Funded Projects beginning with Y

“Yesterday’s Tomorrow” (2006)
Brian Holderman, 2006 Community Murals mural

One of Sprout Public Art’s signature pieces, Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Brain Holderman, adorns the side of the Smithfield-Liberty Pittsburgh Parking Authority garage in Downtown Pittsburgh. The Sprout Fund funded and facilitated the creation of this striking piece, which has not only added to efforts of the Downtown community to revitalize this sector of the city, but become in a city landmark in itself. Holderman, a progressive artist and graphic designer, developed a design that captures the excitement of Downtown and reflects the busy, frenzied scenes of the Cultural District. In subject matter, attitude, and location, Yesterday’s Tomorrow is an example of how recent additions from the burgeoning local art scene are affecting the landscape of the Cultural District. The rich colors, unique composition, and sheer scale of this mural make it a landmark for Pittsburgh and a symbol of its reinvention as a city. Painted around the corner from 2005’s The Two Andys, by Tom Mosser and Sarah Zeffiro, Yesterday’s Tomorrow is the second Downtown mural created through the Sprout Public Art program.

YMCA Lighthouse Summer Music Project
$5,000 » YMCA Greater Pittsburgh, 2014 Hive project support

YMCA Lighthouse Summer Music Project, a project of YMCA Greater Pittsburgh, was a six-week long music video project where teens created a song and video tackling a community or social issue relevant to their lives. Two groups of students, based out of the Homewood YMCA and the Hazelwood YMCA will research, wrote and recorded a song, then filmed and edited a video to be shared online, all using professional audio/visual technology. The YMCA Lighthouse Summer Music Project taught students about music and video production, encouraged teamwork and collaboration, and made a case for activism and advocacy in each student’s community.

Yo’ Mama
$2,000, 2004 Seed Award project support

Yo’ Mama, written and directed by Heather Arnet, blended elements of theater with dance and yoga to create a compelling portrayal of a young, professional mother in Pittsburgh. The production was well received at the Three Rivers Arts Festival and the Center for Creative Play.

$5,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

Youghtoberfest, a project of Milestone Centers, Inc., hosted a festival of outdoor recreation opportunities and activities for individuals with disabilities. The event occurred during October at the Youghiogheny River Trail Gardens park between the Youghiogheny River and the Youghiogheny River Bike Trail in Elizabeth Township.

Young Conservationist Connected Learning Pathway
$41,000, 2016 City of Learning project support

Young Conservationist Connected Learning Pathway, a project of the Student Conservation Association, GTECH Strategies, Venture Outdoors, and Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, combined youth offerings from each of the partner organizations to bring different lenses to outdoor learning. Completion of the playlist unlocked several paid and unpaid summer opportunities with all four partner organizations along with the Young Conservationist Badge. Youth who earned the Young Conservationist badge as well as the Conservation Leadership Corps XP unlocked a scholarship to be on an Student Conservation Association National Summer Crew.

Young Musicians Collaborative
$12,000 » New Sun Rising, 2015 Hive project support

Young Musicians Collaborative, a project of New Sun Rising, was a series of in-school workshops that encouraged social and cultural engagement through music-based learning opportunities for 50 youth ages 6-12 at Pittsburgh Public High Schools, specifically PPS University Prep and PPS Westinghouse. Through the Young Musicians Collaborative youth from the Hill District and Homewood participated in a 5-month workshop series that engaged students in social commentary through performance, reshaping the ideas of what music performance is and eliminating economic, social, and physical barriers between bands, musicians, and the community.

Youngstown Area Online Writing Project
$7,500 » Youngstown State University, 2014 Spark project support

Youngstown Area Online Writing Project, a project of Youngstown State University, was a summer online writing camp that began in the summer of July 2015. It created an online writing community where students across rural Ohio connected with students from the urban Pittsburgh area. In the process, the project created and evaluated a digital, remixable, and online curriculum for young writers on a kid-friendly collaborative writing website.

Youth Advocate Project
$5,000, 2008 Community Connections project support

Youth Advocate Project helped students and children under 18 develop skills and strategies that they could use to reduce violence that impacts their lives. By educating and caring for children who have been victims of domestic abuse, the project helped them cope and enjoy a healthier and violence-free future.

Youth Artistic Associate Program
$10,000 » Dreams of Hope, 2015 Hive project support

Youth Artistic Associate Program, a project of Dreams of Hope, was a leadership development opportunity where youth were tasked to create a vision and plan for the theatriQ 2016 Tour, including how art was disseminated and how the community and youth ensemble were engaged through LGBTQIA youth opportunities. Under the direction of the Youth Artistic Associates, additional youth helped to create, deliver, and participate in workshops, educational performances, original music recordings and videos, and showcase events.

