philadelphia from June 26-27, 2015. The State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA) accepted only 10 emerging partners each year to attend this event where companies showcased their products and services and SETDA members, representing the state departments of education, highlighted their major initiatives and priorities. There was additionally a follow-up conference in October 2015, where Zulama was eligible to attend the Leadership Summit as a part of the program.

Empowering Northside Parents through Career Development
$10,000 » Pennsylvania Women Work, 2016 One Northside project support

Empowering Northside Parents through Career Development, a project of Pennsylvania Women Work, focused on helping single mothers and other low-income parents obtain the job training and counseling services they need to achieve economic self-sufficiency and a balance between work life and family life. PA Women Work delivered its New Choices and Project GROW programs in the Northside to empower parents to pursue prosperous careers.

Enabling local teens to gain hands-on experience in production through interviews with local badge innovators and experts on topics including art and storytelling, engineering, environmental science, gaming, robotics, design and making, and entrepreneurship.
$5,000 » Manchester Craftsmens Guild, 2015 City of Learning project support

Learning Pathways Student Video Series, a project of Manchester Craftsmens Guild, supported the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild student video team to interview a diverse array of professionals about their Learning Pathways and produce short films about their findings. The project enabled local teens to gain hands-on experience in production by creating raw footage of interviews with local innovators and experts discussing their roles within the community. The interviews explored topics such as art/storytelling, engineering, environmental science, gaming, robotics, design and making, and entrepreneurship.

Encyclopedia Destructica
$3,500, 2005 Seed Award project support

Encyclopedia Destructica was a self-printed, hand-bound zine produced in Pittsburgh. Encyclopedia Destructica collected work from artists’ sketchbooks and journals for its first four issues, released biannually in 2005 and 2006.

EnergyMakers Middle School Program
$15,000 » Fairmont State Foundation Inc., 2015 Hive project support

EnergyMakers Middle School Program, a project of Fairmont State Foundation Inc., was a school-day program for youth in grades 7-8 that utilized community-based participatory research methods in order to promote responsible fossil-fuel use and environmental stewardship. Using microprocessor air quality monitors that they designed and built, students collected and analyzed data, identified problems, and designed solutions related to air quality. The program provided middle school teachers with 24 lessons that aligned with middle school Next Generation and 21st Century standards along with professional development in Connected Learning pedagogy.

Engagement Party
$1,000 » Pugliano, 2015 Open Engagement honorarium

Engagement Party, a project of Leigh Solomon Pugliano and Janera Solomon, was a collective gathering of female artists who answered the question, “What inspires you to create and make change?” within their discipline.

Engaging seniors: Bringing Steps in Motion: a North Side Animation to a larger audience.
$1,000 » Catherine Drabkin, 2017 One Northside project support

Engaging seniors: Bringing Steps in Motion: a North Side Animation to a larger audience, a project led by Catherine Drabkin, brought the Steps in Motion project to a broader audience, specifically Northside senior citizens, and used it to collect stories about the history of the steps. Through a series of events, senior citizens watched the Steps in Motion animation and then reflected on how the city steps have been used over time. While younger generations work to maintain and repair the steps throughout the Northside, this project aimed to preserve the stories of this unique feature of Pittsburgh.

Environmental Entrepreneurs
$11,000 » Pennsylvania Resources Council, 2014 Hive project support

Environmental Entrepreneurs, a project of Pennsylvania Resources Council, was a program targeted at eleventh-grade students on the Environmental track at Pittsburgh’s SciTech Academy. The program encouraged students to actively engage in finding solutions for local environmental problems including watershed issues, environmental toxins, urban habitat, and waste reduction. Students used this knowledge to create products or innovative ideas for use in the community or by local nonprofits.

Environmental Justice through Arts & Technology
$13,000 » MGR Youth Empowerment, 2014 Hive project support

Environmental Justice through Arts & Technology, a project of MGR Youth Empowerment, addressed the issue of environmental justice by placing youth in leadership roles in their communities and schools. Using various arts mediums, with a strong focus on digital media, youth advocated for policy changes on issues of sustainability affecting their lives. Teaming up with local schools including PPS University Prep in the Hill District, the program encouraged an exploration of the environmental stewardship movement and activism in environmental justice, prompting students to develop awareness campaigns and become deeply involved in the stewardship and positive growth of their communities.

EQT Children’s Theater Fesitval
$2,000 » The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, 2016 Remake Learning sponsorship

EQT Children’s Theater Festival, an event of The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, was an annual celebration of learning and creativity for children and families featuring performances, hands-on exhibits, and other attractions. In 2016, the festival was held May 12-15 in the Cultural District of downtown Pittsburgh and attracted more than 25,000 people.

