One Northside

Improving the quality of life for residents in all 18 neighborhoods of Pittsburgh’s Northside.

Northside project leaders at a meet-up in Manchester
June 2015

Promoting Resident-led Change

One Northside was a community-driven initiative to improve the quality of life in all 18 neighborhoods of Pittsburgh’s Northside. Through $1,000 Neighbor-to-Neighbor grants and other funding programs, Sprout helped residents leverage existing community assets and the dedication of the people of the Northside to create meaningful local change.

Beginning in early 2014, hundreds of Northside residents engaged with local leaders and stakeholders in community-wide conversations to create a shared agenda for the revitalization of this vital component of the greater Pittsburgh region. Facilitated by Jackson/Clark Partners and on behalf of The Buhl Foundation, this process articulated a compelling vision for the future of these communities.

Through grants from The Buhl Foundation from 2015 to 2017, Sprout’s combination of direct funding and ongoing support helped to increase the capacity of diverse groups of Northsiders and tapped into the ingenuity of these emerging leaders to create innovative responses to the issues and challenges faced by Northside neighborhoods and communities.

One Northside

Program In Brief

Years Active


Total Grantmaking


Neighbor-to-Neighbor Grants

144 totalling $148,000 for local residents

Other Grants

43 totalling $405,000 for community groups and nonprofit agencies


Neighbors seeding change on Pittsburgh’s Northside

Learn more about One Northside and Sprout’s micro grant program for residents.

Funded Project Highlights

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Grants

Sprout provided catalytic support to advance the One Northside vision through the Neighbor-to-Neighbor micro grant stream in 2015–2017. These resident-led projects raised awareness about Northside organizations, events, and activities; engaged Northside residents to take an active role in the civic life of their community; and provided opportunities for motivated community members to assume leadership roles in the ongoing transformation of the Northside.

Programmatic Activities

Community Events

Community events were used to solicit in-kind support from neighbors, update the community on project activities, and celebrate the great work happening throughout the Northside. These events were always free, open to the public, and outside of regular business hours to help encourage high turnout from local community members.

Reporting Party

Reporting Party

Leaders from nearly half of the 2015 supported Neighbor-to-Neighbor projects shared their Northside stories through performances, presentations, and table displays.

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Family Reunion

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Family Reunion

Neighbor-to-Neighbor project leaders from 2015-2016 created display tables as a part of a resource fair, where community members could learn more about the project activities.

On The Ground

On The Ground

The Sprout Fund and The Buhl Foundation hosted Grassroots Grantmakers’ 2017 learning exchange “On The Ground” in Pittsburgh, highlighting resident-led change taking place on the Northside.

Other One Northside Programs

Action Team Grants

Funding for 14 strategic projects that emerged from the community dialogue and Action Team processes facilitated by Jackson/Clark Partners. These projects spanned multiple Northside neighborhoods, directly addressing the One Northside focus areas.

Community Grants

Supporting 17 Northside neighborhood organizations to work through a community consensus-building process, designing and implementing one engaging project to advance the One Northside vision in their neighborhood.

Innovation Grants

Catalyzing 6 creative approaches to the One Northside focus areas in 2016 by providing support for new, small-scale project ideas from individuals, nonprofits, collaborative teams, and scaled-up 2015 Neighbor-to-Neighbor projects.


Thank you to all those who made this program possible!


  • The Buhl Foundation


  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
  • Grassroots Grantmakers
  • ioby
  • Jackson/Clark Partners
  • New Sun Rising


  • Mac Howison
  • Diana Avart
  • Amber Farr Buhl Foundation Fellow