Youth Collaboration
$1,050 » Brightwood Civic Group, 2016 One Northside project support

Youth Collaboration, a project of Brightwood Civic Group, continued and expanded a violence prevention program for youth in Marshall-Shadeland. Through the program, youth discussed topics such as poverty, food deserts, resource scarcity, and divestment in order to help them understand the root causes of issues in the community so that they could be empowered to work toward a better vision for the future.

Youth Engagement Institute Conference Stipend
$600 » Three Rivers Community Foundation, 2015 Remake Learning conference stipend

Youth Engagement Institute Conference Stipend, a project of Three Rivers Community Foundation, enabled Sydney Olberg of Three Rivers Community Foundation to participate in the Youth Engagement Institute July 8-9, 2015 at the Neutral Zone Teen Center in Ann Arbor, MI on behalf of The Remake Learning Network. Participants of this two-day training worked to identify meaningful roles youth could play in programs, learn about the components and stages of Neutral Zone’s Teen Advisory Council, and practice strategies that effectively supported youth-driven initiatives in an effort to start and support effective Teen Advisory programs. Sydney shared some of the youth‐led organizing strategies that have been utilized at the Student Activist Coalition, a Sprout-funded initiative.

Youth Filmmakers Guild
$10,000 » Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh, 2014 Hive project support

Youth Filmmakers Guild, a project of Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh, engaged a socioeconomically diverse group of teens on the autism spectrum in the filmmaking process. The group’s pilot program met weekly, for up to two hours each week, to create educational short films in which youth explored problems and learned about self-expression through the medium of film. Working with professional mentors in the industry, the Guild not only fostered emotional exploration and taught the basics of filmmaking to the teens, but established a culture of acceptance, collaboration and engagement with the autistic community of Pittsburgh.

Youth Initiative on Race & Identity
$15,000 » Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, 2014 Hive project support

Youth Initiative on Race & Identity, a project of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, was an educational workshop facet of the museum’s exhibit, RACE: Are We So Different?, which examined the scientific and social constructs of race. The workshop series led teens through activities that helped them reflect on who they are, identify their own personal biases and stereotypes, and see how they interact and lead discussions on sensitive topics. The program culminated in the day-long Youth Summit on Race & Identity, where teens shared projects and ideas developed over the course of the project.

Youth Invasion 2014
$1,500 » The Andy Warhol Museum, 2014 Hive sponsorship

Youth Invasion 2014, a project of The Andy Warhol Museum, invited youth to “take over” the museum with a fashion show, music and dance performances, art activities and much more. Students from Westinghouse, CAPA and the Warhol’s after school fashion program connected and learned about public programming to host this massive public event as a team. Youth Invasion was an opportunity for Pittsburgh youth to show off their talents and passions in the arts to the public through performance and design.

Youth Invested in Music
$1,050 » Allegheny Youth Development, 2016 One Northside project support

Youth Invested in Music, a project of Allegheny Youth Development, provided youth at Jefferson Recreation Center an opportunity to engage with music production in a studio setting. Participating youth learned about financial literacy by managing a simulated record contract and experienced writing and recording their own original music. The project additionally worked to support positive behavior among youth in the Northside in an out of school setting.

Youth Leading Change
$21,000 » Duquesne University, 2016 City of Learning project support

Youth Leading Change, a project of Duquesne University in partnership with Sisters eS.T.E.A.M., Gwen’s Girls, Amil Cook, and Power(ed) by Grace, highlighted the variety of ways that digital media could be used to connect and expand the knowledge of youth. The playlist additionally helped youth understand the collective impact of media making and storytelling, enabling them to use the same tools as a platform for change.

Youth Speakers for Change
$500 » Placida Fernando, 2016 Change Machine project support

Youth Speakers for Change, a project of 15-year old Adelle Fernando, supported middle school students in Pittsburgh in becoming comfortable with public speaking by reinstating the Gallant Gaveliers Gavel Club under Toastmasters International. The project helped expand the club to reach youth in Pittsburgh who had not been involved in the past.

YouthCares Computer Recycling Project (YCCRP)
$5,000 » Job Training Beaver County, 2008 Community Connections project support

YouthCares Computer Recycling Project (YCCRP), a project of Job Training Beaver County, enabled disadvantaged youth to de-manufacture computers, acquire invaluable job skills/work habits, and save a minimum of 250 computers from polluting the region’s landfills. The goal of the project was to have a lasting impact on the region through the acquisition of new partners who shared interest in sustaining the project and developing a social consciousness among the youth participants.