EQT Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival
$1,500 » The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, 2015 Spark sponsorship

EQT Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival, an event hosted by The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, brought more than 25,000 attendees, including children, youth, families, and school groups to Pittsburgh’s Cultural District to experience a variety of performing arts, activity booths, and community stages. This annual event enabled both the young and young-at-heart to explore the world through theater, live music, dance, and puppetry from May 14-17, 2015.

Establishing Connected 4 Community
$1,000 » New Sun Rising, 2017 One Northside project support

Establishing Connected 4 Community, a project fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, created a community group within census tract #2703. The group worked to help neighbors get to know each other and advocate for what is best for their community through meetings, newsletters, and community events such as a neighborhood BBQ. They also worked to make the neighborhood more visually appealing and connected with solar lights, outdoor games, and a community bulletin board.

Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera
$4,000, 2010 Seed Award project support

Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera was a hybrid theatrical stage and film production by artistic directors Bonnie Bogovich and Elizabeth Rishel. A full-length video projection served as the moving, interactive backdrop for a horror opera that highlighted some of Pittsburgh’s most iconic locations and celebrated the keystone creature of Pittsburgh’s cultural heritage, the zombie. The story followed three college friends as they navigated their way through the infected streets of Pittsburgh and took stock of their priorities, as they grappled with the living dead and with each other.

Everson Borough Veterans Parklet
$4,375 » Everson Borough, 2008 Community Connections project support

Everson Borough Veterans Parklet, a project of Everson Borough, involved creating a monument and memorial for those from the community who served in the Armed Forces. The original Memorial was dismantled when the fire hall was built and the name plates were stolen. Because of this, residents had to go to nearby towns for Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day Services. The new memorial and monument was constructed in the middle of the town on the main street where it could be seen by anyone that passed through and enabled residents to honor local heroes in their own town.

Everyday Art Assignments
$8,000 » Studio Capezzuti, 2003 Seed Award project support

Everyday Art Assignments, a project led by Pittsburgh artist Cheryl Capezzutti, educated the community and promoted local artists. Using an online platform, the project connected budding artists 24 hours a day and encouraged community members to work on their own independent crafts, as well as to seek out established local artists.

Expanding Learning Pathways at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
$31,000 » Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 2016 City of Learning project support

Expanding Learning Pathways at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, a project of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, created learning pathways for teens using digital badging at five additional Library locations while bolstering the process of badging that was already in place. Youth and Library staff at the five new sites gained access to specialized Maker equipment and innovative programming with community partners representing various cultural, tech, and arts organizations.

Expanding Youth Opportunities in Perry Hilltop
$10,000 » Perry Hilltop Citizens Council, 2015 One Northside project support

Expanding Youth Opportunities in Perry Hilltop, a project of Perry Hilltop Citizens Council, provided financial assistance to help families in need afford educational programming and enrichment activities at The Pittsburgh Project and Ms. Terry’s Project.

Experiential Education Pilot
$3,000 » The Pittsburgh Project, 2014 Spark project support

Experiential Education Pilot, a project of The Pittsburgh Project, was a play-based curriculum used for effective learning experiences in out-of-school spaces. Taking best practices from Waldorf, Montessori and other private institutions, the Experiential Education Pilot engaged children in creative problem solving and structured playtime to encourage experimentation in an educational setting. The Pittsburgh Project redesigned two classrooms and provided training on creative play to seasonal employees and teachers, monitoring behavior changes in the children playing there to examine how to extend the pilot program to more learning spaces around the city.

Explore the New Manufacturing Video Challenge
$15,000 » Catalyst Connection, 2015 Hive project support

Explore the New Manufacturing Video Challenge, a project of Catalyst Connection, was a video production competition that taught students about careers and companies in the manufacturing industry. Middle school students from eight school districts in four of southwestern Pennsylvania’s counties visited with different manufacturing companies in the region to learn what those companies do and how they do it. The students then made a video to present what they learned at a multimedia competition. This project gave students the opportunity to explore career opportunities in manufacturing and helped hone their skills in teamwork, communication, writing, marketing, time management, and storytelling. The videos produced were also shown to more youth in the region to highlight available career opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

Explore Western Pennsylvania’s Wild Waterways
$50,000 » Wild Waterways Conservancy, 2008 Community Connections project support

Explore Western Pennsylvania’s Wild Waterways, a project of Wild Waterways Conservancy, constructed a series of boat launches throughout Butler, Beaver, and Lawrence counties to create a more welcoming environment for residents and visitors to enjoy the waterways of the Connoquenessing and Slippery Rock watersheds.

Exposed! Concert Series
$5,000 » Pittsburgh Progressive Arts Foundation, 2002 Seed Award project support

Exposed! Concert Series, a project of Pittsburgh Progressive Arts Foundation, was a series of events used to advocate for artists from disadvantaged cultures in Pittsburgh.